Doting on things kill ah.

  User: ah ah ah ah fairy locked!!!
  Who is who attack?
  So obviously do not see it!Zhao Yu ah full of air attack!Sheng Joe was soft and waxy only next!
  No, no, Joe Sheng This should aid in the audience silently watched her gentle face on stage is clearly more like evil attack ah!
  This I can knock forever!!!
  What are you looking horse head looking to win all Bidiao!Only together with fairy fairy!
  I agree to this marriage!Please marry you immediately go to Denmark!Flights me out!
  Joe powder: “.”
  Since then, Sheng Joe finally assembly of the three big mountains small gay entertainment.
  Many years later, was friends dubbed: the woman mountains.

Chapter 123
  Zhao Yu Sheng want to call Joe went for supper, orchid fingers pinched results broker next to say “no Yeah Yu Yu, aircraft time too late.”
  Zhao Yu OK gesture than a month, “Give me ten minutes!”She put aside Sheng Chawla, gossip asked” long distance relationship is not hard?”
  Sheng Joe said, “You can see for yourself.”
  Zhao Yu, “can not not to indulge cause of unintentional love, I want to be goddess of millions of people, is not playing a friend of the goddess.”
  She brought out the home dialect, Sheng Joe laughed not, pop up next to a sound “playing