Eguchi ZhangXianZhong immersion silver PALEOCHANNEL position determining 3D drawing meritorious treasure

  This probe team led by the School of Resources and Environment, University of Electronic Technology, China Geological Survey Geological Survey Chengdu, Sichuan Province Nuclear Industry Geological Bureau 282 geological team and other 10 units jointly set up, on December 6 last year settled jiankouzhen。 This lasted nearly 100 days to complete the archaeological area of 100,000 square meters detection, the total number of detection area is an area for the first time during the 2017 archaeological times。
  "Last year we detected area is inside the cofferdam, to a lesser extent, and is carried out after the water drained, the difficulty is relatively small。 This year the team expanded the detection range, surface and subsurface probing in the downstream of the Minjiang River Bridge, is more difficult, but also for equipment, data processing technology put forward higher requirements。 "Zhou Jun said that the only area in the south of the excavation, the length of the detection area reached 200 meters, a width of 80 meters。
In the probe, the team of researchers in the direction of the river, according to 5 meters from the line is provided as measured resistivity water line 18; in the direction perpendicular to the river, according noodle from 12 disposed amphibious resistivity imaging radar and geological 9 cross-section, the final completion of the detection of an underwater structure formation。 At present, two archaeological being carried out, the bed rock has been excavated cultural relics unearthed structural characteristics and circumstances, strong evidence of the ancient river expert with "3D treasure map" demarcated。   The large-scale detection and mapping "3D treasure map", not only saves time immersion silver two archaeological estuary, more delineation of the overall scope of the distribution and protection of the estuary immersion silver laid the foundation。
"Avoid robbing excavation is more long-term, more urgent task。
"Dean of Cultural Relics and Archeology Research Institute, Sichuan tall Lun said, figuring out the scope of distribution of artifacts can determine the specific boundaries of the protected area, so that more targeted conservation measures。
  Shen Chang Hsien-chung Eguchi silver two archaeological excavations will continue for more than 40 days。
Dean of Resources and Environmental Sciences, University of Electronic Science and Technology Hu Guangmin said that before the flood season, the team will also carry out experimental work in the working block Funan port and downstream of the Minjiang Bridge, and docking actual excavations of bedrock structure, abnormal electromagnetic induction place to verify。
At the same time, we will continue to set the plurality of seismic line in a direction perpendicular to the channel to expand the "3D treasure map" housed area range, and further provides more detail wherein the "bed rock structure model"。   A new situation, "the team will work together with the Sichuan Provincial Cultural Relics and Archeology Research Institute, the application of advanced technology in underwater archeology work, and constantly sum up experience, to create 'electronic information + archeology' of。
"Huguang Min said, a series of underwater archeology team formed by the current detection technology has wide application space underwater archaeological work in the future the ancient canals, lakes, etc.。
  (Chengdu Science and Technology Daily March 22 electricity)。