Chinese medicine scraping can improve sub-health status

Chinese medicine scraping can improve sub-health status

The history of folk scraping therapy is well known, but many people only know the common diseases of scraping therapy for headache, cervical spondylosis, periarthritis, lumbar and leg pain, cardio-cerebrovascular disease, gastrointestinal disease, hypertension, diabetes, hyperplasia of breastThe cure is significant, but I don’t know that the correct scraping method can also promote metabolism, supplement cells with oxygen and stasis, and increase vitality. It is a good and effective way to improve sub-health status.

  1. Sub-health state-Prediction signal of disease Sub-health state is the transition stage between human health and disease. This stage is a development process from quantitative change to qualitative change.

At this time, the vitality of the organs of the viscera gradually decreases, the ability to respond decreases, the ability to adapt declines, and some discomforts of different severity will appear.

For example: Some people often feel general weakness, dizziness, head, chest tightness, palpitation, shortness of breath, easy fatigue, difficulty in focusing, and even back, neck, and shoulder pain, loss of appetite, insomnia, dreams, tinnitus, weakness, cold, sweatWhen you are upset, there are no obvious organic changes when you go to the hospital for multiple inspections. This is the sub-health state.

According to the World Health Organization, about 15% of the world ‘s population meets the World Health Organization ‘s health standards, while various diseases also account for about 15%, while those in sub-health status account for about 65%.Our vigilance.

Symptoms that occur during sub-health are early warning signs of disease, and sub-health is the early stage of the disease. If left untreated, more than half of them may develop into organic diseases such as hypertension, coronary heart disease, and diabetes.Take it lightly.

  2. Reasons for the occurrence of sub-health According to domestic experts, the occurrence of sub-health status may be related to the disturbance of microcirculation, mainly due to the increase in blood viscosity, the slowdown of blood flow through the microcirculation, poor blood flow, and nutrientsIncomplete exchange, stasis of metabolites cannot be caused, causing microcirculation disorders, making the cells of tissues and organs unable to get sufficient supply of oxygen and nutrients, reducing cell vitality, reducing immune function, weakening the organs’ visceral regulatory function, and causing various problems in the bodySome kinds of discomfort and psychological instability.

Microcirculation disorder is what Chinese medicine says is that the meridian qi and blood are not smooth. The location of the microcirculation disorder is different, and the cause of subhealth and the disease are different.

Changes in the diet structure of modern people, excessive supplementation of meat, eggs, and milk, coupled with the tension of life, reduced exercise volume, slow metabolism in the body, and accumulation of internal heat, so blood viscosity increases, and microcirculation disorders continue to increase, resulting inThe number of people with sub-health status is also increasing, and has expanded from the middle-aged and the elderly to some young people.

  3. The mechanism of scraping and improving the sub-health state By promoting blood circulation and reducing blood viscosity, the method of reducing blood viscosity can improve the microcirculation disorder and avoid the transformation from sub-health to disease. It is also an effective method to maintain a healthy body.

Activating blood and removing blood stasis, activating cells, detoxifying and detoxifying, and rapidly improving microcirculation are the characteristics of scraping therapy.

When scraping at the site of microcirculation disturbance, the downward pressure of the scraper will squeeze the accumulated harmful metabolites to leak out from the capillary wall and exist between the subcutaneous muscle tissues. This is what we see as “痧”.

As long as there is a disturbance of microcirculation, the permeability of the capillary will be disturbed, and there will be a scab after the scrape. A slight microcirculation disorder will produce a small amount of red, purplish red puncta, and a severe microcirculation disorder.Dark cyan, cyan-black spots can appear in adolescents.

The emergence of shavings will eliminate endotoxin, remove local blood stasis, reduce blood viscosity, unblock meridians, and improve microcirculation.

After the qi and blood are unblocked and unblocked, the cells of tissues and organs get an excess supply of oxygen and nutrients, and their vitality is enhanced.

If the relevant meridian acupoints and holographic acupoint area scraping that can improve the sub-healthy viscera function can be selected, the body’s immunity can be restored and the viscera regulation function can return to normal.

So scraping therapy can not only treat painful diseases, but also effectively improve the sub-health state and restore the body to health.

  4. Advantages of scraping to improve the sub-health state. The scraping therapy has gone through three stages of folk scraping-meridian scraping-holographic meridian scraping.

Holographic meridian scraping therapy is to selectively wipe the relevant meridian points and holographic acupoint areas to prevent treatment.

The skin is not only a body’s defensive organ, but also an external manifestation of the visceral function.

The traditional Chinese medicine meridian theory and modern bio-holographic theory have found and summarized the specific performance parts of each internal organ in the viscera and organs on the skin.

These parts of scraping can almost treat common diseases in various departments, and they are frequent. They are unique for the timely detection and early treatment of latent diseases and the improvement of sub-health status.

First of all, the effect of improving the sub-health state is rapid. The method of health scraping is used to select and scrape the area on the human skin that is connected to the organs or organs, which can promote blood circulation, reduce blood viscosity, and improve microcirculation.

Oral administration of Chinese and Western medicines usually improves the microcirculation and eliminates toxins from the body, which requires a slow process. Scrap therapy expels endotoxins and improves microcirculation at the moment of scraping. Therefore, the improvement of sub-health status is effective and rapid.

Secondly, the degree of sub-health status can be determined according to the color and area of the pupae, and the weakened organs of the viscera can be judged according to the meridian points and holographic acupoints of the pupae.Wiping different areas improves immune function, regulates viscera, and improves symptoms.

The third scraping treatment is performed only on the skin surface, without taking any medicine, there is no substitute.

The fourth scraping operation is simple and easy to learn. Even if you don’t have basic medical knowledge, you can master this after short-term training?

  5. Scraping methods to improve sub-healthy state. Health-care scraping method can improve sub-healthy state. For example, the meridians of the tips, chest and abdomen, hands and feet, and the holographic acupoint areas of various internal organs can be wiped regularly.The projection area and the corresponding area of the spine.

The time and location of scraping can be grasped flexibly according to your own living and working conditions.

The scrape height is easy to find. You can find the scrape height according to the symptoms according to different symptoms according to the textbook.

As long as you follow the operation requirements, you can timely purify the internal environment, clean the meridians, promote metabolism, improve microcirculation, activate cells, enhance viscera function, improve human immunity, and effectively improve sub-health status.