CSC got A-share IPO approvals print and publish no more than 400 million shares of the top ten securities being gathered in A shares

I would go nearly a half months, CSC 25 a share IPO market to obtain approval, the top ten securities brokerage industry finally will gather in an。  Brokerage Chinese reporter learned that May 25 evening, the Commission issued the latest IPO approvals, approval of "Ka billion and Technology Co., Ltd., CITIC Securities Co., Ltd." The two companies first application, landing the Shanghai Stock Exchange main board, raised a total 2.7 billion yuan。CSC is also the 25th night announcement on the HKEx。  Since last June 30 was accepted to the Commission today to the A-share IPO market approval, CITIC Securities A-share IPO listing process was less than a year, the progress is quite fast。  It is worth mentioning that, with the CSC a share IPO will be successful too, is expected in the first half of this year, China will collect a share of the securities industry for two consecutive years of revenue and net profit of the top ten brokerages。All the top ten brokerage landing A shares for domestic securities industry and capital markets, will undoubtedly have a positive guiding role, brokerage leading "Hengqiang" effect is more prominent。  After a complete listing of IPO shares, CITIC Securities will be the first 11 "A + H" shares of brokerage。There are currently 10 brokerages logged Hong Kong and A shares, respectively, CITIC Securities, Guotai Junan Securities, Huatai Securities, Haitong Securities, GF Securities, China Merchants Securities, Galaxy Securities, Everbright Securities, Central China Securities and Orient Securities。  The top ten brokerage brokerage Chinese reporters gathered in the latest surge was informed that CSC 25 to get a share IPO approval approved。UBS Securities, China Galaxy Securities as co-sponsor (joint lead)。It listed just over a year from CSC December 9, 2016 Hong Kong。  Following this year's first brokerage IPO shares listed on Huaxi Securities, CITIC Securities will soon become a second home this year, a share listing broker。This year, there Hualin Securities, Nanjing Securities, Great Wall Securities days the wind securities and a share IPO application will be successful too。National League securities and securities Hongta a-share IPO application to enter the pre-disclosure update phase, the Thai Securities IPO application shares a "feedback" state。  This also means that, until the completion of CITIC Securities A shares listed on the first half of this year, A shares will have collected the top ten securities companies。  Securities Association of China statistics, the year 2016 and the year 2015, securities firms operating income, net profit of the top ten brokerage competition "white hot", but the pattern has been set, according to the 2016 annual net profit of securities companies ranking table, which in turn were 10 large brokerage Guotai Junan Securities, CITIC Securities, GF Securities, Huatai Securities, Haitong Securities, Shen Wanhong source, Guoxin Securities, China Merchants Securities, CITIC Securities and China Galaxy Securities。  It is noteworthy that, in recent years, CSC operating performance is better than the industry average, ranking former investment banking industry in the second, the rest of the main business gradually "strong into the" top five industry。  Year 2016-2017, the domestic securities industry operating performance decline than in previous years。2016, Chinese securities industry revenue 328 billion yuan, down 43% year on year; net profit of 123.4 billion yuan, down 50% year on year; ROE 8.1%, down 11.8 points。At the end of 2016, the industry's total assets of RMB 5.8 trillion yuan, down 10%。  From the year 2012 to 2016, CITIC ROE of investment securities for five consecutive years ranked in the top 20 securities companies in terms of total assets calculated。2017 year, CSC core weighted average net assets yield 9.9%, significantly higher than at the Securities Association of China released data calculated 6.5% of the securities industry average ROE。Since 2018, the company's operating performance and stability, significantly better than the Securities Association of China statistics, the average level of the industry。  Consider choose the securities-related institutions mergers and acquisitions and asset CSC also will be the first 11 "A + H" shares listed brokerage。Report shows that CITIC Securities in 2017 operating income of 164.2.1 billion yuan, ranking sixth in the "A + H" shares listed brokerage。  Currently, the securities regulatory authorities encourage the company "bigger and stronger", the securities industry has entered "strong Always the Winner" pattern, remodeling industry already coming。CSC prospectus revealed an updated version of the pre-disclosure, "may choose to consider mergers and acquisitions and securities-related institutions assets when the time is ripe to accelerate the expansion of business scale and expand market share。"Prospectus, CSC The A share issue to raise funds net of issuance costs, will be used to increase the company's capital。CSC said that the unified management of capital after distribution expansion, plans to focus on the use of direction will include six aspects of "investment banking, wealth management, trading and agency services, investment management, international direction, building in the background."。  How to achieve better synergy of resources subsidiary, has become the leading brokerage focus。CSC existing five subsidiaries, namely CSC Futures, investment in the CSC, CSC International, CSC funds, investment CSC。In addition to CSC Fund holds 55% and the remaining four are wholly-owned subsidiaries。  Status brokerage