Misa 25 points and the Nets cut the Hawks 4-2 slumped season so far

  Ticker May 2, Eagles force away to 111-87 Nets victory, the total score in the second round cut 4-2。   Hawks next opponent is already swept the Wizards。 Starting five, Teague 5 vote total loss, a scoreless, but assists 13 times。 The other four starters scored in double figures, Paul – Paul Millsap 25 points, nine rebounds and six assists, Demar – Carroll 20 points, Kyle – Kyle Korver hit 10 three-pointers 6, take 20 points and 8 rebounds。
Dennis – Shilao De 12 points。
  Nets failed to become the first team winning less than 50 percent while the "black eight"。 Brook – Lopez scored 19 points and seven rebounds, Deron – Williams 13 points, Joe – Johnson 12 points, six rebounds and six assists。
Off the bench Jia Lite – Jack 11 points, seven rebounds and five assists。
  Eagles regular season ranked first in the eastern part of the winning streak of 22 games more than the Nets。
Regular season of four encounters with the Nets, Hawks all win, and win points per game。   Nets after the final battle of the regular season, before they get playoff tickets。
But in the playoffs, their home game winning streak, will always tie 2-2。 After the defeat away again, the Nets forced today to the impasse, only to win, to get the tie-break opportunities。
  Unfortunately, the Nets did not show determined to win the momentum, after the opening, some listless, and soon in trouble。
  First section there are 7 minutes 22 seconds, the two Williams made three free throws, the Nets only 10-11 behind to。
But the next four minutes, the Nets hit only one ball, but the Eagles inside and outside the bloom, Kyle Korver hit two consecutive three-pointers, hit a wave of 12-2, 23-12 in one fell swoop in order to widen the gap。 Nets hit rate is not high, and frequent mistakes, did not look like cornered team。
Carol-thirds vote at the end of this section, leading the Hawks to 36-23。
  Hawks in the second quarter gave the opponent the opportunity, after the beginning of this section nearly four minutes, they just hit a ball。
After the Nets shot a wave of 7-2, only 30-38 behind to。
This section there are 5 minutes and 20 seconds, Johnson hit three-pointers, the Nets will be chasing the score became 37-40。
Nets even have a chance to tie, but Jack After long shot。
Millsap for the Eagles hit a record one-third, even after they scored five points, hold our ground。
This section Hawks had 15 points, but still dominant 51-45。
  Hawks regain the feeling, the gap quickly opened the third quarter。
This section shortly after the start, Kyle Korver hit three-pointers, Carol vote with a fine, "three-point play," succeeded, Hawks to a wave of 23-3 start this section, in one fell swoop opened the gap to 74-48。
For up to 6 minutes and 29 seconds, the Nets hit only one ball, but the Eagles hit four three-pointers, one Korver hit three 3。 In this section there are 5 minutes and 31 seconds, the Nets only by the Anderson-thirds vote, but only drop in the bucket。
In this section, the Nets then unable to narrow the gap to 20 points or less。
This section there are 1 minute 01 seconds, Millsap hit three-pointers, leading the Hawks to 90-62 with 28 points。 Eagle single scored 41 points, the first three quarters to lead 92-66。   Competition also 7 minutes and 51 seconds, Horford hit a ball, scored Pobai Hawks to 100-73 lead。 Nets launched a wave of attacks, Jack vote with a penalty scored three points, then another shot, scored five points, the Nets played 9-0, chasing the score 82-100。
Eagles nearly three minutes, not shooting, the game there are 4 minutes 07 seconds, Carol layup, they maintain more than 20-point advantage to 104-82。
The Nets gave up resistance, early removed the main。
Hawks just leave, let the main break。
  Bench players in the field consume the rest of the time, the Eagles 4-2 to qualify to meet the challenges of the Wizards。 (Angkor)。