A closer look at the top three skin care tips

A closer look at the top three skin care tips

Women care more and more about skin care.

It used to be said that women should start maintenance from the age of 25, but now more and more girls will advance this age, let alone the “silver” in their pockets, and treat their skin generously.

That’s right, women should be better to themselves and create their own glorious face, then they will be more beautiful and confident.

Of course, the way of skin care also has its own love: pay attention to moisturizing, persistent whitening, anti-aging in advance . Even the effectiveness of skin care are dispatched by the door, such as repair distribution, tender, touch, etc.Which faction would you join?

What skin care products can be the star of the faction?

Let’s look at them one by one:

hzh {display: none; }  修复派  这一派系的掌门秘籍是从肌底根源开始,修复受损DNA,提升肌肤自我修复能力达到全面的护理的功效。  Leading star 1: Estee Lauder Instant Repair Special Essence Lotion Official Introduction: The excellence of this essence is well-known.

Almost women worldwide are eager to have a bottle in hand.

The new upgraded version is more effective than the previous product.

The bottle contains the unique technology in three patent applications, starting from improving the “gene biological clock”, improving the skin aging state, reducing and soothing the skin’s irritation, and rebuilding and strengthening the barrier function of the skin surface.

Take 3-4 drops every morning and evening and apply it to the entire face. It can bring 24 hours of uninterrupted care to the skin, significantly improve the skin’s self-healing ability and improve the thickness of the skin surface.

Continuous use now prevents aging and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

After many years you will find that you look much younger than your peers.

  Consumer experience: “This essential dew layer is very thin and easy to absorb.

After applying it, I feel that the skin is particularly smooth and shiny, and I now use it every day.

“” After using it, I did feel a change in my skin.

The law lines and the dry lines around the lips are obviously faded. The happiness of the previous acne marks subsiding is really an unexpected surprise!

“Official star 2: OLAY new born Yan Jinchun elastic eye cream official introduction: the eye is the most likely cause of real age.

If you want to improve dark circles, fine lines and other problems, you need a full-featured eye care product that can last long and gentle.

This new eye cream has a unique double helix design with a variety of anti-aging precious ingredients. While deep moisturizing, it helps to smooth fine lines, lift and firm, and makes the eyes look young and energetic.

After two weeks of continuous use, it can effectively reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, and obviously feel the skin firm and elastic.

  Consumer experience: “Slightly massage can be completely absorbed by the eye skin, feel very moisturizing, and will not cause any allergies to my sensitive eye skin. It is very comfortable after using the eye area, and the skin becomes full and plump.The bags under the eyes feel much smaller.

So feel free to stick with it.

“” I feel it is very effective in eliminating dark circles, very helpful for staying up late, and I like its refreshing feeling.

“” From the previous to the afternoon, I feel dry and tight around my eyes.

After using this eye cream, the condition has improved a lot.

And although it is moisturized, it will not be the first grain. The so-called tender pie is pursuing the extreme smoothness and tenderness of the skin, making the skin uniform and translucent, and the luster is compelling.

The secret is to improve rough, dry pores.

  Home star 1: Estee Lauder delicate repair essence official introduction: The moment you apply it at the beginning, you will be amazed by the extreme moisturizing and smooth feeling it brings, as if soft silk is implanted into your skin.

Because this essence contains the revolutionary NDGA micropore technology, starting from tightening the broken pore wall, from the inside to the skin surface, magically thinning each pore; the newly developed enzyme skin softening technology, which contains upgraded glucosamine, gently refreshes the surfaceDry and rough keratinocytes; with chestnut fruit cleansing formula, it dissolves the impurities that have been lingering in the pores for a long time, leaving the delicate skin with a clear, radiant, soft and silky skin.

  Consumer experience: “I like her scent very much, and she loved it before she even applied it to her face.

The creamy white essence smears on the skin, then the skin feels slippery, and the touch is really beautiful.

Only after a trial, I fell in love with it, and now I will use it every day.

“” After you continue to use it, the pores have been reduced, the skin thickness has also been improved, and it has become much more delicate. As a result, the complexion has become whiter.

“Superstar 2: The Beauty of Impression Cleansing Cream.

hzh {display: none; }  官方介绍:想要拥有细致的毛孔,清洁可是第一步。This type of cleansing cream will absorb moisture and high-density foam, sweeping away the microscopic dirt of the two capillary holes, decomposing and cleaning the aging substances and keratin accumulated in the skin, making the skin soft and smooth.   Consumer experience: “The bubbles are really rich and flexible.

Use foam to clean the boards in a circular motion. After washing, the face is very clean and shiny.

And it wasn’t dry at all.

“” With just a small amount, you can make a very rich foam. It is really a pleasure to slide the dense foam over your shoulders. The feeling of washing your face has never been better!

“Whitening faction, as the name suggests, a pair of this faction is to create a white porcelain skin with a fluorescent light.

The main cheat is intensive whitening. The unique whitening ingredients of the product are used to break the skin’s black roots and achieve the ultimate whitening purpose.

  Leading star 1: KOSE Sekkisei lotion Official introduction: A natural-type lotion with excellent whitening and moisturizing effects, condensing essence like a beauty liquid.

Cutting-edge coix seed, angelica, grass and other Chinese herbal extracts prevent the dark spots and freckles formed by the sun, make the skin gradually white as snow, and improve the essence of the skin whitening lotion.

  Consumer experience: “Although it is a very refreshing type of water, the skin does not dry after use.

It took only two or three days to fade the spots.

That is, the taste of alcohol is heavier, and people with particularly sensitive skin are better to choose carefully. “I used the acne sunburn and it disappeared. It seems that the skin is much whiter. It is really good value for money and I will continue to use it.”Leading Star 2: L’Oreal Snow Whitening Soothing Night Cream Leading Star 2: L’Oreal Snow Whitening Soothing Night Cream Official Introduction: Contains advanced whitening ingredients blocked by melanin and tourmaline’s rare tourmaline ingredients, which can work intensively at night and provide excellent repairEnergy helps skin reduce dullness and increase matteness.

  Consumer experience: “It took only a few times to show the effect.

Very moisturizing and non-greasy to use.

It has a particularly good effect on improving the yellow gas of your own skin. “” I like it so much that I will definitely use it. ”

Not only does the complexion become brighter, the effect on repulsing melanin is also obvious. The original pigmentation on the cheeks was more obvious. Now friends are considered to have faded a lot!

“” Although it is a night cream, it is easy to push and spread evenly, and the absorption is also very good. ”

The spots on the cheeks are diminished, and the price / performance ratio is very exciting. “