Why do I Interest Group?]

  [Not the direct acquisition of Albatron, Albatron child’s summer studio acquired]
  [See, this is a small fairy say justice retribution, useless little fairy shot on exposed]
  [Tin Ying Yun is standing over there, my God, a bucket of gold is really too shameless it?]
  This [name of justice under the banner of bullying behavior, really disgusting]
  [] Do not insult justice
  [Fairies is no way, ton output capacity]
  [If that is not canceled six qualifications, Albatron there is sure to make a bucket of gold continue to make demon]
  [This is a desperate measure, ah, must first apply on punishment, or six men are sure to be sued up]
  Jurchen clever ah [sprites]
  [Interruption show now, revenue is zero, litigation, then basically all right]
  Now if a bucket of gold [court, even shame, is to clear the warm air prank]
  [Fairy cards hit the meat bitter, biting a bucket of gold if the hold, due to be public Masi]
  [Previous analysis it right, or fast fairies reactions
  [Unfortunately, Guoya Jie those who failed to understand the pains of small fairy]
  [I understand it is difficult to accept it?]
  [Obviously is their own luck stabbed basket, now take the consequences still face resentment fairies, Shame]
  [I’m just amazed at Liao Xiaoxiao was able to keep a straight face with parents swore that her daughter is really white raised]
  [To what red are doing