60 million women suffer anxiety problems, teach you to easily respond to (1)

  Work, home, children, husband, friend……In addition superwoman, no one should be able to easily handle all this。Today, however, we need to try to deal with these good。Worldwide more than 60 million women have such symptoms。Relieve anxiety, first of all, we are aware of this situation; secondly, set aside time for themselves; In addition, learn to delegate。  Experts say anxiety is an emotional reaction we are born with, but increasingly severe anxiety, when a prolonged and affect people's daily routines, it will evolve into anxiety。
In fact, the nature of anxiety is a psychological reaction, to improve self-confidence and psychological defenses。It must have a sense of balance outside, if we find the recent pressure increases, it may be by participating in various sports activities and sociability rapidly reduce anxiety, timely distraction unpleasant emotions。At the same time, we must promptly communicate with people, to refrain from "all carry their own problems."。
  Chance of suffering from anxiety disorders than men。
As with depression, anxiety disorders also have a tendency to "the men and women of light", and therefore has been anxiety women get more attention。
Women undoubtedly a special group to be responsible for working life, gave birth, breast-feeding and many other responsibilities, the probability of generating anxiety will rise。
So as a woman's family, especially her husband, must pay special attention to the psychological health of our lesbian, when necessary, to help them get medical attention。  Woman how to do?After the introduction on the hope for the emergence of this symptom friends mind you, I hope this introduction can bring you help, do not be too strong a female friend, to learn to relax, to prevent the occurrence of anxiety disorders。