The young idol no "tough guy", "man" stereotype is outdated

  "And beautiful and immortal", previously used to describe actresses such as Natalie, Liu Yifei, and now it?The last time to see this described refers to Henry Huo。
Large and small screen seems small meat cream in power, than the word Naiyouxiaosheng year, greatly reducing the derogatory。 Aesthetic younger female audience completely changed yet?why?We look at more than a dozen years ago, hot off the TV drama "burning passion", "Sword", the Sun Haiying, Li Youbin who play the main male, one is a hero in troubled times, on the other hand in marriage mostly due to cultural is not high, the attitude is stiff, some machismo。 Care of the household to take care of their lives, taking care of their emotions。 Material filling grew up in the era after 95 women, met this character in the life of man, I am afraid my mind goes drifting to the famous black question mark Emoticons – they will not believe these men attractive。
  According to the latest survey of college students tend to mate, "gentle" has become the first choice, the confident, aggressive, etc. behind。
Note that the "students" tend to mate, the requirements are not "male" partner college students。
Indicating a higher educational level of women pay more attention when the spouse is also a good character, and not other things conduct additional conditions。
  Like "Naiyouxiaosheng" is the embodiment of the present stage of female consciousness "man" stereotype, such as smoking, drinking, fighting, swearing and other so-called "man child" acts quietly change, people can accept the male makeup, men can be beautiful , gentle, more tolerant society, no longer male and female into a rigid set of standards in fixed roles。 So what is it standard new man?Korean invasion coincided with changes in society, with a "kill Matt", also brought handsome flowers。 You feel small meat are very creamy yet?Contrast meat in South Korea have pointed chin into the whole development of the "net good cop," we just started a small meat。   Young women like the "cream", "fresh meat" is not only the result of the rising feminist consciousness, but also feminist performance is not strong enough yet。
The development of the situation of women's rights might glimpse see the leopard spots from domestic drama。
"Half my life" fiction heroine is a standard two great care of the household, made into a national productions into a waiting male "Goddess of Mercy" soldiers rescue the little Mary Sue, waiting for the "high-handed president in love with me," solve all the problems。   Contrast "Sex and the City" where Samantha great care of the household, she and her true image of what is male contacts?But not overbearing, president of Playboy, she posted the streets of the poster, and she wants to have a good and well; she's young slugger or a model, she felt tired, they broke up, broke up after winning Adonis, continue to invite she accompanied walk the red carpet。 After the woman is strong enough, she has the ability to appreciate, adequate control 'hot' males。   Screen "tough guy" will take time and work precipitate blessing domestic servants to secondary school in the face of heavy schoolwork, many people actually postponed to the beginning of puberty age students, precipitation came afterwards。 Has already been felt in the entertainment teenager Liu Hao Ran was originally became popular with the movie "Beijing Love Story" and youth film "the best of us," is the image of the sun energetic high school students, as they age, the challenges can be classified as a tough guy image of the "young general "(" Langya list of the wind from the long forest "Xiao Ping Jing), although still a teenager gas, but this is the initial transition; Du Jiang from stay Meng daddy to" Red Sea action "in the tough guy, also experienced a process, it is important to have good works blessing; Eddie did not want to come on tough guy in "roll bar!A letter "Before, also played a lot of" Meng Meng Da, "the Taiwanese idol drama; and it has been tough predecessors Daniel Wu, his first film debut" Bishonen "name in it with Sentimental juvenile breath。   Maybe with age, including those who creamy fresh meat from "Idol trainee" where as we all know, as long as the audience off has not been eliminated, there are always some people will gradually form their own image at the time of grinding, in fact, this is also the acting maturity, not a fixed set of people, the image of the box to limit, who played "Rui" ( "Red Sea action" in the captain) Zhang translated can not "chicken feathers fly overhead" mean?  □ Cuihong (Columnist)。