How do you teach pregnant woman pregnant fever fever remedies

Fever how to do pregnant women need care in a community, if a pregnant woman Fever is very very troublesome problem, because they can not abuse drugs, then how do pregnant women with fever and night network fever in pregnant women to see how to do it introduced!Pregnant women how to do resistance fever in pregnant women is worse than usual, and therefore pay more attention to, otherwise easily fever。
Once the fever in pregnant women, will be very troublesome。Because pregnant women can not take medicine, drugs affect the fetus adversely affect brain cell development。
Only be rational use of drugs under the guidance of a doctor。
In addition to medication, the wipe can neck, back, Jingbo, arms and other parts with hot water, the method allows physical cooling down fever。In addition, in the early fever, you can also help relieve cold oh by some dietary。
Pregnant temperature above ℃ pay special attention to the average person if the temperature is higher than 37 ℃, can be called a fever; but most people would have to wait until the temperature is above 38 ℃, it will clearly feel the body temperature rises, and there is a sense of malaise。
Pregnant women have higher body temperatures than the average person, because she was faster metabolic rate, body temperature will be slightly higher than usual ℃, therefore, pregnant women, the body temperature rises to above ℃, it may consider whether there is a fever; while if the temperature exceeds ℃, it is necessary pay attention。The reason pregnant women how to do Fever fever can be broadly divided into three categories: First, infectious, including virus, bacteria and other pathogens, almost all of the infectious disease can cause fever。Second, the heat caused by tumors, especially tumors occur overnight fever。Third, an autoimmune disease, such as fever, etc. can also cause。A common cause of fever in pregnant women include: upper respiratory tract infection (eg, trachea, etc.), urinary tract infection, gastroenteritis, etc.。
A pregnant fever remedies。