Healthy eating note: Never drink tea in a thermos cup

Healthy eating note: Never drink tea in a thermos cup

Drink tea half an hour after a meal. Do not drink tea at the same time as eating.

  Such as drinking tea during meals, it is best to eat fruit or take vitamin C tablets after meals.

  This can increase the body’s absorption of iron.

  Green tea itself is rich in vitamin C, which has little effect on the absorption of iron, so you can drink more.

  Benefits and harms of tea drinking Nutrition: Tea is very rich in nutrients, including more than 300 types, such as theophylline, theobromine, crude fiber, colloid, chlorophyll, provitamin A, provitamin B, vitamin P, vitamin C, and a small amountA variety of amino acids, a large amount of potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and various trace elements, and also contains “tea tannin” with rutin activity are all beneficial nutrients for the human body.

  Experts say that drinking tea can reduce blood lipids, cholesterol, high blood pressure, and the incidence of vascular sclerosis and coronary heart disease.

Tea polyphenols in tea is an antioxidant that inhibits anti-aging effects.

In addition to its detoxification, hemostasis, and antioxidant effects, tea tannin can also have anti-cancer effects. Adhering to long-term tea drinking can effectively inhibit bladder cancer, kidney cancer, and liver cancer.

  In addition, the carotene in tea can increase the concentration of carotene in plasma and reduce the incidence of cataract in the elderly.

The commonly used strong tea gargle also has the function of preventing mouth ulcers, so for those who often smoke and have oral mucosa rupture, may wish to try.

  Green tea is the best in tea, with high folic acid content, which can prevent anemia, and fluorine in tea can effectively prevent dental caries.

Black tea is fermented and transformed during the drying process, so the tea is darkened in color, and the content of vitamin C and tannin is greatly reduced, but it has the effect of warming the stomach and expelling cold.

  Editor’s reminder: Some people in life like to brew tea repeatedly until they can’t taste, and some people change the tea quickly after brewing once or twice.

These two methods are correct. It ‘s better to brew a cup of tea for a period of time . See: Do not brew bulk tea more than three times. Harm: Do n’t drink too much tea, otherwise you will have excessive excitement, rapid heartbeat, insomnia, and frequent urination.Adverse reactions.

In addition, due to excessive loss of urinary calcium, the gastric mucosa is overstimulated, and long-term drinking of strong tea can easily cause osteoporosis and gastric ulcers.

  For office workers, getting enough sleep is very important. If you drink too much tea before going to bed, your brain will become too awake to fall asleep, which will affect your rest.

In addition, preschool children, iron deficiency anemia, neurasthenia, patients with active gastric ulcers, liver dysfunction, constipation, urinary stones, lactating women, patients with acute hypertension, pregnant women are unlikelySuitable for tea.