Brazil police hunt for anti-corruption upsurge was 62 Petrobras corruption involved

China news agency, Brasilia, February 5 (Reporter Mo Chengxiong) – Local time, the Brazilian Federal Police at the same time expand Petrobras' against corruption in Rio de Janeiro, Santa Catarina, S?o Paulo and Bahia four states case "in the ninth large-scale operations, 62 people involved in hunt。  In Santa Catarina, the involvement of the police in a Brazilian oil company "corruption case", within the company called ARXO seized huge amounts of money and hundreds of pieces of watches。Shockingly, the inventory work proceeds of crime actually took 9 hours。ARXO company is Brazil's oil and gas companies, operating gas stations, production tankers, pressure vessels and other equipment。ARXO company Petrobras executives suspected of bribing。On that day, the police have arrested ARXO a company director and a partner。  According to the Brazilian "World News" website reported that the manhunt, police searched and detained 40 people involved, detained three people, 19 were released after evidence as witnesses。  4, under political and public pressure caused by corruption scandals, Petrobras President Graca – Foster and five other executives of collective resignation。Earlier the day, rumors had been spread about the resignation, investors see Brazil's government anti-corruption determination, confidence in the market, so the day Petrobras shares soaring 14.9%。  Petrobras is Brazil's largest state-owned listed companies。In early 2014, the media broke the news that the company's management on corruption exists, directed the contractor company executives repeatedly accepting bribes, and to provide political funds ruling party, indirectly led to President Rousseff support rate fell。Media said that Petrobras "corruption case" involving billions of dollars, is said to be "in the history of Brazil's biggest corruption cases."。Currently, Brazil has been the prosecution to prosecute 39 people involved。(Finish)