Four Seasons Health benefits of tea drinking wolfberry

As the saying goes: eat wolfberry throughout the year, people can be together with the world of life。
This sentence illustrates eat wolfberry Four Seasons is to share, it also highlights the longevity effect。
Experts point out that Chinese wolfberry tea, different seasons have different benefits。 Here we take a look at the benefits of wolfberry tea and drink it in different seasons!Spring main computer's eye fatigue, with wolfberry tea, can Ziyingminmu。 Proper amount of wolfberry, washed into the cup, with boiling water, soaking for 1015 minutes to drink。
The foam was cut in half before wolfberry, better efficacy。
Summer weather is hot, the method can also be used to remove water to drink anger。 To get the full performance out of wolfberry, the best method is boiling, about to medlar into the casserole, add water, boil the fire after boiling low heat 30 minutes。 Fall air dried, washed with an appropriate amount of wolfberry, and rice porridge together, have a good moistening effect Yin。
Need to resist the cold winter, desirable amount of wolfberry soaked in wine, soak 7 days before drinking。
Best to use white wine, not only can enhance the body yang, but not so excessive yang and get angry。
Who should not eat wolfberry Generally, wolfberry all ages, but not eat。 Because it is the drugs, the daily dosage should not be more than 10 grams。
Not all of them are suitable for taking。
Because of its warm body effect is quite strong, are fever, body inflammation, diarrhea, people better not to eat。
Because people wolfberry warm body effect is quite strong, with high blood pressure, too impatient temperament, or a large number of daily intake of meat leads to Mianfan best not to eat。 Wolfberry can nourish liver and kidney, liver and kidney but not empty there is no need clothing。