McCain brother: MediaTek's first P60 AI chip release Biao Xiao Long 660

McCain still the hottest new material quality and quantity will be presented in front of everyone。 After a day of serious haze pollution, today's Beijing finally ushered in a rare good weather, though somewhat cloudy but visibility is high, the air quality has become excellent, thanks to the arrival of cold air the haze swept away, McCain brother and I make time for breath breathing。 Looking back, we still shouted the slogan "Kankan more healthy," McCain up!McCain Gedeng sets a bow, let's regaling MediaTek recently as one giant mobile processor industry, MediaTek recent days may not be better than now Meizu and Qualcomm reconciled, Jin and cash chain problems, leading MediaTek sales by the severely affected, in February this year, MediaTek's revenue created 3 years since the lowest point。
So, when the former partners are not reliable, MediaTek can only speak with their own products。
Yesterday, MediaTek launch of its high-end mobile phone chips HelioP60, which constitute the core of the chip a total of eight, including four large nuclear CortexA73 and four CortexA53 small core, clocked at up to 2.00GHz, MediaTek's first 12 nanometer process technology processor, the whirlwind Qualcomm Xiaolong 660 processor, compared with last year's release of P23 processor performance by 70 percent and power consumption by 25% when running large game。
Not surprisingly, then, there will continue to carry this new processor in April, when the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor has almost a monopoly in the field of Android phones, MediaTek P60 appears quite timely, at least you can re high-end models with Qualcomm Xiaolong under a high。
Who can in this war in victory, but also the new processor for the adaptation and optimization of products more in place。 Two bow Kan Gedeng station, again regaling Samsung, for now, digital products, especially as the type of mobile phone, computer products, flash memory is one of the essential configuration。
As Samsung is one of the manufacturers of flash memory, a recent accidents will not only make companies worried about the direction for consumers, probably will face price increases related products。
Exactly what could be causing such a big impact on it?March 9, Samsung flash memory is located in Pyeongtaek factory power outage occurs, the expected loss equivalent to the global supply of 3 March.5%。
Although the outage lasted only half an hour, but still damaged wafers 5000-6000, 11% of Samsung's 3 per month。 Samsung said that the standby power supply (designed to be 20 minutes) effectively deal with the sudden start, so it will not have a significant impact on the flash memory operations。 Although Samsung expressed this is nothing, but part of the consumer, but some sit still, and even friends speculated related products such as hard disc drives SSD is a solid price will fluctuate, for this application in the computer configuration, this is not cheap enough to do it if further price increases for consumers who drink a pot。 So I hope Samsung shows the calm will show up in the next two months, or else I'm going to McCain brother plan to change the notebook may have to put aside。 Kan Gedeng Taiwan bowed three times, and finally it said Hawking, Stephen William Hawking (StephenWilliamHawking, 1942 Nian 1 Yue 8 Ri?March 14, 2018), was born in one of Oxford, University of Cambridge famous physicist, one of the greatest of modern physicists, international reputation in the 20th century greats。 March 14, 2018, Hawking died at the age of 76 years。
Hawking unfortunate illness at the age of 21, the body is severely deformed, only three fingers can be active。
43-year-old with pneumonia surgery, and loss of language skills。
Doctors assert that he can only live for 2 years。
But he has an optimistic attitude against the disease for over 50 years!He said: Although physical disability, do not mentally handicapped。 Talking about life and death, Hawking said: "Each of us has the right to freedom of belief, God does not exist, no one is the Creator, and no one can master our destiny。 There is no heaven or afterlife, we only have this life, to appreciate the beauty of the universe。
For this reason, I am very grateful。
"Can face death, and live from me, it is worth all of us to learn, let us wish all the best of this great man。