The fish head how do you teach authentic Hunan practice

Fish head how to do that I believe many people have eaten polygonal head, it is a very tasty dishes, many restaurants have burned, then how do the fish head and small series together to see fish head describes how to do it!How do the fish head Ingredients: silver carp head materials: red pepper sauce: nutrients onion pepper salt pepper vegetable cooking wine heat cookbook 104 kcal Protein g g g fat 53 mg cholesterol 99 mg Calcium 190 mg Phosphorus 277 mg of potassium sodium 23 mg magnesium mg Fe mg mg mg of zinc selenide microgram manganese copper production methods 1 mg.The ingredients are ready to use 2.First clean the head 3.Tofu cut into small bar code on the disk, 1/2 teaspoon 10 minutes salted fish head tofu sprinkled on how to do 4.Ready shallot and ginger 5.From the middle split head, add wine, onion, pepper, white pepper, 1 / teaspoon salt pickled ginger and 20 minutes 6.The onion silk tofu into intermediate 7.Marinated fish head code on the disk 8.Put a layer of chopped hot pepper on the fish head。