Lantern riddles activities dragon dance lion downtown

Lantern Festival activities, riddles and games dragon and lion downtown。
In the Lantern Festival is the most indispensable of the various activities that day, one of the most common is the dragon dance, lion dance and the riddles。
Here with a look Xiaobian。
The dragon dance legend: Legend has it that a year of drought in the Tang Dynasty, the Dragon King the wrong line of clouds and rain, a lot of people drowned Chang'an, Emperor Wei Zheng decree ordered prison cut the Dragon King, the Dragon King Yin soul lingers, every night disturbance downtown palace, scared bad Tang Li Shimin, then ask ministers to count, all his salvation should consider the dragon King, then there is the private practice of playing the dragon lantern festival。 The dragon is generally tied into the bamboo, colored paper, cloth, etc., section number is singular, up to Shu Zhang, can burning candle in the section called "dragon" and can not burn the candle called "Bulong" when the dragon dance, the lead dancers after holding the lead, dozens of people raised abuts dragon stick, with its whole dragon in music along the prescribed route and queue run。 Long live the same as, folk customs in order to seek good weather, bumper grain harvest。
Lion dance legend: the ancient era, in the eastern mountains, there are a thousand practitioners lion, often evil man-eating。 Emperor sent troops crusade, he would not be able to rein it。 Jade Emperor God heard the report, had assigned Ziwei Xing Jun lion volts down to earth。
Myrtle issued the world, the bulk of the monk was Zhongnanshan help, both cast spells, and the Lions started fighting, but no outcome Jiuzhan。 However, after so contend, fierce lion exhausted, gradually changed the nature, under the crape myrtle god and contain the bulk of monks, four swimming tease。
Lantern riddles activities dragon dance lion trouble they went, people and animals thrive and a good harvest。 Later, it was modeled on the lion, Ziwei Xing Jun, monks played out of action Spring Festival is coming up, and gradually form a folk form of entertainment – Lion。
Evolution so far, lion even became a delicate paper, crape myrtle and Shangze Cheng god with the bulk of the image of Mi Tsui Mother and funny big mess。 As the symbol of auspicious lion dance and entertain the people there are characteristics, therefore it became a folk tradition of spring program。