The overall pension reform program introduced a series of initiatives will be implemented progressively during the year

Pension national co-ordination and a series of major initiatives will be implemented progressively。
The picture shows the Data Chart Reporter Wei Liang photo "Economic Information Daily" reporters learned that China's current pension system reform overall plan has been formed, will be formally introduced during the year。
Staff basic old-age insurance national co-ordination, speed up the development of enterprise annuity, the establishment of individual pension system, tax pilot the extension of old-age insurance and other related series of major initiatives will be launched and implemented。 In addition, in terms of improving the level of pension benefits will focus on "building mechanism" in the basic pension insurance fund investment operations also will continue to increase policy efforts。   National co-ordination imminent pension。
Tsinghua University, Employment and Yang Yan Sui, director of Social Security Research Center on the "Economic Information Daily" reporters, said China's current pension is one of "central set goals and reveal all the details, local transfers and making it up, grassroots co-ordination and bear responsibility" level operational responsibility downward defect mechanism, which has become increasingly prominent, for balanced regional development, population structure and configuration of resources have greater impact。 "Need for change in the top-level design with the Chinese economy has entered a new stage of development, national co-ordination to achieve old-age insurance。
"" Low overall level of the pension system is the most important issue, and many other issues are thus derived is。 "Director of the CASS Institute of World Social Security Research Center ZhengBingWen accept the" Economic Information Daily "reporters, he said the provinces are often willing to make ends meet to improve the overall level, and the greater the amount of funds the region more reluctant achieve national co-ordination。 Achieve national co-ordinating the sooner, the smaller the resistance to change。
  National co-ordination of basic pension insurance this year to usher in a crucial step, namely the establishment of basic old-age insurance system for enterprise employees to adjust the central fund。
"The prime minister will release the reporter recently held an important reform message that this year we will implement the pension fund transfers system, central co-ordination swap fee of 3%。 "ZhengBingWen pointed out that, in theory, the size of three percentage points can basically solve the current imbalances in individual regions appear。 Before implementing the national co-ordination, which is an effective transition initiatives。
  Some experts said that this year will also improve the fund financing mechanism, through the improvement of relevant policies to guide and encourage contributions to improve the level of urban and rural residents, increasing the size of the accumulation of personal accounts, personal accounts pension levels and improve the proportion of all pension。
  Yang Yan Sui told reporters, in the top-level design aspects of the pension system, funding system is essential, on the one hand to clear the State, employers and individuals pay liabilities, on the other hand to reinforce the contribution base。 Current pension premiums was 28%, while the actual collection rate was only 16%, according to the law urgently establish wage reporting system。
"Also, innovative payment system, the establishment of individual rights actuarial balance mechanism。
Experiences of developed countries in Europe and America, by establishing early minus late and have to pay more and more of the payment system。 "Reporters learned that, in raising the level of pension benefits urban and rural residents, this year will also establish a basic old-age insurance benefits urban and rural residents to determine the mechanism and the basis of a reasonable pension adjustment mechanism, establish a relatively stable, standardized financial investment mechanism。
In January, the Central Leading Group for deepening the reform comprehensively the second meeting examined and adopted the "on the establishment of urban and rural residents basic old-age insurance benefits and determine the basic pension normal adjustment mechanism of guidance"。
  Government work report this year also made for a reasonable increase basic pensions for retirees。 '' Sustained 'reasonable' two key words, meant to build mechanisms。 "Performing the World Social Security Research Center of CASS researcher Zhang Ying Hua told the" Economic Information Daily "reporters,。
  Liang Yang, director of China early Social Development Research Center for Financial Research Institute, said the basic pension and can adjust how much adjustment, depending on the financial condition of the government, it is recommended to adjust the frequency a little slower, the adjustment determined in accordance with the comprehensive calculation of price and wage growth。 To strengthen the coordination of social security sector and the financial sector, in a scientific and rational system and accountability on the basis of the financial investment more reasonable。   Regulators recently revealed that personal tax-deferred pension insurance business (tax extension Annuity) pilot program was approved by the State Council, we are taking concrete measures for implementation process。 Zhang Yinghua opinion, the exploration for over 10 years has taken a substantial step system, individuals to buy commercial pension insurance products will enjoy a certain amount of tax deductible, which means "third pillar" of the pension system really established。   Pension investment operation, the allocation of state-owned assets to enrich the social security fund, is still an important part of the reform of the pension system。 Vigorously promote the basic pension insurance fund investment operation aspects, some experts pointed out that the various types of basic pension insurance fund imputation and put only a small part of the capital market operations, not fully fund investment and increase their value increase fund an important role in terms of funding sources。 This should formulate corresponding policies and measures to increase supervision over the imputation fund investment operations and efforts to promote the basic pension insurance fund investment market, diversification。   Shaohua Sun reporter intern reporter Juan-Juan classes reported to the house Ying Beijing。