Li Keqiang: significantly reduce the use of home broadband traffic fee to cancel roaming charges

  Thirteenth National People's Congress at the Great Hall of the opening at 9:00 on the 5th, Premier Li Keqiang listened to reports on the work of the government, to review the implementation of the State Council on the 2017 National Economic and Social Development Plan and the 2018 Plan for National Economic and Social Development the draft central and local budgets and the 2018 report of the review of the State Council on the draft of the implementation of the 2017 central and local budgets year after year, the NPC Standing Committee listened to instructions on the draft amendment to the Constitution。
  The following is the Live Record: Li Keqiang: to grow and develop new momentum。
Bigger and stronger emerging industry clusters, the implementation of large data development initiatives to strengthen the development and application of a new generation of artificial intelligence, to promote the "Internet +" in many fields of medical, pension, education, culture, sports, etc.。
Development of intelligent industry, expand intelligent life。
The use of new technologies, new formats, new model, to transform and upgrade traditional industries。
Strengthening the emerging industry statistics。 Reduce costs to increase network speed efforts to achieve full coverage of urban and rural high-speed broadband, expanding the scope of free internet access in public areas, significantly reduced home broadband, business broadband and royalties line, remove traffic "roaming" fees reduced by at least 30% of mobile web traffic charges during the year , so that the people and businesses practical benefit to help fuel China construction digital。