Overnight US stocks fell by 400 points, to chase the high need to be cautious

【Market View】 A shares on March opener, the hot market in all sorts of industry Internet, software, and electronic equipment such as plate strength。
GEM index yesterday rose%, to close out a strong four with positive, growth stocks to make money effect is obvious。  The three major indexes Dikaigaozou are red disc。 At the close, the Shanghai Composite Index closed at points, up points, or%; Shenzhen Component Index closed at points, up points, or%。
GEM index closed at points, up points, or%。 Yesterday the two cities a total turnover of 432.7 billion yuan。
Disk: bank brokerage wine medicine high adjustment, Yang liquor results below expectations, led by the consumer, after the sharp correction in cyclical stocks stabilized, but the trend of differentiation, growth remained strong rebound, pulled up sharply lithium batteries continue to rise, chip components sector continue to be ascribed, and the Internet, software and other information low substantial compensatory growth plate。 Wherein the gaming sector with the largest compensatory growth!Overnight US stocks fell by 400 points, from heavyweight high technical description has not been released is completed, due to short-term, despite Thursday's index rebounded bottom, but a technical correction remains to be seen, short-term there is still demand continued to dip, so the operating on the recent increase is too large theme stocks need to be careful chasing high, on the whole: with the sharp correction in the stock market, structural adjustment risk to be released, then look at where the market can stabilized stabilized, re-gather our strength to future up to provide adequate power。
During the "two sessions" about to enter the center, a large probability the market will continue before the holiday style, spring market worth the wait。
Therefore Operation: After adjustment to stabilize the market and so on, considered bargain prices continue to participate in spring.More investment is for reference only, not as an investment basis, pursuant to operate your own risk, investment risk, market to be cautious。