Say to the mountains shares: GEM see short-term highs, to focus on its weekly!

First, the disk review: today continue to rebound, the Shanghai Composite Index and Shenzhen Component Index continued to be weaker than the GEM, GEM strong performance, but the transaction is still not too good。 Personal opinion: to undertake the view yesterday, today, the Hang Seng Index rebounded as expected, A shares of most stocks performed well, but still feel there will be secondary to fall, heavily loaded do not chase high, still have to be patient, unless the trend continues to break up。 Second, the personal views: 1.Tomorrow should become more important, then back up the rise, fall down then announced the end to find two, with two sessions to be held on weekends, so even slow down should be the walk; 2.Remember, the key point is near the Shanghai index 3375 points, Shenzhen Component key point is close to 11080 points, two points can not be recovered effectively means that the trend has not been reversed, the courage to look at the rise among many, but all of them declined rise should be seen as a rebound luring more, unless a clear bottom signal is present, otherwise, all say take a good trend and so on; 3.The rebound is not small, but a sharp rebound in the end, lows extremely difficult to grasp, but now it seems it should be a double dip can be expected if the decline is slow, then perhaps not new lows; 4.My advice: To sum up, is still defined as a rebound, has been covering the gap on holiday last week, space, GEM has been covering the 1783-point gap, tomorrow and next Monday's attitude is very important, the bottom line of the week deviations from the formation to be concerned about, perhaps in small-cap stocks will wave a decent rise occurred after the formation of structure。
Third, the details: 1.Shanghai shares through today inflow million shares through deep inflow of one hundred million; 2.Still we need to strengthen confidence and a determination to hold mid-term excellent performance, operating concept stocks of high growth, low price-earnings ratio。
Four strategies: intermediate-term uptrend has been destroyed, before the trend did not take a good, defensive-oriented。
Note: this regulation may be some kind of larger treated differently, that better performance growth companies may appear more relaxed environment will occur, but poor performance and image of the company may have been the spate of impact!。