Al Pfizer and built considering a merger market capitalization of $ 332 billion

Night network, network nightlife Wall Street News 29 am Beijing time, according to "The Wall Street Journal" reported that pharmaceutical giant Pfizer (Pfizer company) and Al Jian (Allergan, Inc.) to consider the merger, it is expected to make this year's Global M & A boom peaked。  According to informed sources, Pfizer recently proposed transaction intention to build Eyre, but at the moment only a preliminary stage, has not yet reached any agreement。Details of the negotiations the two companies is still unknown。  Al built the current market capitalization of 112.5 billion US dollars, meaning that if the deal would be the largest takeover this year。Al currently built with Pfizer combined market capitalization of $ 332 billion, S & P 500 constituent stocks, only Apple, Microsoft, Exxon Mobil and Google market value higher than this figure parent company of the alphabet。  But the two companies merge, there are some major obstacles。The first major obstacle is the price。Pfizer CEO Ian Reid on Tuesday in the earnings conference call, said he has noticed other pharmaceutical companies in the stock price fell, but he also said: "I'm not sure the price has been adjusted so that investors and corporate management I believe they have adapted to deal。"Other obstacles include Pfizer willingness of layoffs and shut down part of the implementation (this is the proper meaning large-scale mergers and acquisitions), Brent Saunders, chief executive of Al arrangements and built after the merger the new company's management team framework , people familiar with the case said。  If the deal, Pfizer's patent-protected drugs will increase the library's wrinkle Botox (Botox), treatment of dry eye of Korea (RESTASIS) and other Al built-selling drug。Pfizer has been trying to boost its brand kinds of drugs, recent $ 16 billion acquisition of the company Hospira。  A new strategy for Pfizer executives have been considering this will pave the way: the company's business was split into two parts, the sale of patent protection for drugs, the sale of part of the patent expired drugs。(Tony compilation)