Childhood: Moving

Leave home do not remember what year the.At that time only glimpses of life may have occurred some kind of change.Since that time, lack of personnel, father overnight by an ordinary rural teachers quickly became the master of all teachers in the economic lifeline of the leading figures.That moment of transition so that the village people did not expect, so welcome the new government took office incidentally congratulate housewarming team includes the absolute majority of the village, the scene of lively as people immediately think of the champion adult costume drama hometown celebration.Moving vehicle production by the team two most handsome horse pull sets side by side, the coachman is unemotional grandfather, uncle also be wreathed in smiles.Sitting in the front passenger seat back pocket of horse manure, of course, accept the folks phony jealousy mixed with respectful look, the kind of look grandfather visited the burial ceremony in the crowd after a number of years there have been.When just happened to see her grandmother with her iconic red canvas apron and wiping his eyes; and was impossible to take them into account, and my heart to imagine the way home, but also leave the gang of nasty bad boy child and hugged I suddenly feel the pain, and my grandfather never seemed to show up.Along the way, picturesque.(Read the article Net: WWW.sanwen.COM) in simple peasant in mind that city is actually a small village of only a dozen kilometers from the town, vertical and horizontal four streets, until now, not a few million population.The new home is just a temporary rented semi tiny room, even with the landlord shared a room, hang curtains middle of a dark green printed bamboo leaves, bamboo shoots.Rolling pin made of beautiful new home immediately laid out and all the belongings only because several sets of clothes and bedding, two heavy wooden box, an ancestral dinner table, there is a mother still reluctant to discard the red jujube.The only novelty furniture is the father of a colleague sent thick wire welded into a washstand, trimmed with a small wooden beams under ride towels, top with red paint to write two lines – “vigilance, defend the motherland.”.Memory for new home is still very vague.The landlord really did not understand the old lady, speaking in a dialect I do not know of any place, there should be a lot of face pockmarked, perennial wearing a black gown and pants, with bound feet, walking shaking badly.The landlord’s son was a beautiful young man, always riding on a pair of white glare of the back of the card, sneakers.Later, he became my teacher.