Billboard Interpretation: This agency sold 10 shares of hot money one hundred million yuan a primary seal Roland Agriculture

December 25, Shanghai and Shenzhen stock index opened mixed, the two cities opened slightly on the red throughout the day they both entered a slow decline of the state。Two cities stocks rose more or less, or over 3% of the stocks only 100 only, each section of the performance is more sluggish。At the close, to close at 3280.46 points, or 0.5% of 1772 turnover.900 million。The Shenzhen Component Index closed at 11005.5:00, down 0.8% turnover 2039.500 million。GEM to close at 1755.81 points, down 1.32%, turnover of 54 billion。The disk, only immunotherapy is more powerful performance and the concept of gold。Apple concept, wireless charging, smart wear, chain blocks and other sections among the top decliners。  1, East Main Road, Shanghai Yin Cheng Kang Agriculture to buy a large stock the same day the word limit daily limit board。Data show that net purchases of aspects, Silver City Road East Shanghai to buy 1.4.9 billion, CITIC Shanghai Huaihai Road to buy 20 million, Huafu Yong Chun stay safe way to buy 20 million, Chongqing, China Galaxy 13.4 million to buy National Road, Hua Fuzhou, Xiamen Lake Road to buy 12.9 million。Net selling aspect, Zhongxing Road, Shanghai Everbright sell 1.9.7 billion, Jianguomenwai Avenue Beijing Capital Corporation sold 16.6 million, the other three are less than the amount sold 10 million。CITIC Huaihai Road in Shanghai to participate in the stock。  2, the main Ring Road Chengdu North Guotai Junan buy Zhuangyuan Mu field limit significantly the day the stock opened lower, the overall weak shock below the flat line, but an hour before the close, quick pull-up, and soon sealed the daily limit。Billboard data shows that net purchases of aspects, First Ring Road Chengdu North Guotai Junan bought 20 million, the other four are less than 10 million purchase amount。The amount of net selling terms, selling five were less than 10 million。Guotai Junan Chengdu North Ring Road, which involved the Unit。  3, Huaxin Ning Road, the main sea waves buy Gold Intelligent limit the stock closed the day limit, only a brief open board at the beginning of the opening bell, the rest were sealed trading board。Billboard data shows that net purchases of aspects, Huaxin Ning wave sea Road to buy 21 million, Shenwan Hong source Wuhan Wu large garden all the way west to buy 14.6 million, the group bought 10.6 million Ningbo Yongjiang Avenue, the other two are less than the purchase amount 10 million。Net selling aspects, institutions sold 45.3 million, the other four are less than the amount sold 10 million。Huaxin Ning Road, where the sea waves involved in stock。  4, Shenzhen, China Everbright Jintian Road, the main limit to buy the stock that day Guizhou Gas markedly higher, after opening higher volatility, and hit the daily limit, then re-open board and remain high and volatile, the daily limit to close again。Billboard data shows that net purchases of aspects, Everbright Jintian Road, Shenzhen to buy 19.5 million, the other four are less than 10 million purchase amount。Net selling aspect, Hai Tong Wing Street in Bengbu sold 31 million, Guotai Junan Nanjing Taiping South Road, selling 16.9 million, Dongguan Beijing Branch to buy 10.4 million, the other two are less than the amount sold 10 million。Shenzhen, China Everbright Jintian Road which involved the Unit。  The same day, the agencies involved in Billboard stocks involving a total of 15 stocks, five stocks were net buyers of institutions, A stone hit the net buying most, 1105.440,000 yuan。Another 10 institutions were net sellers of stocks, which were net sellers thunderous Branch of the largest, amounting to 5957.240,000 yuan。