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"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">(Original title: a portrait of a team!33-year-old's hat-trick?Luo, is this exercise) "We have a Costa", "I have?Luo "" We have Iniesta, "" I have?Luo "" We have Nacho, "" I have?Luo " 'We are the Spanish national team,' 'I have?Lo 'face star-studded Spanish, 33 years and 130 days?Luo with a hat-trick to this is sufficient to put an end to the annals of the Iberian derby。BEIJING, client reports, Beijing on June 16 morning Sochi, so many people remember?Luo determination of the eyes, and performances Guards。The owner Portugal No. 7 jersey, is writing a magnificent, epic and far not over yet。His story, worthy of applause for all。▲ race just-field 4 minutes, C Luo broke into the restricted area under the left side of Nacho defense fell to the ground, the referee determined a penalty, C Luo surgeon personally kick hit。Portugal 1-0 Spain。▲ The first 24 minutes, Busquets long pass from the backcourt, after Pepe Costa carry the ball into the penalty area to open the foot angle the ball into the dance out of the way。Portugal 1-1 Spain。▲ 44 minutes, a long pass from the Portuguese midfield, Gerdes closed top of the ball and give?Luo, C Luo long-range kicker, Degea critical moment butter hand, the ball rolled into the net nest。Portugal 2-1 Spain。▲ The first 55 minutes, Spain was the restricted area arc free kick opportunity, Silva pass to the right side of the penalty area, Busquets near the ferry headed to the front of the bottom line, outflanking succeed Costa。Portugal 2-2 Spain。▲ 58 minutes, left the restricted area Isco cross each other is destroyed, the right plug Nacho foot volley towards the ball, the ball hit the inside of the left goal post to score the door shells。Portugal 2-3 Spain。When opening the World wave sent Nacho penalty in the second half with a record of ground-breaking for the first time Spain made ahead of time in the game, I believe that almost all of the fans believe that the balance of victory has been favored bullfighting Legion。That time not only the presence of the surface in Portugal fully behind, has also been completely overshadowed by the Spaniards on morale。Isco, David – Silva, Iniesta who with a dazzling foot of technology, manufacturing Murder frequently in front of Portugal。until?Luo stood before the kick, it all seems irreversible。He eventually credited with a nearly perfect arc, Portugal dragged back from the edge of defeat。This has also allowed the Portuguese fans throughout Fei Shite Olympic Stadium into a carnival of ocean。Spanish fans who are stunned。You know probably in a minute ago, they still think their team certain to win。▲ The first 88 minutes, closed the arc Portugal to obtain a free kick opportunity, C Luo kick iconic pop, but crossed the ball fly to score the door on the right wall after the rapid fall。Portugal 3-3 Spain。You can say the first a penalty in dispute, you can say is the second long-range Degea free gift, you can also say that the last kick of luck。But you can never deny that, C Luo eyes always hidden in one kind of determination。This is a ride to the heroism between heaven and earth, maybe it will not be the whole game exposed edge, once unsheathed, shall be as Xinghuoliaoyuan。With this hat-trick, C Luo not only created a World Cup hat-trick in the history of the oldest, but also became the fourth player to score in four consecutive World Cup。Of course, before the final whistle on July 15 has not sounded, who do not know the World Cup winner will be who gets。But perhaps many years to come, when people talk about this summer's Russia, when people praise champion, also will not forget?Luo finished performances on this night。▲ Source: Vision China in mid-2006 in Germany, only 21-year-old Luo C ^ confront the Persian cavalry scored his first goal in World Cup individual; South Africa in 2010, the body has been at Real Madrid C ^ Luo against North Korea He harvested his second World Cup goal; in 2014 in Brazil, nearly standing of?Luo end of war Ghana won his third World Cup goal。And this night of Sochi, has long been questioned "the peak has passed, state of decline," the?Luo with a hat-trick, so that all silence doubters。Maybe a draw is not enough for Portugal accounted for advantage, perhaps in the back of the game?Romania can no longer contribute such a performance。But in any case, as long as the wearing jersey No. 7 Portugal, the player still standing upright floor, enough to make any opponent has the fear。Because everyone saw it, when the poor state of his teammates, how he used a person's strength, and one of the world rival the best of several teams。Whenever the TV counter to Portugal, C Luo always red in front of the team; revive whenever the team needs a goal morale, C-always the first rescue team to stand out。He has always seemed to be tired of the competitor, which seems to make people forget that he was a 33-year-old veteran。How many professional players, in?Luo's age has been quiet in the arena for some time now。and?Luo myth continues to write, and far from doing all。Kin cloud carved osprey quill, chat Seoul to be westerly。Fame thing, Stirring, the jokes。Jiang Tao Gun Gun case, Qi days old hero。There are fans that the game in?Luo who saw the shadow of Maradona。That single-handedly changed the spirit of the race leader, the kind of desperate determination not to give up the eyes, the kind of domineering but myself Harborside。Fans also said that from the age of 33 years old who have been players who did not find traces of the years。Or that he seemed to Lisbon Sentimental boy, flying over the court that Manchester star, just crowned the new king World Player。Hero, the World Cup has always been a strong part of the stage。The night belongs to Sochi?Lo, he let the whole world with incredible performance amazing; this night also belongs to every fan, this is the exclusive affair of football, this is the charm of the World Cup。Further reading: C Lo is how exercise?1 meter tall and 85?Luo, full of strength and speed, he is also considered one of football's most physically strong players, with lightning speed, an alarming jump。and?Luo had said in an interview, "Now my physiological age is 23 years old, I still can play a long time, I could have kicked 41-year-old。I feel great, very happy, nothing to complain about。"▲ muscular (Source:" The Sun ") ▲ amazing leg muscles (Source:" The Sun ") physiological age of only 23 years old?How did he do?May 24, the British "Sun" conducted a Secret。The following is compiled from Sina Sports: Fitness is very obvious elements, C Lo Pilates exercise program to focus motion, strengthening his power。Rest is also an important part, and he has asked his strict diet。Resume training after the game is also very important, his Madrid apartment has a gym with swimming pool everywhere。Perhaps other players may watch the show sitting in front of the TV, while?Lo is to go directly to the swimming pool。?Luo often swimming with his son。This not only helps him relax from a game, but also to help him shape the physique。Swimming is a great sport, great exercise his arm, leg muscles and lung capacity。▲ love swimming (Source: Instagram C-Lo's home page) ▲ swim with the family (Source: Instagram C-Lo's home page) aside?Luo gym, he also has a secret weapon – Cryotherapy chambers。This can help players reduce muscle soreness, relieve swelling, reduce inflammation, relieve sprains, allowing players to quickly recover, which will help?Luo able to devote the next match or training as soon as possible。?Cryotherapy usually stand Luo chamber for three minutes, the inside temperature was set at minus 160 ℃ – between minus 200 ℃。?Luo also mixing of hot and cold bath to wash, to stimulate muscle regeneration。▲?Luo exercise (Source: Instagram C-Lo's home page) ▲ exercise (Source: Instagram C-Lo's home page) ▲ muscle amazing (Source: Instagram C-Lo's home) was anecdotal, C Lo do 3000 one day sit-ups, C Luo also conducted a rumor, he only can do 1000 sit-ups a week.。Overtraining will only hurt his muscles with consumption。▲ Source: Instagram C-Lo with the rest of the home is sleep?Another key element of Romania, he insisted to sleep at least eight hours a day。His family gave him great power, whether it is with the children, or with his girlfriend Georgina, still with his mother, sister, can make him feel relaxed。?Luo explained: "spiritual power like the power of the body is important。Training and physical exercise is the most important, but living in a relaxed environment, which can help to stimulate the best of themselves, whether physical or spiritual level。I spend free time with my family with my friends, it makes me feel relaxed, so I was in a positive attitude。Sound sleep is also very important, it can help you take full advantage of the training。I go to bed early, get up early, especially before the game。Sleep can help muscle recovery, it is very important。"Of course, C Luo spent a lot of time in the gym, participate in the Real Madrid training ground training three hours, participate in training five times a week, returned home to continue exercising in the gym。?Luo Pilates classes conducted in their own homes, which will help?Luo physical strength。He said: "As long as the right, you can train anywhere。When you are up front or sleeping, you can in your bedroom, the motion。Once you develop the habit, you will find this easy, you gradually become a habit。"C Lo once skinny, but now he's very well-developed muscles。All this change stems from his 11-year-old。?Luo said: "I remember the first time I have heard a child say to another person," Do you see what he's doing?This guy is a beast. "。I often hear this evaluation。Even my coach too。But there are people always say, 'Yes ah, but unfortunately, you're so skinny'。Indeed, I am very thin, no muscle, so I made a decision at the age of 11。I know I have a lot of talent, but I decided to be better than everyone trying。I slipped out of the dormitory began in the evening, go for exercise。I became more and more strong, more and faster。After I entered the stadium, I thought that was the little man, I see, I feel like the same end of the world。"Of course, if there is no healthy diet, C Luo all efforts will be wasted。▲?Luo cuisine (Source: Instagram C-Lo's home page) ▲?Luo drying dishes (Source: Instagram C-Lo's home page) C-Lo is not a vegetarian, but he restricted his meat intake to avoid excessive intake of fat。Fish is?An important part of the diet of Romania。Braised cod, onion, potato flakes, fried eggs, these are?Luo favorite。?Luo once said: "I eat a high-protein diet, there are a lot of whole grain carbohydrates, fruits, vegetables, and avoid sugary foods。Eat regularly。If you exercise regularly, you need to keep your body in a high energy state, burning your body to play better。I sometimes day to eat 6 small meals, make sure I have enough energy to play the best game in each level。"Head of the Portuguese national team has revealed:" C Lo eat a variety of food, but as a responsibility of the athletes, is his favorite fish, seabream, swordfish, sea bass。"C Ronaldo often upload Instagram photos of food he eats, there are potatoes, bread, tuna, etc.。Real Madrid match, Real Madrid players often arrange to eat sushi。Since in 2005, C Luo do not drink。Not only because of his eating habits, but also because he had a drunken father, because alcohol died at?Luo was only 20 years old。?Ronaldo's mother Dolores, is?Luo team an important one。She often spent time at home, cooking, ensure?Luo strict compliance with their diet。Zidane also?Luo protection。Beginning of the season, C Luo suffered in the downturn, the first 12 league matches and only three goals, but after the outbreak of the Primera Liga consecutive goals, but also to help Real Madrid qualify for Champions League final。He has scored 450 goals for Real Madrid, a full 127 ball beyond the second Ming Laoer。