[How to drink water with figs]_How to drink water_How to drink water

[How to drink water with figs]_How to drink water_How to drink water

Fully ripe figs contain rich fructose, so fully ripe figs are very sweet.

In addition to figs that are eaten fresh or made into candied fruit, figs can also be dried in the same way as other fruits and brought to a drink.

Because even if you drink figs to soak in water, you will not lose the initial nutritional value of figs, so how should figs soak water?

Fig sweet soup.

Take an appropriate amount of fig water and cook it, and add some rock sugar according to personal taste. It is the simplest fig sweet soup. If you take it regularly, you can clear lung heat, treat cough and sputum, sore throat, and have stomach and diarrhea effects.

If you add some cumin to the boiled sugar water, you can also relieve the symptoms of kidney qi.

Fig lactating soup.

Take two or two fresh figs and stew with milk vines and trotters, which can penetrate the effect of lactation, without safety and effectiveness, and taste sweet, very suitable for breastfeeding mothers.

Fig juice.

Juicing fresh figs has a good health effect for rehabilitation patients.

In addition to fresh figs, you can also use the fresh leaves of the figs to squeeze the juice and share the warm water with a detoxifying effect, which is especially effective for poisoning seafood products by mistake.

Fig pork soup.

Cooking soup with figs and lean pork has a good effect on intestinal and stomach, heat and detoxification, and has a certain effect on the treatment of chronic enteritis and hemorrhoids.

The above is an introduction to the health effects of figs. Figs can be made into a variety of delicious foods and exert different health effects. It should be noted that although figs are suitable for people, other small parts are not suitable for figs, such as pregnant women with liver disease.Patients with cerebrovascular diseases should not eat figs, otherwise the disease may be aggravated, so everyone must consider their actual situation before eating figs tonic.