Where men often damp, and in the end how is it!(1)

  Refers to the scrotum due to the kidney deficiency, drug allergies, lack of vitamins, fungal growth causes such as erosion, moisture, itching and other symptoms, is a male-specific skin disease。The reason is more complex, there are internal factors, there are external factors。
Allergies, long-term mental stress, mood changes undulating people susceptible to the disease; In addition, people with certain diseases, such as chronic digestive diseases, gastrointestinal disorders, endocrine disorders, metabolic disorders people, external factors under the action, but also susceptible to the disease。  Hazard 1.Physiological function directly affected, resulting in shortage of male power, premature ejaculation, backache petrified, sweating, dizziness, tinnitus, insomnia embolism。
  2.Cause testicular diseases: often accompanied by testicular pain, orchitis, epididymitis, Seminal, varicocele embolism。
  3.Affect the quality of sperm and sex life。
  4.Induce a variety of diseases, bacteria and viruses will multiply, causing prostatitis。  Fives.Time may induce diabetes, loss of function, testicular cancer。
  1 diet care, eat fresh fruits and vegetables and grains, vitamin B2, B6 and other nutrients, after the onset of skin lesions should be kept clean, can be coated with zinc oxide paste paste some。  2, the affected area coated with ringworm cream, while elsewhere in the body after treatment of ringworm, such as ringworm, athlete's foot, jock itch, etc., to prevent re-infection cure。
  3, avoid high-calorie high-fat foods: eat less of those foods such as chocolate, fat, Izume high-calorie high-fat, these foods can stimulate the anal rectal mucosa skin, so congestion significantly, increased bleeding hemorrhoids, prolapse。
  4, avoid excessive drinking: Chinese medicine hemorrhoids mostly hot and humid, hot and humid infestation of alcohol can help them, but also make wine hemorrhoid venous congestion, expansion of Shu song, the swelling of hemorrhoids。Clinic found that most patients hemorrhoids are particularly sensitive to alcohol, usually in half an hour after drinking will feel anal discomfort, blood in the stool can be the next day, if alcohol abuse, the consequences will be more serious。Therefore, those who suffer from hemorrhoids best Jijiu。
  5, avoid spicy: eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, do not eat or eat spicy food。
Because these foods will stimulate the rectum blood vessels, so that congestion and expansion, causing tingling and heavy feeling when the bowel, thus exacerbating or induced hemorrhoids。Alcohol can cause hemorrhoids venous congestion, expansion and swelling of hemorrhoids。
  6, avoid overeating: hunger and a full meal, it will affect gastrointestinal function, the spleen and stomach damage, so hot and humid endogenous phlegm, blood stasis, bleeding hemorrhoids often occur, especially after overeating people , will make it big abdomen, abdominal pressure increases, the hemorrhoid venous blood return is affected, thereby increasing the disease。  1 therapeutic care,。
  Main effects: Jianpizhixie, water swelling, urine Shensi。
  2, barley。  Of sweet light slightly cold, the main effect: water swelling, spleen dewetting, getting in addition to weakness, heat pus and other effects, can be boiled barley and red bean porridge, better diuresis spleen effect。
  3, Yam。
  Efficacy: spleen and stomach, where the normal operation of the spleen can not eat, so as to enhance heat from the body, reducing seizure-related disorders, eating porridge and millet can be。
  4, sweet potato。
  The role of food only to prevent or improve symptoms, and can not absolutely substitute drugs for treatment of diseases。After suffering, but also scientific medicine treatment。