Such a walk after dinner most health, these five people can not go this way!(1)

  After dinner walk, live ninety-nine。This goes for a walk on the interpretation of the human body is good, but what specific benefits it has for a walk?let's figure it out together。  What are the benefits of walking 1, enhance cardiovascular function of a lot of walking can adjust the overall blood circulatory system and respiratory function, prevent muscle atrophy and maintain joint flexibility。People walking in the lower limb to support weight, the calf, thigh and hip muscles and bones can get exercise, while the body forward displacement, the need to participate in the activities of the lower limb muscles and other body parts coordination, strengthen the heart is bound to shrink, increase blood output of the heart, so the heart is a good exercise。For example, at a speed of 80 meters per minute walk, typically up to 100 times per minute, heart rate。
  2, to improve the rate of metabolism in the elderly at a speed of 50 meters per minute walk, 48% increase in metabolic rate。
If you walk an hour a day, walk 4000 meters?5000 meters, consumes about 300 kilocalories。  3, helps to eliminate fatigue brisk walking can ease neuromuscular tension, the treatment of emotional stress of an ideal "antidote"。
Due to the systemic blood circulation when walking, the brain blood flow, nerve cell nutrition improved, mental and psychological stress can help people to relax, to eliminate fatigue, body care and enhance learning and efficiency are helpful。
  5 1 Gastroptosia humanoid contraindicated in patients with active immediately after a meal may increase stomach vibration, increase the burden on the stomach, making the disease worse。
The best meal before lying 10?20 minutes walk also try to avoid。
  2 suffering from angina pectoris who immediately after eating a large amount of exercise activities, may induce angina or myocardial infarction。Preferably hour postprandial walk again, every half hour, not too fast pace note。  3 hypertension, cerebral arteriosclerosis, diabetes best meal sit close their eyes meditatively 10?30 minutes and then take a walk, take a walk immediately prone to orthostatic hypotension, leading to dizziness, fatigue and even fainting。  When walking in patients with hypertension the best upper body straight, chest oppression or may affect cardiac function。Best before walking sole, not the heel first landing, otherwise it would be in constant vibration in the brain, it can lead to a transient dizziness。
  4 chronic active gastritis, peptic ulcer patients walk immediately after a meal will increase the stomach and intestines, eat foods irritating to the stomach, is not conducive to repair gastric mucosa。  5 anemia, low blood pressure after a meal have a lot of blood supply of the stomach, and is likely to cause brain relative ischemia during walking, dizziness, blurred vision and even fainting。
Generally, these people choose early walking。