Five levels of men’s encounters

Five levels of men’s encounters

I. “Meeting of Plants and Trees”: purely because the appearance attracts or desires, or just because they are bored or even because of money, they bring the two parties together, and after a short joy, they go to each other and soon forget each other.There is no memory worth remembering. This is the lowest level of “enchanting encounter”, also known as “relentless encounter”.

  Second, “Encounter of Waves”: The two are in loneliness and meet because of certain opportunities, such as water and wind, and collision with the shore. After experiencing brief mutual understanding and familiarity with each other, they found some common points.Sparks and excitement, the two sides soon fell into the illusion weaving love network.

When the external conditions changed, the illusion disappeared, and the two became strangers again. At this level, “enchanting encounters” often did not last for a long time, after which there were grievances and grievances, and the impression became blurred after a long time.

  Third, “The encounter of Jinyu”: One party encountered an outstanding or outstanding opposite sex, and was shocked by heaven and man, so he tried his best to deliberately pursue it, and the pursued party was finally attracted and moved. After a period of interaction, both parties foundIn terms of temperament and personality, there are many similarities in learning, so gradually, there is a feeling of love, which is commonly called “love”.

  If conditions permit, it may become a “lover” or a “lover”.

If the external environment does not support it, it may just be a friend of the opposite sex in the spirit. Regardless of the result, the time of interaction will become a beautiful memory in life. This level of “enchantment” is what ordinary people always tend to, But often subject to appearance, temperament, personality, talent, scholarship, money, some other external conditions of alignment, if this happens, it can be considered gratifying.

  Fourth, the “Pearl Encounter”: The two parties encountered each other unintentionally, and if they did not have any thought preparation, they were attracted to each other’s inner cultivation or sound and smile, or because of a small matter between them, which resonated with each other.The two people were deeply impressed. In the process of discontinuous interaction, neither side deliberately did anything or said anything.

  After the separation, each side of the sky, and in the depths of memory, the scene of the first encounter often flashed. Maybe later, they would communicate through letters, telephones, and maybe do nothing. Both sides have no intention to change the status quo of life, but just cherish this beautiful emotion in their hearts.Such as the collection of smooth and smooth pearls in the bottom of my heart.

If each other’s cultivation is good enough, that’s all there is to it; if they are not careful, they will fall to the third level, then they will “fall into love”.

  Fifth, the “diamond encounter”: usually in a glance, or a sentence, or an event . the two sides’ hearts were instantly struck like lightning, and the two people quickly left a dedicated space inside each other for each other,Induction, mutual affection, mutual concern, cherish each other, become fate of a lifetime.

Of course, this kind of thing can only happen between the opposite sex. The two sides always ignore each other’s appearance, area, locality and other external things. They only focus on spiritual communication and spiritual care. Generally speaking, this level of “enchantment””It lasts the longest, even for a lifetime, or it can be touching and deep, and it becomes a love story.

  Even if there is a happy ending, that is a secondary issue.

Basically, this highest-level emotional encounter is often difficult to grasp. Unless both parties have high cultivation and self-control, diamonds are the most precious, but they have edges and corners, and sometimes there are thorns in their hearts.