What has caused the emission of semen and ejaculate What is the difference

Nocturnal emission wet dream is what causes are present in a common phenomenon among the male population, there are many reasons for nocturnal emission。
Here, together with the small series to see nocturnal emission is what causes it。
Is a nocturnal emission, emission factors what causes 1, local lesions cause: if a male organ or urinary system appeared localized lesions, for example prepuce, phimosis, urethritis, etc., these lesions can stimulate the sexual organs the occurrence of nocturnal emission。
2, due to weakness: Due to various organs function is not very sound, for example, the cerebral cortex dysfunction, can not be controlled low-level of the center, and erection and ejaculation central hub of enhanced excitability, leading to sleep at night is always wet dream。
Second, the emission of non-disease factors 1, often wear tight clothing: If you sleep at night when wearing tight-fitting underwear, then it will force the lower abdomen or genitals, leading to the emergence of emission。
Figure emission is what causes 2, does not lead to sleeping position: prone position such as sleep mode, both easy to oppress internal organs, causing shortness of breath, but also have an impact on the reproductive system。
Especially for those accustomed to the long-term tummy sleeping men, will be prone oppression, is not conducive to the scrotum cooling, adversely affect the generation of sperm, but also stimulate the penis, affecting blood circulation, easily lead to frequent nocturnal emission, etc.。
3, mental factors: Due to the requirements for sex too strong, and can not restrain themselves, especially thinking of prostitution or watch pornographic videos, etc. due to excitement before going to sleep, resulting in sleep appear wet dream phenomenon。