Intermediate old toxins, easy to long bucket waist?

Blisters, 7 kinds of sputum

Intermediate “old” toxins, easy to long “bucket waist”?

Blisters, 7 kinds of sputum

The intestines are also “young” and “old”. There are often no toilets for a few days, and the garbage in the body will accumulate in the intestines again, such as feces and toxins.

These substances are accidental factors and they are also the root cause of skin degradation.

Many people say “rectal and rectal”. In fact, our intestines are curved and curved more than one or two. Therefore, poor perfusion can easily lead to various minor problems and the whole body is not smooth.

Many girls are sitting and working, sitting for a whole day, when the stool is no longer smooth, especially easy to gain weight, want to keep a good body, but also skin, water can soak these seven, clean toxins, make you slimmer.

Although it is very busy at work, there is still some time to drink water, a small cassia, you can pinch it into the water, you can clear the heat, it is one of the best foods, whether it is short-term constipation, long-term constipation,Have a good appetite.

D improved.

Many girls like to eat apples, which can very well eliminate the intestinal toxins in the body, replace the toxins with the lowest, contain soluble fiber, can promote the discharge of stool, and ensure the normal peristalsis in the body.

Apple lotus leaf tea is a good choice, fresh fruit, boiled water can drink bubbles, let you say goodbye to “little aunt”.

How can an office without lotus leaf tea when a bachelor party is held?

Summer waist essence tea not only relieves oily, refreshing, but also prevents the body from absorbing phlegm and helps promote bowel movements.

Love to eat meat is common to many people. It has a good aroma and taste. It is difficult to refuse, but it is too much to eat. It is easy to digest. At this time, the mountain water will be used up. It will relieve oiliness after meals and gradually promote digestion.Physiologically smooth.

Drinking lemonade is also a good choice. It can eliminate harmful substances in the body, clean itself, and taste slightly acidic. But it can quench your thirst, eliminate the idea of eating high-concentration foods, or you can not lose weight and thus prevent skin pigmentation., turned white.


Honey beauty, still in protection, contains a variety of amino acids, vitamins, can promote healthy circulation, good for the health of the body, moisturizing itself is very good, people with constipation and distress can try to drink.

Oatmeal is also the patron saint of the intestines, contains a lot of fiber, so you are full, no hunger, smooth bowel movements, whether it is breakfast or dinner, it is very good, not easy to gain weight, but also burn young.