[Baby can add complementary food every month]_Complementary food_Baby_How to add

[Baby can add complementary food every month]_Complementary food_Baby_How to add

Adding complementary foods to your baby is a very important thing, because as your baby grows, the body will need more and more nutrients, so you should add supplementary foods properly to ensure the richness of various nutrients. Generally, babies from 4 to 6After a few months, you can gradually add some complementary food to him.

For full-term babies who can eat high-quality breast milk and have a healthy height and weight gain, breast milk is their perfect food 6 months ago.

Adding complementary foods earlier than 6 months or even 4 months has the potential to cause indigestion and allergic reactions because the baby’s digestive system is not mature enough to accept complex foods-especially when parents have a history of allergies.

3.Due to the development of taste, some babies will be attracted by the rich taste after they taste foods other than breast milk, so they are unwilling to eat breast milk, affecting the secretion of mummy’s milk, and replacing the perfect one with a relatively nutritious foodBreast milk is really a worthless choice.

4. Tips-It can be seen that the time for adding complementary foods needs to be individualized and motorized.

What needs to remind mommy is not to add complementary foods after 6 months, because at this time, the baby’s taste development is extensive and sensitive, and extensive contact with light-tasting foods is helpful to prevent picky eating and partial eating.

If supplementary food is added too late, it will affect the normal development of digestive function, resulting in poor nutrition of the baby, and the body is prone to iron and zinc deficiency.

In addition, the opportunity to cultivate chewing and swallowing ability will be missed, which will affect the development of baby’s jawbone and skin muscles and the eruption of deciduous teeth.