175 again the strongest public statement like this does not come off the bench the Lakers coach responded

  Beijing March 16, according to "USA Today" reported that, since being traded to the Lakers, Isiah – Thomas has been on the bench, but he made clear in a recent interview: "I'm not a sixth man!"" I'm not a sixth man。
"Thomas said," In the future, I will not be a sixth man。 I just want to let everyone know this, I am a two-time NBA All-Star and an NBA starters, when I get a chance, I did a lot of people can not do things on the field。 "" But I was traded here, this is beyond my control。
I – Luke Walton does not have any advice and the Lakers, I will take every opportunity they give me, and then we will be a very good performance to end the season。 This is what I can do。
I came here not say: 'Oh, I want this, or is this going to happen。 "No, it was not me。
I'll be here behave career。 When my name was called, I will be fully prepared。 "Since the All-Star break, Thomas averaged points and assists, the Lakers won 8 of their last 11 games, but until yesterday, the Lakers beat the Warriors away, Thomas was as a starter, but it is because Ku Zima injury sidelined。
  "I came here to help the。
"Thomas said," I came here to let yourself continue to get better, I know I can get better, no matter what the team needs me to do, I am willing to help。 Ultimately, this is what I can do, as for other things let it go with the flow。
"When Thomas was traded to the Lakers, he and Luke – Walton meal together and discussed his role in the Lakers。
Thomas Wharton want playing from the bench, but will give him enough playing time, while Thomas accepted the idea Wharton。
  "He can play starting?"Wharton said of Thomas," 100%。
Whether he is worthy of starting?Yes, in view of his achievements in his career。
But here we are special, we are a young team, we are now playing well。
In (the Lakers and Cavaliers) transactions, Nance and Clarkson were sent away, and they had been the soul of our second team, so we need a leader of the bench, so I challenged (Thomas), even though he was very eager starting to play, but I told him: "listen, you leave the game because of injuries for a long time, two months left in the regular season, I hope you can find happiness in the field。 "" (Rosen)。