Duncan Spurs 31 minutes 26 + 9 rout Pau cut away three pairs Lakers 0-3

  Ticker on April 27, the Lakers at home to 89-120 loss to the Spurs, the total score to 0-3, their season coming to an end。   Steve – Steve Nash and injury, Dwight – Howard scored 25 points and 11 rebounds, Paul – Gasol triple-double, 11 points, 13 rebounds and 10 assists。
Darius – Morris scored 24 points and six assists, Andrew – high 20 points Deloach。   Spurs easily cross the border。
– Tim Duncan 12 of 16 shots, scored 26 points and nine rebounds, Tony – Parker 20 points and seven assists, Cowie – Leonard 12 points, Danny – Green 11 points。 Manu – Manu Ginobili had 6 points。   If we say that this season the Lakers have any good news, it is that got Howard, then the message is the constant injuries, Bryant will be reimbursed at the end of the regular season last season, finally stumbled into the playoffs, but Steve – Blake, Jody – Meeks and Nash, and others have been injured。
During the regular season, their owner Jerry – Bass also died。 The Lakers went through a troubled season。   Four defender sidelined, the Lakers under the helpless, and had to use high Deloach starting Morris。 This season, Morris has been sitting on the very end of the bench, and the high Deloach play in the development league, just got MVP。
  In this powerful lineup to face the Spurs, the Lakers only rely on only the inside at two big players。
"We are still confident that we can come back and win this series," Howard still cheer for his teammates, "managed to enter the playoffs, we have to strive to go further。
I will not fall behind and give up the scores and wounded。 "The Lakers can only go all out, shortly after the opening, with the two generals, Howard Gasol pass dunk, Gasol has since hit in the cast, the Lakers 6-3 start。
So far their leader, veteran Duncan in the warm-up before training 10 shot 10, the court also feel hot, and he cast also to after a ball, in this section there are 7 minutes and 51 seconds, one-handed alley-oop the ball into the buckle, beyond the Spurs to 9-6。
This section there are 5 minutes 19 seconds, Howard turned and hit a plate, the Lakers to 10-17 behind。
Since then ate Howard two fouls, had to end rest, the Lakers once the gap to 5 points, but in the last 2 minutes of this section do not go shooting, the Spurs played a 9-2 spurt to widen the gap 30-18。
  Section II Spurs once made a 18-point advantage。 This section there are 4 minutes 05 seconds, Parker break layup, they lead to 48-30。
High Deloach within 30 seconds hit two consecutive third, Howard hereinafter also oop dunk, Lakers will lead into 40-52。
Bonner also hit three-pointers for the Spurs, this section concludes with 1 minute 36 seconds Spurs failed to score again, high Deloach and Howard scored four points, the first half to 44-55 behind the Lakers。
  Howard scored 12 first half points, six rebounds, became high Deloach Jones, scored 14 points, Pau Gasol becomes the organizer, scored six points, 11 rebounds and five assists。
Spurs hit rate of close to 59%, Parker scored 12 points and four assists, Tim Duncan 12 points and five rebounds。
  Shortly after the third quarter began, Morris alley-oop layup, Howard even with a fine cast scored three points, chasing the score 49-59, which is the smallest gap between the two teams next。 Duncan and Parker have been shot, after the Spurs play 10-2 to 71-53 lead with 18 points。 Widening the gap between the two sides, this section there are 2 minutes and 53 seconds, Parker break layup, but the Lakers did not rob people rebounds, Duncan easily make deduction succeeded, the Spurs to 81-59 lead with 22 points。
This section last 2 minutes of the Lakers failed to hit a ball, the first three quarters to 63-85 behind。
  The fourth quarter the Lakers failed to narrow the gap to 20 or less。 This section there are 8 minutes 37 seconds, Morris hit third, behind the Lakers to 72-93。
Duncan after the field goal, Blair layup, the Spurs made 25-point advantage。
Gasol in this section will be more than half vote with a penalty scored three points, but just a drop in the bucket, Blair has hit consecutive shots, the Spurs scored early Pobai to 101-75 lead。 The outcome of loss of suspense, Gasol after the triple-double was also benched, the Lakers face the fate of being swept。   。