l a lack of actual combat experience, but this than fighting, indeed played hearty, very comfortable, perhaps in the future, to be able to win for me Young!”He in front of his fath杭州龙凤桑拿er, always tell the truth, then, even a little, then TB tendency to faint.

  ”You’re not afraid lose?”Pei Naochun opening a smile,” so many people looking at it, losing a disciple outside the door, you will not be uncomfortable.”
  ”You may not right words!”Ming PeiReally very serious stare eye father, which he regar北京夜生活ded as a rare following guilty, “you have and we said, both inside and outside the door, but the difference is qualified, qualified outside Disciples relatively badly, if on a comprehension, it is difficult to break through , it is better to learn something else, in fact, not necessarily qualified to decide everything, why can not win outside the disciples for me?”
  He spoke from the heart, to listen to people who know his mind: “If you lose, that’s what I practice enough, or not as the others, it is also common, often said that you head, people beyond Behind like what book Brother, I am much better than the written summary, refining the elders, good at mixing device, to better comprehension if Young talent is normal, say.”He suddenly laughed,” do not they heard of my class to do Young?To see him able to come today, although it can深圳桑拿网 not be attributed to me, but I am also very happy for him.”
  Pei Naochun eyes floating in the past: “So you let your brother what you write for the annual review?”
  ”.”I did not speak Ming Pei, hateful!Father really hateful!Is not he and several other joint head, put it all on the Forum’s summary template, summary writing like a hundred strokes of the ban to delete all posts?They originally written summary of this poor man is writing with a copy of Hu, now are not even a reference to how born out of thin air, he would rather fall asleep month, he refused to write a summary of the hour.
  Pei Naochun just laughed, and said: “But today than fighting, you’

, and lifted in the hands Wentian, comprehension sector is no big anti-men and women, in contact with each other, is a very common thing, he still has this sense of proportion, after the re-confirmation to Young can stand, he resorted to a trick withdraw its role, seemingly unhurried, but in reality quickly sets to match the rapid in the past.

  Wait until the two men answered a God, Pei Ming Ji Shibu have really been left distance.
  ”Wentian I’ll help you find the doctor, be careful.”Li杭州桑拿n-Stars is pretty free and easy, she does not feel that this be what happened, and she had something Wentian marriage, outsiders do not know, no need to care about helping them, again, no comprehension for years, another few hundred years back look, now they count it?Just a pity, really bright brothers in total daily practice, and even a rare chance to speak.
  ”Well, you’ve worked hard.”He looked down, will be able to see her face, so close to the rare, Wentian trance, in fact so similar scene, he read a lot back, Lin-Stars came, really Ming Pei Looking back excuse and left, then he may want to get more, because he always feel that they are in, it deliberately avoid arousing suspicion, but now it seems, is clearly just Luohuayouyi, water ruthless nothing, and this degree intentional.He looked at the forest-Stars, always felt m南宁桑拿论坛ore admiration, rather than between parents eyes, with a strong love.
  and so.What he has to hate it?He shook his head, only to feel funny.
  ”To Young, you are right dizziness?Or eat a bar set Shendan.”Lin-Stars reminder.
  ”No, I’m fine..”He gently replied, smiling exceptionally calm.
  SHENGYUN front of the house, while two figures appear together slowly go inside, is gradually falling behind the sunset, the clouds surrounding it, dyed red, reminding us of scenes in a fire was burning on top.
  Pei Ming really gestures knife, still tangled in something: “Master, I and the Young ratio in the process of fighting, almost did not catch his move today, I feel I am stil

“The disciples Wentian, seen master.”Mentoring gift, and so naturally recover after Reiki, do carry on.

  He was very envious of, but at the same time may also have been put down, he also wanted to see, do not hate other people’s way how to move forward, hate endless.
  Wait until the next two sets, Lin-Stars will be rushed: “Wentian, are you okay?”She hesitated, or to ask him, and then turned toward Pei Ming true:” Ming really brothers, you played very well today.”
  ”Xiexie Lin junior sister apprentice.”Ming Pei Lin even true star, holding the exclusion of a vague points in the still young, only know Liandao time – well, now only know Liandao, Lin came to junior sister apprentice, and is not to concentrate on painting and other Liandao No, he was junior sister apprentice to the forest, and even hid in mou佛山桑拿ntain caves go Liandao, grew up to now, still a lingering fear, want to go see her turn around.
  ”Nothing.”Wentian hesitated for a moment, or opening answer, he looked at the forest-Stars, from small to large, for him, she is far away, this time close look, Wentian suddenly awoke, he could not even clearly say out her eyes, nose, mouth, what looked like, but rather feel strange to the extreme, the hearts of those persistent, and then after being broken up, all in front of the rickety question.
  ”.You have to be careful.”Lin-Stars now become calm,” into the inner door, on good practice, good people Wu elders.”
  Pei Ming really standing there, distant look to his father and brothers, hateful, they were all distinguished look, no one is willing to save him, although he was a bit slow emotionally, this time may be the atmosphere, it is emba北京夜网rrassing, he looked around to to think of escape, but had an idea, he suddenly thought of ways.
  He cleared his throat: “Lin junior sister apprentice, I now want to go to the head of a trip, you take the trouble to go to the doctor at Young, you’ve worked hard.”He cocked his clever effort, to the forest junior sister apprentice’s hand

t do these say?I think you are not afraid of you I have no experience in ridicule, afraid of me than I hate you practice longer, wider network of people you?After all, I have always been so ah.

  Wentian can you know, Pei Ming really no slightest sarcasm mean, like after every classroom, teaching, and he will use that he does not know who learned methods of praise, clumsily find some place to boast before, what you posture is very standard, rapid progre南宁夜网ss in your Heart.VIP good and angry, funny.
  Wentian hand, firmly grasp the true Ming Pei outstretched hand, and then leveraging them: “Brother, I throw in the towel.”Moment, like what is suddenly broken and rebuilt, trance.
  ”what.”Sitting next to Wu Pei Naochun elders and he just had an appointment this very mind and his disciples, has been concerned about each other, I can not help but have some doubts, ‘just that moment.’
  ”It is now all right.”Pei Naochun should understatement.
  Wu elders muttered, some doubts: “Nothing touches nothing, it can be too strange.”At just that moment, he clearly felt that his disciples calm signs of collapse, and then instantly gaze, mind cultivation dropped by at least two realm, but it seems to be much more solid than ever, which in the end is good or bad he do not know.
  ”What you ha杭州夜网论坛ve to do this disciple?”
  ”To, of course,.”Miss Elder categorically.
  He book riding sword away, he announced the result: “Pei Ming really wins!”The same voice he announced together, Wu elders voice,” Wentian, you may wish into my door!”He had nothing to be proud of being a Presbyterian, but when the announced resu南宁桑拿lts, in fact, if Wentian refused, he would Sipilailian pestering him to come.
  ”To Young, congratulations, you are welcome to enter the door.”Ming Pei never really fluttering clothes, leaning Wentian, is planning to step down, Ceshou smile, without the slightest shadow of the eye.
  he.Hate it, Wentian heart smile, looked up at the top, eyes looking forward to Wu elders, hands Baoquan:

e, that effort alone, how could he not dead yet?This is a serious injury or hallucinations.

  Pei Ming goes really good-looking face appeared puzzled look: “to Young, you are not uncomfortable, how it will die?”He looked around, going to call the Medical Center who approach.
  Spiritual power is exhausted emptiness and numbness after the carrier to do with the body, to Wentian lying on the ground, breathing heavily: “I clearly see the knife coming.”Distinct confiscated b苏州夜网ack, hit his body.
  ”I’m taking a knife, in order to become strong, not to kill me and you said.”Pei Ming really laughed,” when the enemy, this is a murder knife, door disciples treat when it’s just a chicken could not hurt even a dull knife.”
  He lovingly stroked his knife, which is all Dresser people love doing things, knife, at the moment has no brilliance, it seems, are inferior to those of a human community blade benefits, this too may face Wentian knife, knew how much of his power.
  Wentian remembered the time when, Pei Ming true for the class when they say, he solemnly, boyish face with determination: “comprehension of the people, to repair the original mind, my original mind, a knife, a case of the door, is guard, in the future, you will find your Conscience.”
  His original mind, and everyone is different, his original深圳桑拿网 mind is hated, hated what it?What he has to hate it?
  Pei Ming really leaned over, held out his hand, when more than fighting, he looks full of cold, comparable to the end of fighting, but also hearty laugh more than anyone else: “I pull you up, to Young, you are strong, such as hello, and we battles.”
  This is a mockery of北京夜网 it?Wentian want to sneer, he wore a pair of eyes in good faith, but hold back.
  He suddenly spoke up: “Brother, we use the number of strokes?”
  ”.”Pei Ming really sometimes do not know how to answer, hesitated spoke up,” San Shizhao altogether, but to Young, after all, only you attained during the first fight, I practice a long time, a lot of experience.”

, and Wentian clearly know that this knife, any knife simpler than before, and even playing a fancy, no more than two moves, but is most common, down from the split, You may be missing like with the wind, with a knife intended to awe-inspiring –

  Wentian had with the last bit of energy, brought together the rest of the body f北京夜网论坛orce, launched a huge wave of spiritual power, will block your own, but that knife, but Yili Cross will break like, these waves directly spiritual power cut open, co深圳桑拿网ntinue down to the knife to.
  Moment, he felt like a return to the past, he first saw the clouds high tower, the first to feel the moon were, Gaoshanyangzhi than this, he had that point of arrogance, give no deposit, only the remaining calm waves of the heart, the original brothers knife, we have got to this point?He does not hide flash, just quietly waiting for the knife fell on him, I’m afraid this time, even die, you have to be seriously injured, right?
  ”This move to Young has been unstoppable!”That brother shook his head,” No, how not received knife, ordered a halt to the head?”He began to recall the mixing device elders introduction, is this high-automatic protection mechanism?There are many, almost all the disciples like him who give all stood up, uproar, for fear of seeing the same door cannibalism, blood spattered feet.
  Knife arrived, Wentian clearly feel the icy knife intended to heavily hit in the body, people dying to time, as if thinking all along accelerate,苏州桑拿 everything in this life happens, such as lantern-like, in the brain skipped countless face, appear in the memory, the parents, the blanket of darkness, Santo forest, forest-stars, really Ming Pei Pei head.In the end, it appears that only the tools and try to kill the sword, he took the sword from that tomb, failed to properly use it.
  Then, Wan-jing.
  Wentian blankly opened his eyes, in the eyes of Ming Pei is still true face, he has sword, standing in front of him.
  ”I, I’m not dead?”Clearly intended to be a knif

other things, despite the Young, straining out all the stops, he only rely on their own hands the knife, if you’ve seen Jianzong people, you understand, when their weapons, after practice to the extreme, you will not want to learn anything, and for the next really, this knife, he i苏州龙凤网s, after more than fighting began, the entire high-profile, Pei Ming is not true, only that the non-Mito.”

  The venue, still battle.
  Twelfth trick, Pei Hengdao true swept out, one of the long blade psychic waves emitted Wentian time to dodge, five spell played immediately, the periphery of the shroud support unearthed system, but may be almost failed to block.
  Twenty-trick, Wentian took the lead away from home, only to kill Ling sword in the air, the surrounding of the thousands of ying, turned out, count them out of the line, go straight to Pei Ming true that he did not dodge, take it no Mito week waving in the body, that sword will all hit back.
  The first San Shizhao.
  Wentian who is already sweating, he could feel even lined clothes against his body feels friction, already half a numb arm, even just stop killing sword grip, feel hard, but he could not stop thinking , rapid brain running, thinking about what their trick, he is almost a walking robot chance, the problem is, so many things, he is always learning endless, and some just started, this time out, not only laughable, even slightly blocking Pei Ming pace really can not do.
 苏州夜网 He clearly had enough tricks, you can actually still could not withstand.
  Than fighting, after all, not a real war, Pei Ming really did not pressing harder and harder, gave Wentian a little breathing space, he could see the other side to adjust or less, and then the knife again.
  The knife and no fancy place, a touch of red and a blunt instrument, and shot, people have to be an invisible man, only see the knife, the knife one person, straight away, and then from the top down, like a remote control You can split knife to the world.
  No stopping

People close up, redundant Yan heard this is a smile, winked and said: “How can it not convenient?What empress want to do, whenever local lingua franca Er Chen, although errand Er Chen is.”

  ”This is what you said, then I go to the toilet when you ask for your help slightly.”Xin long look at him smile hee hee.
  Yan redundant expressions really a lag, touch her mischievous eyes, suddenly got into blind eyes, and took a few steps forward, stopped in front of her, raising his hand to help him up Zhu hairpin between her hair, “Well, “tepid fingertips if it appears to touch her skin, he quietly hand back, added a Road,” Do not forget the empress.”
  This sentence because he s real fake joke, the feeling of being molested back Xin long micro unhappy.
  Li Zhizhen general Jie Feng welcome home for the feast from Yinshi been done Xushi, Yan redundant actually have to keep their promises, refused to leave the micro wandering around Xin long, if not also scruples she was his stepmother in name, Xin long micro reckon he should just say – – If you go to the toilet, then the empress, Er Chen must help.
  Help a ghost yo!
  Yuwen seats are arranged very close from the Qing emperor, as the main man of the world, his handsome looks very natural,

led out the word brothers.

  Of course access is maintained, Pei Ming true face has not changed, only close to him, see him at the moment and focus on the excitement, in fact, he rarely have the opportunity to learn from and who, after all, around the brothers, fathers, are take care of him too, even if he wanted to try knife, are worried they make, today is indeed a hearty.
  Swords, colors of the spiritual power in the air across and saw red gray figure, a step by step, give them a, from the end, hit the other side, again hit back.
  ”The trick to it is a multi-Young.”There is talk of tuberculosis, has started cultivation sector first real-time commentary,” You see, his sword with one hand, with the palm is another song, push out the spiritual power, because he really wind down the next, if not pull by distance, not even the chance to adjust, can this move, Pei brothers seem to have been expected, he is not connected directly vacated up to that aura palm off the air.”
  ”Wentian, there is so much yet?”Lin-Stars unconsciously blurted out that she could not see the situation is not the venue, but subconsciously feel, should not be like t南宁桑拿his, ever since her intoAfter the inner door, they no longer concerned about what happens outside the door, even if occasionally see Wentian appear, she did not take the other side and had a chat, since the bulk of the marriage, they did not need to continue to struggle.
  ”Of course there.”That explanation brothers and said,” I do not know many of the methods he learned where, this tenth trick, are used in different ways to give them, you see, he holds many lessons with a spiritual power bomb, and this not the same as we usually understand, estimate what a new operation method, a few days I have to go look up the collection of Court.”
  Lin Stars asked: “That’s really bright brothers will lose it?”
  ”will not.”The brothers answered very firmly,” and you see, look carefully, not only with his eyes, really bright start to finish, n北京风月网ever used

In front of the fairy performance calmer: “I want to find people.”

  ”And those who do?”Ye Xiao Yao eyebrows Weicu:” It lingers!I’ll call the police!”
  Chen Xiao Ye diving to stop the tender: “Alarm makes them more dangerous.”
  ”That’s how to do.”Ye Xiao Yao said:” This is the only solution, or are we going to find someone?”
  ”I have my ways.”Chen diving mirage even if a search of all hospital days, but also to find Zhang Kuan and Li Cheng things to ask, but he is worried about the lack of time, before he was twelve hard to get, Li Cheng surrounded by police, Zhang Kuan live in which hospital he knew nothing.
  Ye Xiao Yao is still not assured: “So you do not trust the police?”
  ”I believe.”Chen diving nodded:” But no matter how clean the room, there are always at the filth of.”
  Ye Xiao Yao nodded, she can understand the fear of diving Chen, true, no matter how honest the wind Chinese police and justice, can not avoid the presence of black sheep.A sacred profession because very few mouse droppings being ruined.
  ”Give me the other side with your sister’s phone call is a warning, I can not risk alarm.”Chen diving ready to leave, time was too late:” I was at home waiting for news.”
  ”My sister’s cell phone?”Ye Xiao Yao himself muttering a sudden increase excited voice: