Cough ate fast six quick cough diet recipe

Fall sooner or later, large temperature difference is most likely caused by cold cough, cough so you know how to do it?You know you cough ate fast?Today small to help you summarize the six rapid cough diet recipe, let us look at it。 1, crystal sugar stewed pears Huatanzhike fresh pears, peeled, cut open to nuclear, add appropriate amount of sugar into the pot and steam for soft serve。 2, cough and phlegm asthma sugar 500 grams of tofu, brown sugar, 100 grams of sugar。 Among the tofu dig a nest, into red, white sugar, into the bowl compartment boiled for 30 min; once finished, and even four times daily; heat, fluid, moistening, cough Tan Chuan。 3, cough Corn to be orange peel, orange peel, the amount。 Total add water to cook, served on the 2nd; cough and phlegm, governance cold cough, phlegm。 Cough ate fast six fast diet recipe 4 cough, cough and lung radish soup radish, lung 1, 15 g。 Gong Zhu 1 hour, add water, meat Yin Tang; phlegm, cough and asthma, governance cough more than, phlegm and shortness of breath。