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Easy to take care of men

Men in modern cities are paying more and more attention to their own image, and image creation has become an important part of men’s life. Topics such as skin care and hair care, which were only talked about by women, are now attracting much attention from men.
However, skin care and hair care are not as simple as washing your head and rubbing skin cream in your imagination. Regular daily care is the key to proper skin care.
  In the autumn and winter, the skin problems accumulated in the summer wind and sun need to be completely solved, from hair care, cleansing, moisturizing to anti-oxidation, one step is not necessary.
  1. I believe that many men have dandruff troubles. After using many so-called “dandruff shampoos”, they do not work, and dandruff will fall like “pollen”.
Because the real cause of dandruff is an overgrowth of a fungus called “dandruff spores.”
Therefore, if you want to cure dandruff, you need to use shampoo with antifungal ingredients, such as selenium disulfide, which can reduce the content of fatty acids in sebum and inhibit the growth of “dandruff spores”.The head itch effect is significantly longer lasting.
  Refreshing Anti-Dandruff Shampoo Mint Anti-Itching Formula 120ml / ¥ 29.
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9 2. Cleansing is the first step in skin care. Because men’s skin is mainly oily, if too much skin oil is secreted and the skin is not completely removed in time, a large amount of keratin will accumulate in the pores.Bacteria can easily breed and cause skin problems such as acne and acne.
Cleansing milk containing activated charcoal ingredients can deeply cleanse and restore clean skin.
  Ouzhi Deep Cleansing Milk 130g / ¥ 29.
9 3. The dry climate in autumn is a frequent occurrence of dry skin problems. Selecting a refreshing and oil-free moisturizing gel can solve this problem.
Oily skin requires more water, so it cannot replenish the skin’s moisture while increasing the oil burden.
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9 4. Modern urban people have a lot of work pressure and are affected by external environmental pollution. The skin is prone to premature aging.
Choosing a product that can help anti-oxidize and lighten fine lines can restore skin elasticity and stay young.
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