Xing twilight closed, changing his shoes, walked a few steps, deadpan hands carrying the cake into the trash.
  Bucket cake falls voice was dull, his mind out of the way she went out in the morning, and like when apart cake, a chest dramatic ups and downs, the pinching fingers slightly washed out drawing paper.
  Quite a while, he sat on the sofa, slightly closed his eyes, thinking back over and over again today, and her every word, her every expression, and she sent the picture.
  He took the picture on the front, focus on closer look, quite a while, kissed under the skirt, revealing only draw people.
  Author has to say: Xing evening: you let me eat another man’s birthday cake?
  Xin long micro-: shameful waste.Well.
  Xing twilight: You are not allowed to eat a
  Xin long micro-: Well, I do not eat a
  Xing evening: good
  Xin long micro: I eat two (*))
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  That part visual text is written in the text after gaming