Chong refers bottom rebound to open a new rally?

Indices in Shanghai and Shenzhen stock index opened slightly lower collective, remain weak shocks stock index throughout the day, not large level of intraday rebound。
GEM afternoon dropping to get support when in line, began to rebound pulled up, eventually closing meteoric rise to success。 Time shares sharp correction today, super brand, hydrogen fuel cells and other general led the sector performance。
At press time, it tumbled%, to close at 3291 points; Shenzhen Component Index rose%, to close at 11163 points; GEM rose%, to close at 1848 points。 Judging from the disk, hydrogen fuel cells, oil upgraded, super-brand sector gainers; time shares, agricultural machinery, logistics and other plate decreases。
Shanghai shares through a net inflow million shares through deep one hundred million net inflow。 Plate hydrogen fuel cells pulled up late led to ,, and other major brands to make up the subject with the rise of super-brand sector, automotive, oil and other sections barely keep up with the upgrade, intraday performance wave power sector appears streams。
Time shares affected by the position of the Commission, a substantial adjustment in intraday plunged more than 5%。
Unicorn concept afternoon a strong move rebound, pulled meteoric rise from 3% to crash。
Strong pre faucet hot stocks sub-shares in, ┊┊┊┊┊┊。