China Insurance Regulatory Commission and the central bank issued a silver perfect loan deal with the shackles of deviation bank loans at the end of "red point"

This time, the end of the bank "pull deposits" will do corpuscles?  8, silver and China Insurance Regulatory Commission issued the "commercial banks to improve the degree of deviation management related matters notice" (the "Notice") under the Central Bank, from improved performance evaluation, strengthen compliance management, strengthen five deposits deviation management to improve the degree of deviation deposit management。Wherein the regulatory deposit deviation index value adjusted from 3-4%。  This initiative regulators, commercial banks intention to be bound illegal sequestration, false deposit growth, the end of the deposit "red point" and other acts。Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Research Office, Bank of finance has just told reporters that the monitoring indicators appropriate to relax, helps to reduce the pressure on bank deposits aspects of assessment, can also reduce the force to pull the offending bank deposits, the root causes "chaos rule"。  Regulatory index value of 3% to 4% in 2014, the former China Banking Regulatory Commission, the Ministry of Finance and the central bank jointly issued a document, first established deposit deviation indicators to the constraints deposits "red point" behavior。At the same time, also requires banks to refrain from taking high interest Lanchu, through a third party intermediary to dump the loan, deposit and other financial products fell eight categories of deposit-taking mode。  Today, after a lapse of four years, issued a document management to improve the degree of deviation deposit, silver China Insurance Regulatory Commission said that this is an important measure to regulate the behavior of bank deposits, urging banks to strengthen compliance management, and complement the "governance chaos", but also to adapt the financial markets and banking model timely amendment of change and enable the bank to further standardize business practices to better support the real economy。  From the "notification" content, in addition to further strengthen the performance evaluation, aspects of compliance management and banking self-discipline requirements, the biggest change is to adjust the deposit deviation quantitative assessment methods。  Specifically, on the one hand to simplify the index value calculation method, the non-quarter quarter month month index is calculated using the same standard; 3% on the other hand the adjusted value of the original control indicators to 4%。  In compliance management requirements, compared to the 2014 version is deleted "ban high interest Lanchu" in order to comply with market progress。  For adjusting the index value of regulation, he had just said, to expand the range of allowable deviation of up and down, deregulation index is to some extent。"Now deposit tense, each are in short supply, regulatory strictly limit violations inflated deposits, is the 'rule of chaos'。"In the Bank Center for Financial Research E Yongjian, chief financial view, although indicators have been relaxed, but this revision to strengthen supervision and inspection, to further clarify the specific penalties for violation of refined deviation, more stringent than before。  Relieve moderate to relax pressure monitoring indicators of bank deposits, the market view, the commercial bank deposit pressure not unrelated。  Affected the market, Internet shunt deposits, commercial bank deposit pressure remains high, especially the last two years。  Central Bank data show that in April 2018 the RMB deposits increased 5.06 trillion yuan, up only 7.7 billion yuan more than the increase。. Household deposits increased 4.27 trillion yuan, up only an acceleration of 0.31 trillion yuan。  The first quarter of this year, the number of listed banks operating data, total deposits growth slowed to varying degrees, and even near-stagnation。Specific to the financial institution of view, Nanjing Bank, CITIC Bank, Bank of Chengdu and other deposit-year growth rate of less than 2%。  Deposit growth is weak mainly due to: First, the interest rate market, the bank is fierce competition for deposits; the second is the financial strict supervision, interbank liabilities limited sources; and the implementation of new information management rules, so occluded weapon guaranteed wealth management products to exit the stage of history, exacerbated the bank pressure。  In the past there have been institutional research report disclosed, "red point" the vast majority of deposits came from off-balance sheet financing。  This year, in order to compete for deposits, commercial banks are also exhausted the means, but also aimed at the years has been tepid structured deposits, making the product volume soared, in late April-owned national bank structured deposit scale surge to 9 trillion yuan; and certificates of deposit has become the primary means of Lanchu, six months to a number of banks raised the interest rate certificates of deposit, floating up to 55%。  However, this will further increase the cost of bank debt, may allow banks to recapitalize, thereby affecting the growth of bank credit, is not conducive to the real economy。  For the adjustment of the deposit deviation regulatory indicators, a Dahon East Branch sources said, a point of relaxation, is expected to have billions of dollars in Shanghai bank deposit pressure release。  E Yongjian said the revised norms and promoting bank deposits, deposit market stability, improve the stability of deposits, banks in favor of a more reasonable conduct deposit business, enhance the ability to support the real economy。