Are the young people who have punk health now become something?

Are the young people who have “punk health” now become something?

Once upon a time, “punk health” became the craze of fashion youth. The latest night, with the most expensive mask on the side, sipping into the beer, wearing a short skirt in winter, not forgetting to put on the knee pads, drinking milk tea and adding only three cents of sugar.These unrelenting health-care youths have now become health care professionals with demanding health requirements. When we look forward to healing the body trip once a year, they have already turned their attention to the international health of the Dianchi Lake.The hospital invests in Kunming’s four seasons like spring, with beautiful scenery and an average annual temperature of 16 °C. It is a well-known “World Spring City Flower Capital” and “Historical and Cultural City”. The unique natural ecological advantages also make Kunming suitable for recreation and living.

In 2016, when “Healthy China” was officially upgraded to a national strategy, Kunming took the lead in developing the big health industry in the country with its own endowment conditions, focusing on the core functions of “medical, medicine, maintenance, health, and tourism”.“Six Centers”, dating big health industry projects. Nowadays, “China Health City” has gradually become a new business card for urban travelers who know Kunming.

Living along the lake is the philosophy of the Kunming people’s living. The plateau Pearl Pond is a desirable land in the city.

The colorful Yunnan and ancient famous city in the Dianchi Lake is the first of the top ten cultural tourism projects in Yunnan. It is a one-stop beautiful living place for the whole family and a model for healthy living in Yunnan.

Just like the Evian town in France, behind the beautiful resorts, it is a symbol of a healthy lifestyle.

Let the colorful landscapes of the Yunnan and Gulou famous cities create a landscape garden, from the static, dynamic, therapeutic, food, and sleep five programs to explain the health of Yunnan’s beautiful life.

In order to live in peace.

The 20,000-acre ancient landscape of the ancient mountains and rivers is the focus of Yunnan’s Kangyang life. From the five senses to the heart, the spirit of “Heaven and Man” is pursued in the majestic landscape.

One lake water, five elements of green hills, six valleys, a small island, a lake bay, 1.

The 20,000-acre ancient landscape is the pleasant background of the small courtyard life.

Adjacent to Dianchi Lake, watch the lake heart island, enjoy the mountain and the moon bay style business; look at the west mountain, close to the long waist mountain, Haibao Mountain, Maanshan, Hongshan scenery; exclusive mountain spirit valley, if the water valley, Sun Valley, Xiqi Valley,Flower Man Valley, Sakura Valley, enjoy the inner peace in this natural picture.

The small courtyard with 35% community greening rate is another elegant world.

With the waterscape and green plants as the theme elements to create a chic courtyard, the small world in Vientiane Grand View, this is not the most suitable pure peach flower source for the human body.

To protect the health of the 1100 acres of wetland park is your sports world. The Tang Dynasty Sun Sizhen wrote in the “Qian Jin Fang”: “The way of health, often wants to work, but it is too strong and strong.”

And the water does not rot, the household is not awkward, so it is also because of its movement.

“Moderate exercise is the only magic weapon to maintain physiological vitality.”

As the owner of the Grand View House, you can enjoy the multi-purpose sports venue surrounded by water and green plants in the small courtyard, as well as the indoor theme clubs such as fitness and health care. When you walk out of the community, you can head to the wider sports and health world.

Lifelong free tour of more than 1,100 acres of wetland park is the health benefits of the ancients dedicated to the small courtyard people.

Facing the Chaoyang and the lake, go to the Yihai Grand Pier and take a tour of the Dianchi in the ancient paintings; in the afternoon, go deep into the Bohai Gudu archway, and go fishing in the prosperous flowers and trees; after dinner, at 5.

A 6-km ring trail walks along the lake.

Gulin also created three forest walks on the Long Yao Mountain for the family, as well as indoor sports venues such as swimming pools, tennis halls and badminton halls.

Absolutely small and small, inside and outside, will not live up to the day when every life dances.

From the hot springs to the treatments, the beauty of the family is a vitality paradise for both parents and children. It is also a healthy place for the elderly.

The ancient hot springs are carved into the natural hot springs of 2262 meters underground. Each of the 72 open-air pools has different moods. With the water and water, it is like a fairyland. The feeling of exhaustion is swept away, so that you can heal the physiology.At the same time return to the beauty of nature.

There is also a half-mountain jade-nurturing clubhouse in the hot spring mountain village. The combination of Zen architecture and garden landscape, through static rehabilitation exercise, manual wake-up trip, yoga, Tai Chi, etc., to create a calm and self-cultivation class for you, and to return to the basics.The state of mind.

The elderly are indispensable in the ancient Chinese, the health, the elderly, and the professional medical care.

Dianchi Kangyue Hospital in the ancient town of Vigor has good medical facilities and has established a green channel for the top three hospitals. The management health center is an exclusive health consultant, ready for elderly function assessment, health checkup, disease assessment, and perfect medical care.The service escorts the health care life.

At the same time, the energetic old-age community’s elderly universities, interest groups, elderly fitness groups and other wonderful cultural activities, rich in leisure time for the elderly, while maintaining physical fitness and mental health in the natural environment of mountains and rivers.

The whole food taste of Yunnan, which is eaten from time to time, is enjoyed by the healthy ingredients in the good mountains of Yunnan. It is the foundation of “food and health”, and “from time to time” is the essence of Yunnan diet.

For the living homes of Daguan Xiaoyuan, the rice and oil salt is the fun of home, and the full taste of the food and beverage package carefully created by the ancients, to provide you with a pleasant way of health.

Come to Yixin Garden to taste authentic authentic Yunnan cuisine, happening to catch the wild mushroom market, wild mushroom hot pot, porcini risotto, green bacterium ham, pine sashimi sashimi. Every season is the nature of YunnanGifts.

There is also a medicinal diet and food, a full-flavoured vegan restaurant Suyuuzhai, a professional dietitian and chef team carefully prepared for you.

There is also the exquisite European cuisine and Thai style of the International Five Star Crowne Plaza Hotel Dianchi 1887 All-Day Restaurant, which uses high stars to conquer your taste buds.

Sleeping and healthing Baiping’s ingenuity is full of dreams for you. In the Qing Dynasty, Li Yu said that “the health is the first, when sleep is the first”, Shakespeare calls sleep “the tonic on the banquet”.

As a super-low-density landscape group in the core living area of the ancient Shu, Daguan Xiaoyuan is a convenient place to live and at the same time bid farewell to the world of the world.

Outside of your bedroom, the wind and the sound of the rain, the nature and the spin constitute a wonderful peace of mind.

And the ingenious design of the small courtyard Baiping Life Mercure is also helping you sleep well at night.

The main unit is transparent to the north and south, and the bedroom is designed in the south. It is warm in winter and cool in summer, and it will deliver fresh oxygen at the same time during deep sleep.The super-view balcony design that connects the bedroom, the last second before bedtime, also dreams of the Ferris wheel and the beautiful scenery outside the window.

The main bedroom is equipped with a dry and wet separate smart toilet. Some of the units are equipped with separate cloakrooms. The convenient multi-functional bedroom space design makes your dreams longer.

▼Daguan small courtyard craftsmanship of the hardcover model room has been presented in the colorful Yunnan Life Museum more practical healthy life details to be personally tasting[B1 type Japanese holiday style]building surface about 128m2 Meisu foreign house model room / classic plateDesign, one ladder and two households, three bedrooms and two bathrooms, three functional spaces facing south, north and south double balcony, south to the oversized garden balcony, 4.

The 1 meter wide and spacious master bedroom has a Japanese-style resort style design that reflects the quality of life.

[C3 apartment type residence style]The building surface is about 124m2 plate type high-level model room/three-bedroom end-of-home layout, one ladder and two households, innovative three-sided lighting design, large garden balcony, 4.

2 meters wide and spacious master bedroom with separate bathroom, second bedroom corner bay window design, integrated guest restaurant transparent, the resort design style opens the quality of life.

[C4 type Mediterranean style]The building is about 92m2 high-rise model room / two bedrooms and one bathroom, one ladder and two households, all the functional spaces are facing south, the spacious master bedroom with separate cloakroom, oversized garden balcony, Mediterranean style hardcover design,Open a poetic holiday life.

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The home building in the 20,000-acre resort area is about 90-128m2. The beautiful house building is about 156-215m2. The mountain view small courtyard is full of hot sales in the city. The colorful Yunnan living hall is located at No. 18, Kunming Huanhu South Road (Kunming Ancient City)Next to Crowne Plaza Hotel) For more information, please contact 0871-64649999 to identify small programs to explore more ancient ways to maintain health. Colorful Yunnan · Gushu Mingcheng traffic line port – airport, high-speed rail?

Airport: 1 Airport Bus Line 4 – Colorful Yunnan Dijon City Ancient Highway.

2 rail transit – University City South – Taxi / Network car?

High-speed rail station: K38 ancient bus line urban area – rail transit?

4 subway lines in the urban area, temporarily transfer to “Southern University City”, you can take a taxi to the ancient city.

City-Public Transportation South Asia-古滇/成贡七彩-古滇K31 海埂大坝-古滇/ K38昆明南站-古滇940 巫家坝-古滇 / 941潘家湾-古滇942黄土坡- 古滇 / 942 North City – Gu Yu – Advertising – Merchants provide copywriting business cooperation: Li Biao (WeChat / phone) 13952213932 legal counsel | Golden Eagle Cloud Law