”Mr. Shan Li.”He reached out to touch his fingertips collarbone printed hickey:” When writing this whole story R18 Yeah, do it again from a young age all written.”

  Mu flower quilt hand Wrap him, tone with a doting smile.
  ”You nonsense again, I may now go downstairs to buy a wedding dress.”
  Mu Wen Liu had never thought of, little princes so fingers do not stick spring water nobility, will actually cook.
  - and also do very, very tasty.
  From sweet and sour pork ribs to squirrel mandarin fish, braised three wire from the caramelized apple, he could not not do the dishes.
  Others know how princes he did not know, can be traced back as the Ming court internship at the Royal paternity, but he witnessed spend a nice celebration of what day it is –
  Up in the morning there is the Royal Palm paternity paternity help dressing shoes, watches and cufflinks and tie even there are people dedicated to the occasion, and affairs in accordance with the selection.
  Noon to eat when newspapers have been ironed sent, all the food shelled, peeled, even his own hands peeling oranges do not.
  In contrast, Liu Mu smell nice day as the other extreme.
  He ate meat once a month, and this time put the fish back or because the markets there are fish killed after completing the customer had a fight ran, he took half the price picked up a leak back.
  on the way home,