deal!Guo Shuqing as the newly established China's first silver CIRC Chairman

  Media group interview Data for each site by reporter Zhang Shoulin China Banking Regulatory Commission, merger news, earlier already without any suspense。
But who will serve after the merger (,) the first Chairman of Insurance Regulatory Commission (hereinafter referred to as the China Banking Regulatory Commission), the mystery to be revealed。
  3 pm March 21, first chairman of the China Banking Regulatory Commission candidate answers formally announced!He is the former China Banking Regulatory Commission Chairman Guo Shuqing!  Shandong came back four years in power, has not changed Guo Shuqing, Chairman of China Banking Regulatory Commission took office a year, had put the people the impression that kind of tenacity on its head again。
  Figures as evidence: the whole banking regulatory system in mid-2017 a total of 3452 made the decision, in which penal institutions in 1877 at home, confiscated billion; punish responsible persons 1547, which fined a total of ten thousand yuan。
  In fact, as early as the new year regulatory no suspense。 In 2018, the national supervision and management work conference held early this year on, Guo Shuqing has shown that strong regulation of illegal business banking market to further deepen the rectification chaos。   "Daily News" reporter noted that, in fact, as early as last March 2, Banking Regulatory Commission Chairman Guo Shuqing for the first time as a full debut at the State Council Information Office press conference had revealed a strong regulatory approach: all kinds of firm governance financial chaos。
There is no perfect regulatory system, the banking business will inevitably lead to a serious risk of exposure。
  Tornado chaos rule Guo Shuqing consistently strong regulatory approach。
As mentioned above, once the CBRC Chairman identity to the outside world for the first public meeting with the State Information Office press conference, Guo Shuqing on that attitude: resolute management of various financial mess。   Guo Shuqing, chairman of China Banking Regulatory Commission in mid-2017 in February, previously served as governor of Shandong Province。
April 2017, China Banking Regulatory Commission released data, the first quarter of 2017, making China Banking Regulatory Commission administrative penalty system 485, the total amount of confiscated billion; punish persons responsible 197, which canceled the SM qualification of 19 people, 11 people engaged in prohibited banks industry work。
  Digital quick update。 As of the end of August 2017, the CBRC made the decision 2095, the punishment banking institutions 1171, a total of confiscated billion; punish persons responsible 899 people, a total of 18.51 million yuan fine。
  Digital update faster and faster。 To the end of October 2017, 10 months a total of CBRC made the decision 2617, 1486 punishment banking financial institutions, institutional total fines billion, confiscate the illegal income billion, confiscated a total of one hundred million yuan。 Punish responsible persons 1096, a total of 24.4 million yuan fines, canceled 130 people a certain period until the life of the directors and senior executives qualifications, prohibit certain period until 49 people working life in banking。
Meanwhile, the national banking financial institutions at all levels has a total internal accountability process branch 2687, personnel million passengers, 252 people handed over to judicial organs according to law。   Down throughout the year, the CBRC system altogether made the decision 3452, which the punishment mechanism 1877, confiscated billion; punish responsible persons 1547, responsible for 270 people to cancel certain period of time or even for life banking practitioners and executives qualifications。
  Behind these figures, that is, after Guo took office quickly introduce three thirty or forty other special treatment。
Thirty-three forty for the current chaos in the banking sector is more prominent areas。 Among them, three violations refers to illegal, illegal, illegal; three arbitrage refers to regulatory arbitrage, arbitrage idle, related arbitrage; four finger improper improper innovation, improper trading, perverse incentives, improper charges; ten chaos refers to the equity and foreign investment, institutional and high pipe, rules and regulations, operations, products, personnel behavior, honesty and industry risks, regulatory performance of their duties, illegal collusion involving illegal financial activities 10 aspects of market chaos。   Since mid-2017, the CBRC issued and published in succession the amount of more than 14 million yuan fines, confiscated a huge amount, the industry continues to cause shock。 But since starting the year 2018, the banking sector but also to constantly and frequently become a hot ticket。 January 2018, the banking industry will usher in nearly 500 ticket intensive offensive。
  Guo Shuqing on October 19, 2017 nineteen large delegation of central financial system open day answering reporters' questions, the whole future trend will be more strict financial supervision, strict law enforcement, strict implementation of laws and regulations, strictly enforce discipline。
  Caught up short board system and risk prevention, treatment chaos is tightly bound up short board, strong service。 China Banking Regulatory Commission on the one hand special treatment for the outstanding issues, on the one hand to consolidate the basis of risk prevention system banking financial institutions。   April 2017, the CBRC issued "on the practical make up the regulatory shortcomings enhance regulatory efficiency" and announced that it will develop, promote, research 26 normative documents。
Since last year, it gives the impression that the CBRC three days and two regular policy, of course, is not uncommon for two days and three policy。 For example, July 20, 2017 public release "decision on the revised", another day they publicly released two documents and "the CBRC system staff to perform their duties," the CBRC system staff on public-private separate opinion in the performance of their duties strictly implement the regulation. " avoidance (trial) "。 For example, August 23, 2017 publicly released two documents, "Provisional Regulations on banking financial institution audio and video sales area management" and "information agency network lending business activity information disclosure guidelines", August 25 and publicly released by the State Council Decree 683 No. "financing guarantee company supervision and management regulations"。
January 5, 2018 continuous release "large exposures commercial bank management practices" for public comment, after "commercial rights Interim Measures," the 6th and issued "commercial bank entrusted loan management approach"。 Document issued as dense rain。   After a year of effort, the 2018 national banking supervision and management work conference held shortly before China Banking Regulatory Commission pointed out that there have been positive changes in the banking industry: First, has gradually taken shape from rapid growth to high-quality development, in the year of new loans% under the circumstances, the total assets of the banking sector grew by only%。
The second is off to the virtual reality has been initially curbed the momentum of the commercial interbank assets and liabilities shrink for the first time since 2010, the beginning of the financial industry a net decrease of one trillion yuan。 A deceleration of more than 50,000 yuan, less investment by about 10 trillion yuan by special purpose vehicle。
Sheet business total size of the monthly growth rate down。 Third, the risk of compliance management awareness has been strengthened significantly reduce illegal and regulatory arbitrage, standardize business practices become more rational, more than 100 banks active contraction table。 Fourth, strong regulation strict supervision situation basically formed, significantly improved regulatory deterrent。   It was also noted above, the risk of China's banking industry overall control, but the situation is still severe and complicated, faces a number of major challenges。 Banking and regulatory authorities must keep a clear mind, must not be blindly optimistic, be sure to fully understand the seriousness of the current banking risks and challenges, complexity and long-term, it is important to be aware of, in the hands of well and be sure to strict supervision, expertise supervision, resolutely check the chaos, determined to cure ills。
  In October 19, 2017 nineteen large delegation of central financial system open day a reporter asked, Guo pointed out that, according to a series of decisions and plans, as an institution, has taken in terms of prevention of financial risks, governance banking market chaos a series of measures, there is a comprehensive program of action, there are special action program, overall progress appears to be in line with expectations。   3 months, 9 pm, Guo unveiled two sessions minister pointed out that channel, all kinds of illegal financial activities must resolutely stop。   According to the 2018 national work conference banking supervision, the CBRC this year to lay the campaign of preventing and defusing financial risks。
First, efforts to reduce corporate debt ratio, promote corporate restructuring and mergers and acquisitions, strict control of the high debt ratio of corporate finance, credit and establish joint mechanisms of two creditors' committee, to accelerate the disposal of bad loans rate。 Second, efforts to suppress the residents of leverage, leverage residents focused on control of excessive growth, the fight against embezzlement, illegal overdraft and other acts, strictly control the illegal flow into the stock market and the housing market。
The third is to continue to reduce investment in the industry, the vectors of particular interest as the investment focus of regulatory inspection, the implementation of the outsourcing list management agency。
Fourth, strictly regulate cross-promote the bank started early financing business restructuring, gradual reduction in silver letters class channel business, strict implementation of the newly released entrusted loan management approach。
Fifth, strong regulation of illegal business banking market to further deepen the rectification chaos。 Sixth, crack down on illegal financial activities, coordinating the disposal of illegal fund-raising case, as soon as possible to promote the disposal of illegal fund-raising regulations。
Seven is clear norms financial holding group, promote the accelerated introduction of financial holding company regulatory approach。 Eight is an orderly disposal of high risk institutions, the implementation of list management, development and effective implementation of risk drop planning and contingency plans, multi-pronged approach to effectively resolve cases risk。 Nine is to continue to curb the bubble, and severely punish all kinds of illegal behavior of real estate financing。 Ten is actively cooperate with the local government implicit debt consolidation。