The "cracking wow tide drink" beverage has a national ban on drugs, do not drink (1)

  Nanhai, Foshan City, Guangdong Public Security Bureau recently informed, in early August this year, police received a report said a man named "" appears after drinking the feeling of excitement。
The first class of psychoactive drugs γ- hydroxy acid component was identified, someone's drinks contain State Control。
Hope readers friends at the time of purchase must pay attention to drink。So drink drunk What harm is there?  And water is not the same, often drinking bad for your health。
Patients with the following diseases, but also to pay attention, do not drink beverages。
  Diabetes: drinking will increase blood glucose levels, the pancreas increases insulin secretion load, so that sicker or adverse health。  Kidney Patient: sucrose, colors, flavors, etc. will aggravate glomerular filtration and detoxification burden, renal damage, increased renal edema and renal hypertension。  Calcium deficiency: sugar, spices, citric acid can combine with calcium ions into the body, "calcium citrate", the amount of calcium induced "lower", affecting children's bone, tooth development, induce calcium deficiency in the elderly lumbar acid , back pain, leg cramps, there may be "calcium deficiency seizures"。
  Mental patients and insomnia: Doping sweet drinks can easily affect the "antipsychotic" effect is not conducive to sleep and stability, making it difficult for insomnia "Dream"。
  Diarrhea patients: the sugar will increase the burden of gastrointestinal digestion and absorption。Sugar indigestion the stool was foamy and easy to bloating, diarrhea frequency。  Infant: Sweet drinks have the doll "satiety" appetite impede, harm the normal and orderly feeding, affect nutrition absorption。  Dental patients: suitable for oral teeth 35 ℃ -39 ℃ to "job"。
Sweet and cold food for healthy teeth have a certain resilience, but prolonged "cold stimulus" will lead to pulp tissue vasoconstriction, spasm, dentin hypersensitivity and pulpitis, dental and life, firmness and "bite" the ability to chew unfavorable。