Classification asana yoga postures deep practice

Classification of the position which not only has yoga schools divided, yoga posture is also a classification of different postures of yoga have different effects。
Well, classification yoga posture, what does it with the following Xiaobian go and see it classified yoga posture。 1 classification yoga posture, sitting class: sitting posture is used for meditation, including: Simple sitting, lotus (half full), King Kong ride, ride the lightning, perfect to sit and so on, regardless of the position put legs, seated while must maintain a straight spine to maintain the natural curvature at the spine promoted, abdominal viscera are not being squeezed, but also to maintain a certain physical and mental excitement, and will not fall into drowsy state。
Legs bent while sitting, the hip, knee and ankle joints become more supple and flexible, help prevent and treat rheumatism, legs bent due to the reduced blood circulation in the lower body, thereby speeding up the blood circulation of the upper body, body and head have been more adequate blood supply, beneficial to the abdominal organs and nervous system, spine straight spine and back muscles can be strong。 But some friends in the hip failed to properly complete the open sit cross-legged, mistakenly pressure to give the knee, it is easy to hurt the knee, it should be on the attention on the hip external rotation to reduce knee pressure。 2, flexion class: the spine is one of the most important organs of the body, the body of the beam, yoga posture are many exercises for the spine, the spine has six movements: bend forward, backward bending, lateral bending, level twist around。
Yoga posture classification category refers to flexion of the spine to bend forward toward the leg position. This position stretching and strong back muscles, promote blood circulation back to enhance softness and flexibility of the spine, abdomen and gently squeeze organ so as to promote digestion and excretion, stretching leg back muscles and ligaments, stable mind, calm the nervous system。
3, back categories: category refers back bent back position of the spine, and back flexion should be done with appropriate, i.e. a finished homeopathic back a flexion adapter, to enable the spine extension, the disc reset spine get enough rest。 This is important, do not force yourself to do it, so as not to hurt。