Alone blooming flowers

<DIV CLASS & ID = ",&QUOT;&"" ""QUOT;&Style =&quot;" ,"=& Not enchanting, but will make people remember not charming, but heartbreaking Angtou happy to bow to silence seems to coincide with I do not know why it alone drove its growth has experienced a scar on the empty leaves petals on what there must be too many stories, too many ups and downs if I knew it would all colors, fragrance and strong compiled beautiful song either inspirational or tell do not know why it drove alone not alone, not lonely for their own interests in full bloom Did not know it was free and easy life will be profound because there is love this is just my wish, I would like to ask why I'm afraid it can not be left unsaid alone will flower in full bloom I admire your strong to show your beauty to others, from dawn to sunset alone blooming flowers I understand your fear alone at night, only huddled in a dark corner alone blooming flowers your emotional sustenance because there will be a place you do not want to wither and buried in this way, the ups and downs also a rewarding your feelings to see the earth warms it will have to write these stories because it can be said that tight cuddle my soul closer to my dream , Everything is beautiful" 独自盛开的花"="">  独自盛开的花……Mei Mei…….