Common headache why run after what kinds of headaches

Furthermore, the headache will affect people's life and work。
The most direct impact is sleep, not a few headaches headache patient sleep is good, light difficulty falling asleep, severe sleep all night。Because lack of sleep during the day and there is no spirit, work is also greatly affected。And some patients have chosen to work on the attack, is delay things。What relieve headaches 1, taking the right amount of aspirin: For the month occurred once or twice a tension headache, aspirin or other common anti-inflammatory drugs may come in handy。
However, excessive use of these drugs will cause more pain。
"It's like grasping rash, the more grasping the more itch will。
2, do not hesitate: if you decide to use aspirin for a headache, "should be a headache at the beginning; it is taking immediate, otherwise the effect is not obvious。"Dr. Barker said shuttle。Movement "campaign is an effective way to prevent headaches, because exercise can help you relieve tension and stress。
3, as usual motion: If a headache less severe case, the motion can help to improve the situation。"If you have a slight tension headache, exercise can help you eliminate。
"Dr. Barker said shuttle。However, if severe headache, do not exercise; in order to avoid the situation worse, especially in patients with migraine。What are the common headache 4, to sleep: the elimination of headache many people with sleep。But should avoid sleeping too much, so as not to wake up later, but headache。
5, do not nap: a nap may be able to eliminate the headache, but if you do not have a headache, it is best not to nap。"Naps may cause migraine。"The doctor said Dimon。"Weird sleeping posture to sleep lying flat or even tummy sleeping (belly down), all will shrink the neck muscles, triggering a headache。"The saliva lying posture helpful。
Similarly, when you stand or sit, do not tilt the body forward, or install a head torsional direction。
Some people like the cold cold forehead and neck, shuttle Buck doctor said this method is effective。