Chinese immigrants in the United States and other large number of buyers could not sublet cited neighbors unhappy

BEIJING, July 11 – According to the United States, "Qiao Bao" reported over the past year, Chinese buyers in the United States spent $ 22 billion, California house sold to foreign buyers 32% of new homeowners are Chinese, Chinese gathered Arcadia City over the past year, house prices rose by 18.5%。Chinese buyers enthusiastic newcomers to the South hot California real estate, property developers and also increase government revenue, but some buyers habits and practices that allows new immigrants quite unhappy neighbors。  I could not buy a house sublet neighborhood security concerns many new immigrants from China have spotted the US housing real estate investment opportunities, and therefore more wealthy buyers to purchase several houses and then rent out and sell to make money even after renovation。Ms. Zhang from Shanghai in Arcadia bought two houses in Alhambra bought a house changed hands for rent, and now she is still looking for other listings to see if there is no better investment opportunities。Ms. Zhang said, she hopes to buy large area but a small housing area of the house, it feels comparison value investment。  However, some residents in the San Gabriel Valley this displeasure, a home buyers believe that these people not only bought a house, gone to some ordinary families really want to buy a house and settle down to bring buyers difficulties, but also for the local community safety bring hidden dangers。He said that rental housing has specialized property management company, but also with the tenants of rental housing agency signed a contract, it is relatively easy to manage。However, these houses and communities for long-term stays are one, and sublet to others Most homeowners receive cash, identity unknown tenants, bring hidden dangers to the security community。  There are buyers that used to go to the San Gabriel area to see the house and found the homeowner houses were separated by partitions into several points between, and then rented to different people, not only the poor living environment, safe housing is also an issue。  Houses demolished for redevelopment destroyed the city's historic neighborhoods, said many like to buy a small house big yard Chinese buyers are hoping to tear down the old house, and then rebuild new homes。Some neighborhood this is quite unhappy, because some of the old house has a long history of representing the cultural communities, demolished for redevelopment is not conducive to preservation of local culture。  Ms Lau said housing agency, in fact, many old houses higher than the value of the new house。For example, many houses is all mahogany construction in San Marino, Calif., Is not only good design and high quality, such houses worth preserving。Alhambra Mayor Shen Kang also pointed out that some of the old residents of the city over the past few years the development of Arab discontent, because they want to save some of the old buildings。