Affixed to the ground youth

In 2000, 24-year-old Chai Jing presided over the Hunan TV’s “New Youth”, hundreds of times, smoothly liking.A telephone, breaking the old order and the peaceful life of Chen horseflies, deputy director of the Department of callers CCTV Comments.Has shown signs in Meidiya, he began to say: Are you mentally prepared to do to fame?Chai Jing said: I know I can reach heights.The Wild answered, laughing gas to Chen.Soon, she realized that stick to the ground in embarrassment and frustration.Entering the CCTV reporter Chai Jing to do the Time Line.The first topic is cesarean section, recorded live very smooth, finish editing the manuscript, it is unconcerned, to the field of play.The result is not good.Colleagues afraid to tell her the full results of the trial piece, only said to her: has happened, then you put the end of the record it again.How to change are not satisfied, she has a false sense of floating powerless.This program, Chai Jing Chen gadfly to throw ask shaking of nine, all of them have needle-like headlong into her mind, stinging, full of cool thoroughly.After that, whenever program to re-record, Chai Jing gingerly treading on thin ice.Middle of the night to call his colleagues back to the studio, felt extremely embarrassed, full of guilt.Her face shame.Shame shame go, work can not do a good job, had a tough time holding high the hammer, threw himself desperately.Chai Jing knitting machine for the first time on film, going through the embarrassment.She compiled before editing machine straight into the early hours three or four points, dare to breath slowly and really.Just a home, it was broad daylight, not lying stable, the phone chase, and directed says the tape in question, have to change once, eat in the cafeteria, Chai Jing received Chen horseflies Tel: People say, people are still Chen gadfly trick of?You do not let me lose face.A little girl, was yelled even have the heart to commit suicide!We do not accept ah, but the sentence is accused Chen to the point.Like.Through Chai Jing’s new book, “see”, I saw her youthful blue sadness, saw her in the precincts of youth, it is tough to stick to the ground, thrilling Wonderful.Chai Jing is the intellectual woman I have always been optimistic about playing one heart and reverence for female reporters, did not expect her youth where there is affixed to the ground so hard experience.Recall their youth, in 2000, I came out of a school, an editor at a magazine, not to six months, leaving it helpless.Went to a newspaper to do editing, never learned the news, find it difficult to interview, never learned typesetting, the draft also imposed a headache, has been written text and news the wrong way, often after being led to television was torn to pieces, everything always feel They are so difficult, like Zuozuo peak, daunting.Looking back, the youth is so beautiful, I wish with all my savings, in exchange for a year of youth, the world can there be such a good business to do it?Like one person said a word: people claim that the best years are actually the most painful, but later recalled it when it is so happy.These words set inside each person’s youth, when is an ideal fit.Youth who is not a feather?Was young, no qualifications, no wealth, no respected title, no aura wrapped the whole body, only a spirit and full of frivolous.It does not matter the embarrassment, a feather clutter does not matter, even to despair of being branded all right, as long as we realize that he was still young, have had time to change everything, OK.Young people, could there be affixed to the ground, because too much pressure, too shallow knowledge.Because the future is very long, so start lower; because of slow growth, so affixed to longer.Through youth, the days will gently hold our altitude, the experience of growing life will take us ascend to the stratosphere, into the formal and smooth journey of life.Through youth, the years will help us clean up behind a feather, then gently sniff, quasi can smell success of breath, eyes everything go up gradually Shun Yi.Young is the greatest wealth.Difficult period of youth is the grindstone, we will be filing worn sharper, more powerful.Middle-aged, looked youthful story of Chai Jing, recall their sad reminder teenager, and I would like to say to young people today: difficulty bigger, more frustration, discontent again Sheng, also lost boy crazy Mo, Mo lost I do not know fear.You face encounter a wall, bend Shui Road in front of the road there; a hurdle, you are brave enough to cross inadvertently encountered in the past, the future road will certainly be broader!

Affirm ourselves, beyond ourselves

A person must first assert themselves.Many times we are grateful for someone to give us help and support, in fact, really only rescue their own, if we are sure he is right, then our world will be correct; if we want to change their world, they must be assured of their own, sure you will be able to transform the world, with the firm belief that we can overcome their own.    A person also needs to continue to overcome their own.People, in fact, has many weaknesses: self-esteem, lazy, timid; there are many difficulties: poverty, disease, failure.To overcome these weaknesses, to overcome these difficulties, we must continue to overcome their own, he who conquers himself, overcome self-confidence will be weak, hard work will bring success, but also he who conquers himself, can really harvest and the joy of harvest, in order to fruitful results in drink wine mellow success.    Each leaf has two sides, a smooth glossy front facing the sun, sucking sun and rain, the trees full of vitality, thriving.In fact, people are the same, there is the sunny side of life and nightside, do not always pessimistic toward the nightside sigh, just turned, we will hand the brilliant sunshine face a new world.    Affirm ourselves, beyond ourselves, we can make life more perfect, face enormous suffering and challenges, with our best and most strong of mind to face it, when we finally go beyond ourselves, we deeply appreciate to that kind of ” busy watching Pretrial blossom, “the Rongrubujing laid-back, that kind of ‘Man with the outer space Yunjuanyunshu’ of relaxing, life-like as cruising freely in the limitless ocean.Only assert themselves beyond their own, change their attitude without reservation, to those who do not care about the pros and cons work and life more or less, to defeat a glorious morning deep down most confident smile, very calm and quiet life sometimes face to you remember that heavy slap in the face!    Our life is limited, so certainly need life, you need to overcome, more need to go beyond.This will allow us in a time of bitter feelings after failure, overcome their own, beyond themselves, so that life feel the passion in the ring of walking, feelings of success, their own feelings that penetrate the soul smile.

Affectionate, beautiful weight, “End of the World Poetry”

I cappella, because from deep inside the hearts of their loved ones, to nature, but also from all loved beauty baptism can only sad thing I looked at their weight, the sweet worries afraid not afford to carry one kind of thanksgiving and solemn commitment afraid of being ungrateful and my time just to ask affectionate heavy, heavy with the vicissitudes of life also slowly into our hearts I’m afraid I’m not afraid to sing joyful songs so empty regret afraid to go for life could not pull family hands mercilessly bitter apart on both sides of the trust who can not find time to make a love story, a love, the load on the heart never left a myriad of thoughts together always too short, I just get together when waiting for the moment is a thousand years the only way I came to understand there is love only my existence

Affectionate two

“Affectionate” two (a) remains the same in the fall of the old sea shop swing melodies Pentium with a sea of blue underwater moon toward the direction of Na Yao had gathered in Star Road Dragon King’s people in front of the dragon danced Crystal Palace dance scene underwater world of bright pearl oyster Some marine homeless deep streams around the beautiful coral seduce young girl playing with a figure of an ancient land that has been off to an eye silly dragon statue temple feast filled with similar Tanabata Palace of Valentine love Swallows shame wind-follow good companion intimate joke Chang human language and taste of the sea (b) of the sea swept over the mountains in the surging waves of the deep green buried among flowers guarded the ancient atmosphere stretches feelings toward the Milky Way internet dating clusters to a peak day arrived hastily rushed to meet Tanabata talk of heaven on long waiting Chitose bare branches of deadwood have in the depths of the soul recalls the story of Cowherd rippling past love affair harmony in accordance with the forest farm in between laughing get along

Affectionate land

Land affectionate mention Li Shixian teacher you will not be unfamiliar, he is “East rivers and lakes,” the author, is a senior commentator, who is the homeland of obsession.They called him Li Lao.  Li Lao know his reputation is derived from a number of comments and readers.That was four years ago things, four years, both long and too short.Li Lao important is that I see the most spectacular winter holiness into the soil, then choose the setting sun bloom blooming time.  For several years, I have seen many works of Li Lao in “East quack” magazine, an octogenarian old man so full of pride, is really very admirable!Review of Huang Yiyuan “even entertainment set,” Li Lao very deep analysis of the works of “fine, gas, God” in the name, turns out to be penetrating.Li Lao skillfully brought to the reader’s mind a long-term vision and height, without reservation, to present their views, he said, mistakenly believe that the old town of Huang Yiyuan no rivers, is caused by changes.It is easy to overlook the reader’s question, that he was reminded readers have different views on this mountain and imagination nest of the old town, wonderful ah!Then Li Lao put forward their objections, he had said through the city and the river became a launching channel destroyed like a drainage ditch, built high-rise buildings, it is the science-illiterate move on the river.So even readers eliminate misunderstandings while letting the reader know how to respect nature and love of nature, really kill two birds with one stone ah.  Water is a spiritual, if the river sang cheerful songs, the town will be more clean and elegant.Although Instead blocks of high-rise buildings, but listening to the foot of the water, how can people forget the past laughter and sorrow..If today or the creek, the book that accompanied the sound of running water is a beautiful view of today’s volume!As everyone loved this land could not but deplore it!  Li Lao beautifully written article, read his works like a cup of juice, a cup of coffee, intoxicating!He reviews but also like peel the rind, from coarse to fine layers of depth.From outside to inside, until the “crystal clear” only.  I have to look at each issue Li Lao reviews, one did not fall.  Li Lao reside in Zixing, in close proximity, a highly respected old man, and so is the refreshing?Indeed some people feel the magic!At a mid-autumn afternoon, I and Li Jie they decided to visit the old man.Li Lao live a teacher apartment buildings built in the eighties, the house simply furnished, full cabinet could not conceal his scholarly books total connotation of a wise man.A TV and a computer has become his life’s most faithful companion.  Li Lao learned after we had come very enthusiastic to see Li Lao us feel at home, as if familiar, not at all unfamiliar, so we had to be completely relaxed mental tension.He unreservedly and we explain how he walked financed from Xing Xing back to the capital after the whole topic and showing his dedication to the cause of the infinite love of home, wit and humor.Zixing in his eyes like a perfectly round moon, could not find the slightest flaw.The whole person into a home’s obsession.  Back home, he bursts into Man United will take a look around, as if Man United is his second home.He will feel a lot of love and turned into a beautiful sunset poured in this land.He works and we talked, and talked about how his students and to his students; Zixing talk about the old culture, old Beijingers like to say that, very real and honest Beijing.Really is not difficult to imagine the feelings of homesickness wandering ah!From his words and actions are all showing people Zixing authentic, wisdom and loyalty.Li Lao and talk just like reading a history Zixing, very interesting.He talked about literary friends, talk about the author, about his work, sometimes deep, sometimes laughing remarks, fascinating sentence.  Li Lao also turn on his computer, put the captured Zixing beauty turned to us, he said: “Dragon King Canyon rocks different, is a magical place.What still Jiuzhaigou Guilin, many rely on publicity and reports of.Zixing East rivers and lakes is a natural beauty!”He added:” zixing is a good place, you should pick up the pen more publicity for the East rivers and lakes.”Li Lao participated in the underground, also played guerrilla.Second Revolutionary War experience to the reform and opening up three decades, witnessed the rise of the ancient county of damage to the Cultural Revolution, Li Lao cents talking about the cloud cover was very deplored.He referred to the three beaches twelve waves Yi source, the Northern Song Dynasty pagoda, Han group ninety-nine heap, quite scenic pond construction Song Yuquan Yuquan Moon and other still fresh in my memory, but today have become an underwater site.Then he took a deep sigh!  It comes to literature, the teacher is very thorough, and even revel.We were infected by his cheerful personality.That afternoon, we are fully immersed in Li’s laughter, really feel a feeling of release.The visit, which was no regrets, really benefited!  At this point, it was already dark, at dusk, we are still immersed in the laughter!  Since then, I read Li Lao gave me two masterpiece, experienced wind and rain to see him fall and winter from the “proud and Spring”, we can see the forest after snow capping BREE!See Li Lao’s body do not help me think of Sima Qian’s life, though they have had different experiences, but suffering is the same.Sima Qian was humble, honorable, the cause of Tengda, but was dogged by misfortune, the more regrettable is the ultimate fate cliff fall.He sighed as all the world!  Li Lao, because the term “specialty” newspaper, completely changed his fate, has gone from heaven to hell, from generals to experience the unknown slave, after braving the wind and rain wore ballet wisely.Fu Lei He is described by Mozart, behind the pain filled with joy.Lament is that he did not exchange objects as a confidant pour out, it did not express anger as a weapon.But across the pure, peaceful peak of mind; but people knew he was not a setback, no pain.Li Lao writes: “I was eighteen years that prime time, if it is used to create wealth, value can not be estimated; if this can be for the party eighteen years, to do something for this nation, which is a huge sum wealth ah!”He added:” The real loss is that our nation!”It’s eighteen years in prison, ‘bourgeois’ hat, ‘counterrevolutionary’ hat vaccination to really” people seek relief yet, but put on more heavy yoke.”Li Lao said:” I will support the faith, the next step to walk in the dual pressures of mental and physical, and went beliefs become reality day.”What a heroic integrity!Some people say: “Human life should not be too low, not too high, pain and joy, and your splash, will remain in a horizontal line.”Time belongs to everyone are under twenty four hours, we should be every hour every day and lead a rich and meaningful!Li Lao Kidnapped together and a lot of people have already left, Li Lao With a belief alive, he said: “I always believe that the party will give yourself a fair statement.”After he vindicated happy to be alive.One kind of trust and loyalty of the party’s very deeply rooted in his mind.He put bitter for themselves, happy to leave to others, this is his personal charm.  Li Lao sprinkle with happiness and loyalty in this soulful land, his spirit will always endless optimism that we can learn!  Li Lao strong will, a broad range of talent, pure innocence, condensed into a pinnacle of the total people want and can not.Li Lao recognize themselves vulnerable or impetuous soul comforted, be calm complex psychological!  Now think about it, if not take the liberty to go that day, if the master does not know, my life would be remorse and regret!

Affair price

Cao Zhengsen have a happy family, Zhao Yuelan virtuous wife, his son Cao Xiaolun be obedient, good grades and, arguably, Caozheng Sen should be satisfied, however, he did have a lover named Hu Yanyan out!In this regard, Cao Zhengsen often feel guilty.Although he is very clear that you love is Zhaoyue Lan, Hu Yanyan just a little embellishment of his life, however, he could not restrain himself always carrying his wife went to Hu Yanyan.  This day in the evening, after Cao Zhengsen from work, playing his wife’s cell phone, said the company lied to overtime, late to go back.Hang up the phone, Caozheng Sen got into his car, went straight to the residence of Hu Yanyan.Hu Yanyan in the seaside suburb rented a house, there is very remote, is a suitable place betrayal.  Cao Zhengsen get off, see Hu Yanyan house lights on, I thought Hu Yanyan is definitely wearing sexy lingerie, seductive perfume rubbed in waiting for him.  Came to the door, Caozheng Sen took out the key, ready to open the door, accidentally discovered the locks had been broken is broken, a little push, the door slowly opened.Caozheng Sen seems a premonition that something bad happened.Sure enough, entered the room, he froze, the house is a mess, like someone in a fight over here, like, on the floor there was dry blood.His voice trembling, Hu Yanyan Lianjiao a few times, nobody can promise.  Cao Zhengsen quickly turn open the bedroom, the bathroom door, did not see Hu Yanyan.Closet stood some expensive jewelry and money they are gone.Cao Zhengsen suddenly realized what was happening there is definitely room thief thought no one would come in breaking, you can come in after they saw Hu Yanyan, then kill her.  Hu Yanyan’s body it?  The sea, it must be thrown into the sea.Caozheng Sen grabbed the door handle, opened the door and want to go out, but suddenly saw hanging on the handle of a red bracelet.Cao Zhengsen head hum is heard, as if suddenly the whole person, like an electric shock, the body shake a few times, almost fell to the ground.This bracelet he is too familiar, this is the tenth anniversary of marriage, he gave his wife of Zhao Yuelan.Zhao Yuelan bracelet, how it will be here?Is Zhao Yuelan discovered that he and Hu Yanyan thing, kill Hu Yanyan?  Caozheng Sen grabbed the bracelet, rushed to the house, went to the beach.He wanted to shout the name of Hu Yanyan, who fear of being heard, only spied along the coast, on the beach, he found Hu Yanyan’s shoe and a hairpin.  Caozheng Sen kept telling myself to calm down since things have happened, must find ways to cope.He repeatedly recall and guess the whole process of the case: Zhaoyue Lan Hu Yanyan quietly pry open the door, went in to kill her, and then the bodies thrown into the sea.Hu Yanyan of jewelry that can be why it disappeared?Zhao Yuelan not a greedy person, which is, Cao Zhengsen very determined, certainly want to give the police cause misunderstanding Zhao Yuelan burglary.Because Zhao Yuelan too alarmed that his own bracelet cards are not aware of at the door handle.  Think of these later, Cao Zhengsen quickly ran into the room again, wipe with a cloth on the door you just leave fingerprints, and then the bracelet in his pocket, got into the car to pull away.  Caozheng Sen walked into the house and found the TV was on, but Zhao Yuelan fell asleep on the sofa.Cao Zhengsen suddenly moved up, no matter how late he came back, Zhao Yuelan will be waiting for him on the couch.Caozheng Sen once again strengthened his idea: forget what happened tonight, forget Hu Yanyan this woman, from now on, put their heart and soul into this love at home.  The next afternoon, a local evening newspaper in the community edition, reported a breaking news robber broke into the women’s singles of the western suburbs of the seaside residence of a man named Hu Yanyan, the woman now whereabouts unknown, the police are now trying to track down the.  In the evening, as usual, Zhao Yuelan preparing dinner in the kitchen, Cao Xiaolun reading in his bedroom.At this time, Cao Zhengsen holding a piece of the bracelet, went into the kitchen, grabbed Zhao Yuelan waist, said: Moon Orchid, you see, you should not be so careless.Watching Caozheng Sen raised bracelet, Zhao Yuelan startled expression, shouted: Oh, my bracelet!Masamori, where you find?I thought I lost it.Caozheng Sen said with a smile: In bed.Certainly when you sleep last night accidentally get down.Zhao Yuelan secretly sigh of relief, relief appearance, said happily: This morning I discovered it was gone, but I can not tell you now find, great, then I never lost it.  As the days passed, things are moving in the direction of the development efforts Caozheng Sen: the police never found the perpetrators of the killing of Hu Yanyan, Zhao Yuelan also smiling all day, but sometimes Caozheng Sen will feel a bit strange, is killed after Zhao Yuelan Hu Yanyan, and did not feel a little guilty and it scared?  A week later, the accident happened.This day is the day of the college entrance examination Cao Xiaolun.In the evening, Cao Zhengsen and Zhao Yuelan prepare a sumptuous dinner, waiting for the triumphant return of son.Dinner had just finished a telephone bell suddenly sounded.Caozheng Sen picked up the receiver, suddenly aghast.Zhao Yuelan puzzled and asked what had happened, Caozheng Sen murmured: son failed the college entrance examination, committed suicide!  He busy rushed to the hospital, saw the pale Cao Xiaolun.Tape wrapped around his wrist, weakly lying in bed, standing next to his teacher and classmates.Students told Cao Zhengsen couple, this afternoon in the examination room, all the candidates are to concentrate on the answer, a sudden thump loud noise, everyone turned over and saw Cao Xiaolun from the table and collapsed to the ground.The examiner asked how quickly propped Cao Xiaolun, Cao Xiaolun shook his head and said he’s fine, then he said to the bathroom, examiner helped him go, then waiting for him outside, can wait a long time have not seen Cao Xiaolun out, go after the examiner, surprised to see Cao Xiaolun has attempted a!  The doctor told Cao Zhengsen couple, Cao Xiaolun may be too much pressure before the college entrance examination will be so.Zhao Yuelan sobbed: child, how you silly ah, pass the test this year, next year can then test ah.  Cao Xiaolun did not say anything, just stare at the ceiling.Cao Xiaolun discharged after several days have been awakened by nightmares at night, screams of terror issue.Cao Xiaolun after being awakened always sweating, pale complexion like paper.Has not failed to see his son from the entrance out of the shadow, the couple worried Cao Zhengsen.This day in the evening, on the way back from work, Cao Zhengsen think this weekend should take him to see a psychiatrist, and then, the phone rang.Cao Zhengsen access to one, suddenly like a rude awakening, because this phone call turned out to be Hu Yanyan.Hu Yanyan not dead!

Afar warm

July 18, Love clay social practice squad in electrical Baiyu Xian Elementary School garden activities carried out.In this day of joy, love clay social practice team also welcomed two friends.    The two friends drove from Wuchuan in Zhanjiang, Maoming dianbai district Yuk Yin Primary School.They come to this, to bring two players on clay ducks, take care of greeting gift.In addition, they are still professional photographer, also brought the arrival of professional photographic camera equipment to help carry out the shooting clay garden activities.    ”You do not see outside, when we are a part of your team like.”The two friends arrived he said with enthusiasm.Laterite’s players have also said that they are pleased to come and hope that the two friends can have fun at Yuk Yin Primary School.    Then, the two friends followed the clay players came to the playground, they adjusted the equipment, could not wait to integrate into the collective.Every corner of the playground can see them with a camera, carefully capture a picture of each figure.They appreciate the colorful campus life in the busy, fixed smile student.    The last event, the two friends also uses drones to shoot a video for the primary school students Yuk Yin and love all laterite social practice team members, so that the activity has a perfect ending.    ”Wow, how today’s dish so rich?”The players came back after the event found on the table neatly arrayed hearty meals are startled expression.In today’s food is that these two friends brought over all the way when players have to express their gratitude.After a pleasant meal, they embarked on a journey home.    The visit friends, brings us a big lunch, but also left us with a lot of beautiful pictures and videos, adds a touch of bright color line of clay.    Author / week Ice forest Di photography / Liguan Ming Zhong Xiaoxian source / Lingnan College Teachers’ laterite love “social practice squad

Afar gift

From 2012 onwards, the brain began to short circuit, no thinking, no text, or just do not have any means of expression.Tonight, reopen the dusty heart, a kind of thick brushed the dust on the books of the carefree mood.    A long absence, teachers, friends, from Xinjiang sent me a bag of walnuts and a bag of dates Aksu thin shell, collections of full, sincere capsules.Colleagues envious eyes, surprised sigh, I read some of the women praise men, men affirmation of man.His head just flashing, I would politely thank: “Colleagues are wondering who sent it, so you spend money,” he is wise, forbear, but also a gentleman, clever sentence: “Colleagues they also are wondering who sent it.”Really is a teacher of writing, is really to teach elementary school teachers how to teach writing teacher.    I am a 2011 graduate of.Upon graduation, I heard a piece of text on the network reproduced in his book, which is natural to me, roughly I remember from a high school student to a college student, broke into his world from a press release, the following disappear, which in turn intersects with “friend” status at the time of senior process.He used the phrase “water is water, and since then raging sea” to evaluate me, remember I joked about their “no rain and no sunshine”.But in reality, I have wind and rain, there are clear, and even more than they imagined menacing and vigorous, but instantly disappeared, and the passage of time gone, it now seems to me precious emotions.Today, the object was not found to play this sentiment, we can not do whatever they want to play, this is probably the so-called social reality, taught us very calm and sophisticated still not known.    In fact, long overdue to write about him, writing in my college career, he was the first to affect my teacher.Some say the impact polite, essentially from his classroom skills I learned a lot of writing, it is true, but writing this in itself is very pure, my joy text itself, while construction of the text and just make up one called “writing” course.So, naturally with Contact intersection with writing and writing teacher, but also with his story.But the real reason I should write his senior year, inexplicable link, inexplicable conversation, for some inexplicable together created a sense of heart to heart.This pledge allegiance, and clearly different from the friendship between friends, love between lovers, between father and daughter do not like intimate, mixed with a trace of the identity of students and teachers, but also beyond the familiar age.I know, but that he is bound to find a suitable location, as document writing to the same sub-parallel and level of problems, but in the end did not distinguish, so it has not written document.    He was a period of time, very carefully read my words, my gestures, and even some of my offshoot distal, small irrelevant details, and I think that observation is a subtle, sensitive perception of teachers’ traits and personality.But suddenly I thought: why does not he take some effort to read someone else?This is probably a selective up.Here naturally there are many factors in charge of such familiar, such as close, such as interesting, and so on, there are many objective reasons, I naturally have not explored.If it is determined and for the things others might not find any entry point, even some of the author’s own words, in his words is: “In view of this, it touches me with the phase.”Just at the moment that eating sweet dates, think of those four years in Huzhou naive and mischievous, self-willed and assertive, smiled, got him no time was full of.    He gave me some books and told me a good read, but I was not reading, not like reading, it is true, always feel this time gave the school twenty years, he is unwilling to.Today came out, but also to return to prostitution, more heart is not happy, but still read, because he gave the.A reading, only to find how small their horizons, it really is like a bird flew over my head and said: “The sky really is not a boxy look, it is very very wide, not marginal, white blue.”Ha ha.    Very precious gift from afar, through the sand, after a change of area, has also been passed from person to person, but even more valuable is: This gift gives me the courage to re-write the text.   The wise man, people sigh!

Aesthetic colorful chapter in life

Preamble Xie Chen before retirement, systematized and compiled this “aesthetic colorful chapter in life,” a book.Each one paper presentations and pictures, are reflected in what he saw, thoughts, actions, book review to the real, real, sincere.It has witnessed a thirty-six years old teacher from teaching the mentality of.Ordinary, simple, yet valuable.  The book is divided into seven chapters: one, love, dedication, two, scholarship, training, three, education reform, scientific research, four topics, explore, five, learning, communication, six, blog, Zatan, seven, creative, tasting.He participated in most of the text for all kinds of prize-winning papers, case research, some of it is his speeches, briefing material and quality courses reviews, digression, amateur art creation, etc..Seven aspects but also symbolizes the nature of red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple seven colors.The reason why the rainbow colorful, dazzling, experienced a storm because of erosion and baptism.Xie such natural phenomena of the universe and the individual’s metaphor of life just the right way, can be described as imaginative, far-reaching conception.  Nanchang twenty-eight as a provincial demonstration schools quality education, there are a large number of high ethics, high quality, technical precision of a good teacher.They work quietly at their respective positions, dedication, painstaking scholarship, elaborate education.We thank the teacher tried to launch this book, to let the old educators and heritage is preserved with the effort cemented experience and results.At the same time encourage school teachers like to thank the teachers, as usual learn, often reflect heavy accumulation, ground pen to paper, a more intense form of teaching and research academic atmosphere.  Zhou Qing (Nanchang twenty-eighth Secondary School Principals) Preamble (b) Xie Chen erudition I already know, and my friend for decades, although little chat with academic talk, but his knowledge he amount of reading, his scholarship, his life criteria I know.”The product is not a matter of the spirit, but the spirit is the highest product of matter.” (Engels), Xie Chen Kai who teach spiritual guidelines, training of social protection is absolutely meritorious talents.In twenty-eight adjacent Xie Chen and I work in the old South Division work, often to Xie Jia Zuozuo.Xie teacher in the middle school fine arts teaching is really a set of dozens of years of teaching work, review and summarize the teaching materials and teaching experience considerable scale, and participated in many activities, rave reviews.Xie Chen, a husband, housekeeping, housework get played; a father, encouraging parent, child greatly Offer.  Normal work to me, thank a teacher, and I was often on the fine arts academic issues to discuss, so we are also synchronized forward in the creative arts!Xie today that the opportunity to own an excellent material for decades the art of teaching high school hesitate to bring out, and compiled into a book, art workers we think is a great thing!Teachers teaching experience of the older generation to flourish, so that the young teacher there are things to be learned in the art of teaching the new era!Only in this way, we will be teaching art have better prospects.  - Luan cloth (Luan cloth male 1956.3 was born in Jiangxi Normal University Academy of Fine Arts, Master Instructor, China Artists Association, Jiangxi Artists Association executive director, deputy director of Jiangxi Oil Painting Art Committee, China Oil Painting Society group members) Preamble (c) the day after Guyu, I received Xie Chen phone to let me write a few words to his forthcoming.Many times because I was invited to go to his school teachers and students through the selection of works of art, there have been a pleasant experience exchanges, so he immediately agreed.  The next day, such as about travel.A face to face, Xie Chen took out his manuscript, solemnly handed over.To my surprise the manuscript, its smooth writing, the detailed content, the case of the ordinary, so inspiring.A full 36 years, a dedication, the sense of teacher image contrast, Xie Chen Xinsheng suddenly I respect, and I was looking up at him in the spiritual level.  Xie Chen sensitive to the line, Ne in words, hard working, on the twenty-eight art teachers in ordinary jobs do not jump bad, do not spit bad, serious and responsible in class, several decades of dedicated work with, he organized a student works in various art exhibitions in the breaststroke, he also has a number of works to participate in provincial art exhibition and awards.Today, he again participate in provincial competitions winning papers, case, research, speeches, briefing material and quality courses reviews, digression, Bo and his passenger, artwork, crafts Kam together as a set.This is today’s high school aesthetic innovation is undoubtedly an asset.This diligent in thinking, desk lamp, good combing scholarship and cultural awareness, in the moment of primary and secondary school art teacher is uncommon.  Comments came from the overall pattern of art education, primary and secondary school art teacher aesthetic education of students is very important, a teacher, just like a little screw on the construction of a building, but it is essential, because it related to the foundation, and the foundation of the quality of the pros and cons of each component determines the quality of construction of a building, from this perspective that Xie Chen this excellent work attitude is precious.  With the development of primary and secondary art education hardware and software will get broader support and social care, group after group of young teachers will gradually join the meantime, and when they read this book Xie Chen, certain which will lead to deep thinking on the value of life, to obtain useful knowledge and revelation, so that art education as a rainbow after the rain, aesthetic education of students, improve their own, in a very interesting aesthetic process, gain wisdom and aesthetic pleasure, enrich their emotion, spend their brilliant life.  I think this is Xie Chen’s wish, but I hope he’s school, I sincerely for his book, this man, like the point of a school!  Bear blue evening of May 1, 2015 to the Vice-President, vice president, deputy director of Jiangxi Provincial Institute of Chinese Painting Artists Association Arts Council Lange Children living in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province Artists Association?postscript?It took tremendous efforts, “aesthetic life, colorful chapter,” a book finally meet you.The cause of the formation of this collection was actually from my chat with Professor Yang once mentioned I will retire, my teacher workshops should also have a review and summarize, to come up with a collection of his own decades art education career, to do a review and reporting, Vice president Yang aquatic am glad that my proposal, he said: as the majority of schools do need to continue to introduce young teachers and veteran teachers of good experience, a good way to promote their better and faster development growth.In addition the school also needs to leave behind a valuable spiritual heritage.When it comes to the presentation of this collection, at first I wanted to magazine “three” after the emergence of the form of supplement that is wrong, in the form of publications is difficult to complete in-depth show the whole picture of life.It was presented with the finalization of the operation in book form.Zhou Qing principals and other leadership team members approval of this proposition.I’m just an ordinary teacher, work just as there has been a small school so the attention and love, I am very grateful and thankful psyche.At the same time feel walking on thin ice, a lot of pressure for fear that this collection taste is too low, it will live up to everyone’s expectations and leadership.  In the process of planning and organizing materials, just feel that their way of life is negligible.From the teacher’s point of view, that is not my theory education intensive masters of accessible, nor the ordinary tear-jerking deeds.From the painter’s point of view, I am not as great painters have sufficient technical strength and life-sized works published his book.However, it would seem a little light stick at both ends, at best, a bit like Nanchang commonly known as the “snake oil” to the more appropriate.  Fortunately, my friends, colleagues, and leadership, as well as small partners are very enthusiastic to me a book.Artists Association vice chairman and secretary-general of Jiangxi Province Li Hui inscription congratulations.Old school, a famous Chinese painter Peng open days for the book to paint, and the inscription: “higher level”.Nanchang Painting Academy Green Bear preface to this book.This book inscription there Huchun Guo, Lei Ping, Linhan Liang, Xiong Zhangrui, horse forward, etc..The book also cites previous students collected more than a dozen pieces of calligraphy works, this book add color to many.In this together thanks.  In Nanchang No.28 Middle, I stay for 36 years, he just did not move over the place, which may be related to their own good and quiet character, I give people in front of the old and new colleagues feel elusive, reticent, poor communication, seemed a bit eccentric.However, precisely because of this lonely part, it is the nature of the achievements I am pretty satisfied with life today.Not long ago, I saw a very incisive, then the micro-Bo “success comes from loneliness, rather than gregarious,” because of loneliness will bring thinking, inspiration and action, lonely man, calm, to stay in school, reading to do Reflections on life.Only really enjoyed lonely people can exchange for future prosperity and close.  Riyuerusuo, Nanchang No.28 Middle is a melting pot.I am here to get a forged, has been baptized, the harvest of successful life.I deeply loved her, I really want to leave this school, leaving everyone in daily life.Seeing the twenty-eight this prestigious day transit into the next semester will be dressed settled in the new campus.No.28 Middle Education was established and in normal operation.It is foreseeable, Nanchang No.28 Middle talented people will be, more prosperous.  Xie Chen


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