Do not blindly treatment, lumbar muscle strain, lumbar disc "without treatment"?(1)

  The changing nature of modern work, accelerate the pace of life, cervical spondylosis, multiple。The main reason is sedentary, resulting in overworked neck and back, disc and paraspinal muscles tense for a long time。The performance of low back neck and shoulder pain, soreness and stiffness, difficulty turning or tilting。
"Lumbar disc a treat it quickly, otherwise it will paralysis!"A lot of people find themselves in the physical examination, it will quickly think of how to treat this disease which have serious consequences?  take it easy!  In fact, no cure, treatment of lumbar disc herniation was needed, although one word, but lumbar disc herniation is a disease, is in need of treatment。In other words, if the people of lumbar disc herniation symptoms do not appear the only lumbar disc herniation, lumbar disc only when oppression or irritation to the surrounding nerves, significant pain, numbness and other symptoms before they can think of lumbar disc herniation。
  How to Treat Disease?  After the clinic for the treatment of disease primarily based on conservative therapy, according to statistics more than 90% of patients in a timely manner can be a regular bed rest, taking Yaotongning, massage, traction, wear the waist, to fight the closure and other conservative treatment to relieve symptoms。Of course, if the patient's condition is serious, the need for surgical intervention。
Major surgery open surgery and minimally invasive surgery microscope lens surgery selected foraminal。  When disease need surgery?  Clinically, fewer than 10% of patients requiring surgical treatment: 1, the formal system of patients after long conservative treatment but to no effect, or exacerbations, recurrent disease。
  2, patients with urinary retention and other symptoms cauda equina damage, and was progressively increased; 3, with obvious disease spinal stenosis, lumbar spine instability, and the outer disc herniation and other diseases。
  Disease is a chronic illness, pain seriously affect the quality of people's lives, but also do not have to worry too much, taking Yaotongning, surgery to treat, will usually achieve better results。According to Ministry of Health statistics, lumbar disc herniation patients in China more than 30 million, so the road victory over the lumbar disc herniation is not you alone in the battle。