[Part One: Childhood memories] morning pulls out a few elementary school report card when looking for something, my dusty memory like a flock inundate the childhood years. – Inscription the clear water, blue water ripples, waves waves gently lap against the embankment, as if to whisper my long absence arrival.Deep memories of childhood back to the front, “cicada on banyan pond cried at the sound of the summer; on the playground swing side, only the butterfly stopped at the top.”Familiar songs and memories hovering in.Hazy childhood song, Kai dust debris that distant childhood, his thoughts are also deemed that autumn Canhong, moored in late autumn that a ray of the setting sun was setting in.Eyes are blurred in the unknown, the lake-like scene as gently flock to the heart of a child between.Recalling the depths of the dust playful like water, wave upon wave toward the shore memories.I do not know who poet once described the life is, “childhood is a song; juvenile is a poem; youth is a dream; the prime of life is a battle; a glass of wine is middle-aged; and the elderly is one with childhood singing, juvenile poetic memoir life “, but life is flipped to another chapter in a chapter of a novel, and beautiful content depends on my one and a struggle.  Childhood is like a lake of clear water, blue and clear: childhood shore like a spring bud bud: Childhood also like the clouds of the sky, carefree flowing freely in the boundless sky, escape the oppressive shackles of the world.what!You my wonderful childhood.And dream of childhood, the most memory spring water ripples, little flowers small grass-green bacteria; and dream of childhood, the most memory Bottom cricket fighting scenes summer and partners; and dream of childhood, childhood memories that most childish innocence smile, and dream childhood, the most memory mother touch your little head gentle whisper a word.what!You my wonderful childhood.Already deeply buried in the dusty permanent memories.  Lake is also still gently lap against the banks, the deep memories of childhood, but get rid of the reins like a Mustang, Mercedes-Benz in that vast expanse of the vast grasslands.Ah, you and I are gone carefree childhood!  [Part II: cicada · · childhood hometown of] these days, bring some friends home cicadas, sent me some, know that cicadas high protein, after frying taste good, and sometimes eat, load in pure water bottles, add water into the freezer, so delicious, that would want to eat it taken out of ice, and then cooking the food, the taste is really delicious, but, looking at the tiny cicadas, but it caught my childhood hometown memories, thoughts as if I went back towards the evening thinking read the small village, there are summer cicadas frog drum, how many happy childhood, which are accompanied by the sound of chirping cicadas, into the quiet sleep.  —– Inscription songs have a childhood, has been reciting the story of the childhood home of cicadas, when I picked up the guitar, I think of the old trees on the edge of the pond, the sound of cicadas cried summer, thoughts will immersed in memories of childhood years, to be honest, living in reinforced concrete of the city, the fans and air-conditioning room, is unable to feel the beauty of summer home, and through the closed window, I heard the sound of cicadas sound, makes my heart restlessness, loss of childhood moment, looking at the dense woods, listening to the cicadas curious tones, and found, and cicadas belong to childhood memories of summer home.Nightlife Net My home nestled in the side of Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal River, standing on the canal embankment, facing a steady stream of water, often have unlimited reverie, watching the boats, shuttle stop, listening to the boatman who chatted voyage the fun and novelty of the outside world, many childhood dreams, on the initiation of this beautiful little villages; Canal levee, wooded, sitting in the dense shade of a tree, listening to the cicadas chirping in the trees above the thousands, in I remember, this is really a beautiful symphony, playing tired, sometimes nap in the tone until my mother called me home for dinner out.  First in people, whether it is farmed or treatment of wild caught cicadas are generally eaten as a delicacy to, in fact, a child, the village people generally do not eat these, never take these things as food, the children are mostly Zhuolai play; cicadas is generally more rain, catching cicadas time is also divided into morning and evening, sometimes after dinner, pick up the flashlight, the front room of the village tree and there were slowly climbing up the cicadas, will be able to catch a lot; sometimes get up early in the morning, while the sun has not risen, there will be many not yet had time to slough off the branches of cicadas, of course, there are also, housing has been drained away, after awaiting sunrise, fly cicada, while rural children are not greedy, enough to catch some of the play on the line.  After school read Fabre’s “Insect”, a cicada’s not easy to know, spawning from the seed to the ground, after several years, then the time is ripe, then emerged, encounter rain, it is much easier if droughts, and some can only be in the cave, and years of darkness, but to light a few days, for a few days of singing, sometimes it is so, happy life lies not in the short length of time, is happy How long or happy or not.  Childhood is short-lived, however, nestled in the arms of the home’s childhood is so childish, cicada fly, and not easy to catch, to catch the tree chirping of cicadas, it is those of us village children the unique skills, first of all, grab a wheat from home, on the mouth chewing, and then into the water rinse, and the rest of gluten is sticky, then glued in front of a long bamboo pole, gently leaned tree cicada wings , and thus, it will be called a cicada was we caught; sometimes, can also be used filament horse tail, marked with a slipknot, Department Shaoshang in bamboo, and then, caught the cicadas are chirping, trees these cicadas on the trees, to the summer of our childhood, brought endless joy.  Now see these cicadas, my mind is a kind of long for home, those summer nights, those partners, as well as the home of the canal, as well as folks today still live on the land, have brought me deep deep love of the trees around the old house high and long, climb trees and cicadas again, those who are familiar with the cicadas again think of, just to float villages smoke curl, the mother no longer has the familiar rice Shannon and her mother return call child cry sound of cicadas called, wake up my dream of homesickness, my hometown my summer, as well as memorable childhood.  [Part Three: kerosene watching childhood] childhood experiences such as eggs on tree dig, touch the river loach, snow cover childhood days like sparrows, over time, gradually run farther, but kerosene lamps in many interesting childhood spent, but in my mind clear up day by day, to be clear I am not put them into his writings, to the reader is not the point, so that beacon orange and warm it in kerosene home of a small road, like a naughty child, flash flash coming toward us.  My home is located in Jingning County, Gansu Province, Li Zhen a child named Li shop small village, our village is the overall feeling is very small, but if you took one week around the village, and it feels great, toward the top of the mountain village watching, hundreds of families scattered in there, not at all seem thick and crowded, a gravel road through the center of the village, my family stand to the left of gravel from two desultory door can be seen our family has a long history, here we have a village of four seasons does not dry the river, across the river there is a village called Xue Hu.  1970s, rural night no bulb lighting, no TV, computer Xiangpei the years to come, only that beacon orange and warm kerosene accompanied me and my childhood friend who grow day by day.In my childhood, the most interesting thing in the morning put on kerosene lanterns, filled with shouting junior partner’s name to go to school.When I was in elementary school, the family has not yet watch striking, we go to school thanks to the big people crying or rooster crow to alert.In the large yard of my house has two doors, and is home to four generations Wujiazi Shu Shen, in the morning, if you have heard what her family called an adult or a rooster crowing, each of the kerosene lamp would light up gradually, each house where there is the sound of people breathe, there is a big people hurried us up sound and shadow.After getting up wash some, several of our church brothers and cousins on the back cloth bags ran out the door, carrying a lantern along the way knocking the East West family home patting the door, kept Hupenghuanyou, in our chattering, the entire village becomes crowded, dogs bark, become crowded.  We lantern on a gravel road to go, if inadvertently toward a distant hope, that the mountain preserved everywhere lanterns, hanging on as the stars in the sky looming mountain road, if more Standing on the mountain, brought together from various small way the lanterns on the river on both sides of the gravel road, like two dragons walk on the ground, the scene is very spectacular, we lantern walk in front of that invisible head, unseen behind the tail of the middle of the valley of death, was so pleasant.  From my home to school two miles to go, and so we put the kerosene lantern laughing, fooling around when the school came, the sky is still bright little mean, we had one like a fish like slipped into their classrooms, if premature to get into the classroom, we had to stand outside their classroom door and looked toward the front of the school, that a rush to a lantern from outside the school, walking toward different directions figure, both became campus the most beautiful, most welcoming scenery, has become stay in my memories forever images.  We went to the lantern from home school, a full kerosene lamps will go forward one-fifth, at the time the ticket’s supply of kerosene in, I could have blown out the lantern, kerosene savings under one-fifth of that day with the crowd went to school together, but in order that our childhood all the way scenery and eternal memory, I do not know how much kerosene wasted, wasted their loved ones how much effort and sweat.  In the childhood memories, in addition to carrying a kerosene lamp filled with shouting the name of small partners to go to school outside the scene, those childhood memories playing the fire agency, the Spring Festival in kerosene lantern worship makes me remember, never forget.Kerosene lamps in my childhood was eight years old at the end of.I was eight years old his father was taken to the station to switch Gansu Liuyuan.The day long journey, start slowly with the car, I cried and cried goodbye to small childhood friends, say goodbye to the folks, bid farewell to that beacon orange and warm kerosene lamp, I bid farewell to stay in childhood home, sitting in the car, I was journeying to think, away from home, I do not know the future to get back my feel at home, the same hometown of ink in what month, back to that earlier invisible head, the rear end of kerosene invisible to the ranks.Ten years later because of transfer of a large, our family returned to Jingning, and settled in the county, and so when I took my sister can not wait to come back home, change home has shrunk, bright bulb instead of kerosene lamps, students also were using flashlights to go to school, but as a brand of the times of the kerosene lamp, as every household artifacts have been shelved.  Today, although I no longer see that orange and warm kerosene lamp, can not see giving her a little mistake marrying foreign land Xiaofang childhood and other small partners, but in the material life and spiritual life scarce in the 1950s, both helped me busy and many small partners, but also adds a kerosene lamp fun of my childhood, as will a beautiful landscape forever fixed in my memories.  [Part Four: Childhood Childhood] like a cup of strong coffee, warm chest to your childhood like a cup of tea and a touch of make you memorable; childhood like rainbow storm; colorful, dazzling incomparable; childhood also deemed that the corner after sunset then people miss; also deemed that the curved path, so you grow.Wind impossible to blow off these warm memories; Rain is impossible to put a masked a touching melody, only the lovely sun will irradiate it, save it.Recall that a piece of humble thing to childhood, although a small thing, but those memories are so touched by that, because of these memories to make their own progress, and constantly seek to chase off, so as to grow up, childhood always called people recall.Recall that colorful dream, recalled that when Yaya learn language, recall just learning to walk, the first step on the stage when the first call out the parents, for the first time.That Keke, that one shot, all of a sudden come to your eyes.  It was a can not forget the memories of childhood can not forget the first time take up a new bag to go to school that day, and finally dry and the other children can go to school, for me, this is my historic moment, parents put his camera happiest most memorable photographs look down, it has become the father and mother of the most comforting one, which has become home to the happiest portrayal of this memorable moment, so sweet, so beautiful, it has been I come to mind.But just past the beautiful, warm after a long day, time and again to hone, to hone their weakness as hard like steel, the pressure of learning, no one will know, no one will be poor, that leaves in fall autumn light, only working hard and making the drive, only to lose the happiness, which is bitter.Childhood flourishing in the spring, has a, a beautiful childhood dream, flashed.  So far in the face of cruel reality will not be tears, tears that will always be overshadowed by clouds.Tears childhood is so weak, so stingy.Childhood dream is colorful, like a flourishing like a beautiful, memorable, people to leave, then no worries, no worries.Another example is childhood dream in the night sky, so wide, so quiet, and if childhood dream of countless stars, they just blinked, can not speak, honest and calm.Numerous stars as countless dreams, poured in a small head, since I thought about numerous problems.  Growing under the blue sky, the night sky dream and if piled on the beach from a small base castle, dream piled up in the blue sea; children are always like playing under the banyan tree, and he likes to sit quietly in that , listen for the elderly say that old story, when the dream is green; childhood always like sitting in front of his home, enjoy wearing that piece of gold leaf flying in the sky in the autumn leaves, the time the dream is golden.Childhood always like a dream, walking in a dream not find the exit maze, time and again been locked in a maze, was so confused, in real life, aroused my fighting spirit, then the dream is fiery colour.Let all the world remember everything became quiet, people become relaxed, making people feel warm, make you recall the distant and not a distant dream, you recall in the rain, that Rain was beating melody.When you fall down, a force is looking at you, make you recall the paper airplane flying in the blue sky, flying you one by one to look forward to dreams.  Clock only forward, backward impossible.Only recollection of childhood memories and..  Only childhood memories, dreams only to create the future, only hard work..  Childhood be a thing of the past, he recalled that only bits and pieces of things, only more experience, this road can go further wider.Everyone has their own colorful childhood, childhood is the most precious thing in life, it is the beginning of your life, it has a life that you have, we should take better care of it.  Dreams are often changing, the dream is a human life in pursuit of the goal, only to struggle and hard work, it will be a dream come true, it will become a reality.  [Part Five: Childhood Childhood is like Man Man] green ivy, like those innocent young, carefree gone through good memories, childhood is a small inn, only coming once, how valuable is ,memorable!Its existence as life in a murmur verses, the artless innocence flowing dream; it is a hearted songs, overflowing with laughter and joy, beating the most beautiful melodies in the best of years.Then there is Blue Dream empty heart like flowers when embellishment, fantasy reveals the innocence of childhood.Life rings lightly pressed doors virginity to a child taken to a magnificent world.  Years in a happy sadness also goes by quickly in the.Looking back on childhood memories of the sky, leaving only a few times, but after the geese blew Luekong, with a little river and stream symbol of virginity, how much by the wind fragrance like leaves, there is worry that a few drops of non-like tears of sorrow.Everything can only memories, all became not chase dreams of innocence.  As sweet childhood springs, Zhuobu Zhu, yet we yearn.Bridge stood far shore, watching carefully its attitude, share the colorful beauty.The sky is always blue, another on the flowers emit fragrance, white petals kept on holding my skirt, dragonfly always unexpectedly come to our side, playing endless games of hide and seek.Tired, lying on the green grass, the smell of grass soil mixed atmosphere, wiping sweat touch, and childhood playmate to smile a cup of coffee, drinking memorable; childhood is a book, every page we have recorded hours of emotions; childhood is a cup of tea, after drinking, his mouth reveals sweet taste; childhood is a painting, colorful paintings have our lives.An insect, a toy, once found, a dispute.Insignificant but full of our happiness, dreams and aspirations.Childhood is a pure, unforgettable years.In the hands of a child drawing table did not move, but we took the best of times, beautiful time, ah, ah how people yearn.  Candy sweet childhood diary shy crush, backpack free pace, the juvenile flying summer.I Whose bright yesterday?Who my bitter tonight?Soul-stirring memories of the entire youth era, but lost to the years that stole a dream of love.Childhood, we have fresh dreams; a teenager, I adore many idols; youth, we have a fragrance lovers; middle age, our deep singing softly; because there is nothing bleak childhood, only childhood It is our hearts glow.Childhood, mountains and plains of the flowers, collection Liangxiaowucai memories; youth, endless night lights, engraved mark to compete with each other.When young, Trinidad phase pull mailbox filled with love Nanfennanshe.When middle-aged, rough weather life on the road, walked catching Xiang Xie understanding.Old age, reflect the splendor of the setting sun in space, a thorough understanding of the true meaning of life.When the leave, regret the passing away bit by bit, looking forward to the next life nestling.When everything becomes the past, only love, cherished.We had a good life road trip.Innocence is a Fangfei grassland, innocence is a flowering tree, innocence is the endless blue sky, innocence is unlimited reverie day, innocence is the annual boundless vision.There are clouds in the wings to fly, there are clear streams day and night singing, dew glistening moist grass has long, beautiful butterflies to hang around flowers, there are bright sun shines all things, there is always someone of brilliant auspicious.A road, full of innocence, after the rain, swimming in the dam, catch fish; I will never finish the job on the books; Mother smile to see us grow taller.Teenage Dream, immature and reckless, arena, basketball court that days of his youth, his mother looking eyes, I read their goals in life; life once again voyage, mother smile to life shine.  A road, bathed in sunshine, rain, record the mother’s life effort to teach; one way, warm and happy beautiful life.Gone through, before we know no time to just enjoy the scenery; loved, did not want to understand clearly fell in love with a dream in pink; cried, realizing that life is only one ever to climb the hill; laugh , to recognize the years we are left with no scenes have come to light, and only the hearts of all that in a wonderful collection of memories.  We can not go back!We no longer have a childhood; never again have a junior high school; never again have a first love; never again have a past joy, happiness, sadness, pain.Yesterday, before the second, all can not go back.What life is not a movie playback out of print.We must have a childlike innocence every day, to maintain a childlike innocence, like a beautiful day began, to maintain a childlike innocence, that is, do not let love born by the pair of eyes, buried in the past.  Youth is an easy come, easy go of things in a hurry, the ideal is in place, hell is heaven.There is hope in place, the pain may becomes happiness.With the least remorse to face the past.Faced with the least waste now.With the most dream to face the future.Turn your face to the sunlight then there will be no shadow.Our childhood passed, but simply naive also passed, but those memories will always remain in the memory, thick sweet.  [Part VI: About Childhood childhood] like water, trance and over; childhood like trees, grow; childhood like light, fleeting; childhood dream, a flash dies; childhood like wine, fragrant; like a childhood song, loud and clear, childhood do not tell, said unknown songs of childhood, childhood life with the fermentation time, deep in my mind memories, the lingering, often recall their sleep wake up laughing.- Inscription winter, getting cold, more than the rest, inadvertently navigate between networks, see children’s toys strange, mind could not help sigh, today’s children live in a honey still there picky.Although the cold, or go to the supermarket to buy a little of the necessities of life, it was just filling out the oncoming wind trembling, tightly wrapped under clothing, to slow mud that is on the street, sticky mud swept over soon the foot, numerous construction vehicles slowly drew the raw material roaring, tire rotation with mud from the sky waving, a parent of the child tightly in her arms while he was splashing mud get grimy the.Supermarkets, full of people, pushing a shopping cart, shopping cart addition to slowly goods there is a lovely child, hands holding his favorite toy, joy of playing.  Those things in my childhood brain growth and spread, my childhood living in a small rural village of the eighties, the remote mountain village is not very rich, the concept that time is not yet out of work, people at home crops, live sunrise and sunset of rural life.To make a living, adults are very busy, basically did not receive the child, better conditions, as well as grandparents, when work at home under care, but not enough manpower would only put their own children at home parked in the neighbors, ask them to help under the care of the family has several children, older children will assume the responsibility of caring for younger brothers and sisters of the.Because the adults in the dawn of time to get up the mountain farm work, and when it is dark to go home, go home also busy with housework.One day simply do not have time to care for their children.  I was born in an age in since I can remember no one to take care of me, there is no constraint adults every day, on the ridge, the courtyard, the mountains became a children’s paradise and heaven, at that time the television is a curious thing.I remember my grandparents’ home department has old-fashioned TV, 20-inch black and white TV, very heavy, very old, there is no current satellite receiver and digital cable television, is there like a modern war movies transmitter antenna, with a the root of a long pole, tied in a high tree, several surrounding towns can only receive television signals, but are not stable sometimes no.One night, neighbors crowded around Huotang Bian, while watching TV while chatting, very lively until late into the night, no TV was dispersed.  Although at that time we all worked very hard to work, due to the very low food production, people have no other source of income each year rely on farming to maintain, so many people at home are lean, usually have blended potato, sweet potato as a staple food, meat is hard to come by, if a guest to someone’s home, the host family is to get meat to entertain you as a guest of honor.At that time the child can eat a good meal is good, let alone candy, nutrition Express, wow ha ha, etc., so popular at the time sentence is: “Your honor Hope farm, kid look Chinese New Year.”Adults are expected to open in the good farming, there is a good harvest, the children expect the New Year, because New Year, when there is delicious, as well as new clothes.  Chinese New Year is the wish of every child, to the over, they can go to a neighbor stopping by the New Year down, they will give delicious, by the new year, because it is winter there is no farm work, chores to do an adult, child What would not have done, in small groups playing on hay dried grain field, kicking shuttlecock, jumping rope, playing four cardboard, crazy every day until dark, when the parents came home shouting.  Gradually I grew up, it is necessary to take some housework, and parents outside the busy farm work, they would go to the mountains gather wood and cut grass pigs, pigs chores.Because not many people at home, less arable land, no cattle at home, very early in the morning do not go up the cattle.Go to the mountains every day to cut ragweed is inevitable, came home from school every day, to be carrying a backpack up the mountain to cut ragweed.Children play with big hearts, small groups together, a play he saw the heavens sun was going down, and take up his backpack and quickly go to busy, so a short time did not finish.So it is aimed at someone’s home vegetable garden, which is dedicated to keep someone’s home, farm work in busy time for my own use, are a few on our next thirty-five stole, afraid to go home blame parents, but also the child pretend the ragweed chopped.  Sowing songs when most busy parents in order to catch farm work, genius dawn to work in the fields, and he get up early, eat their own heat, after eating, before feeding to pigs go to school.At that time, I was in the center of school, all in the village primary school from family dramas, many partners in the village, then I do not understand why the parents do not take me to the village primary school, should I put home to thirty minutes away from the central Primary school, every day I have played earlier than the others, but also to catch a long way to get to school.At that time many teachers are not prepared, while at school but also at home doing farm work, school conditions are very poor, they bring their own tables and chairs, if you have relatives there can not teach an old band, the high level of the classroom low position, uneven age, the big guy with the school, textbook costs are cheap and many people can not afford, so a lot of students in the final exam time is not yet to tuition, there are many students because the family no money to go to school until it was school age, not too long deprived of schooling, home farm.  Reading at that time is very important, because reading but also to pay the school, many parents are not willing to, and under the auspices of China thought this family, the children of the better, though there are many children and grandchildren, but no way raised, ate are not, not to mention reading.My memories is the beginning of a classroom full of sitting, then slowly less.Later, the junior high school, even junior high school examination that time, the school into the different schools according to exam results, just when we entered the village there are a dozen, at about Useless, many students are out of school, many students eat not bitter, not used to undisciplined used to be bound by, slowly are out of work, so that later, I am the only one still insist, every week alone and go to school, after school.  Most children are out of school to go home with their parents every day from morning to evening up the mountain farm work, some because of family poverty is in no way just out of school, and some tried to interfere because the family did not read, and others because he did not suffer strict regime that school, only to give up.  Passage of time, each recalled his impoverished childhood are very mixed feelings, a lot of today’s children are accompanied by parents, where they live in honey is not satisfied, the same is like a cynical blame themselves for their loved ones every day, I can not stand a little setback , doing daily meal to mouth, clothes to hand life still lamenting social injustice.If they had children of rural life after 80, I think they should not complain about it?  Childhood, although hard, but the pain in music, and now looking back, he is still bitterness that grew up lucky, because hard childhood, and now I have long been an independent.Thanks childhood life, but thanks parenting, thank a comfortable life now.  [Chapter Seven: Childhood] I grew up in the countryside, here are my happy childhood.  A great river walk through the village, it is a creek branch.Across the river bridge one hundred Yubu is the village primary school, go to school from my house to walk about five minutes, but on the way home from school I often spent half an hour.  We hit the road after school bread, break a nail, playing Okinawa, she began to play, I do not know what the little guy suddenly found riparian willow changed, hazy light yellow branches to attract us, so a large group portrait bird flew to the river bank, climb trees shore, and soon, everyone has the hands of a variety of toys, the girls wearing a wicker hat, blowing boys just do the twist of willow flute, willow skinned Chi made a sword fight with.  Spring has come, the partners share the carefully preserved a winter silkworm seeds are carefully wrapped with cotton hidden in the armpit, from time to time to sneak out, wait for the highly anticipated silkworms, so the river where there are a bunch of a bunch of villain children poke sallow dry grass, wet land in search of Dingane kaSenzangakhona seedlings.Mulberry shoots is not out, Dingane kaSenzangakhona Miao is the most delicious food silkworms.  Also clarified by the river into a green, plump up, there thirty-five naughty children lying on the waterside observation, no long tail tadpoles they could not wait to catch a child holding a plastic bag.Water hazy in the morning when the hear the distant sounds of the wild ducks, swallows began nesting, there are a few from time to time over the water to the water’s edge title mud, hay gradually being blown away, the village shepherd pull a few goats, wild flowers opened, the butterfly more up, more lively river bank after school, pick wildflowers, chasing butterflies, catching insects.  Spring breeze blowing the trees when there Toon bud, Atriplex money, SJ opened, families ready to climb the ladder of bamboo hook hook Sophora japonica, after a burst of smoke, every family has a child’s bowl the fragrant Sophora japonica rice.  The weekend to give the home to do farm work, high nursery of potato buds, along with the adults to the river on their own points of Digeng ground plug potato seedlings, people are busy planing potato pit, schneideriana, pick from the river water, watering, we find in the side of pointy, pointy root sweet and tender, pointed buds dough ask itch straight in the face, Equisetum no leaves, stems it straight and long, I pull it down and plug in.Breakwater over land to work even under the embankment, peanuts in the graveyard Dibian, from noon until the evening, the beginning and did not feel afraid later began to grow, less dark pleaded with him to return Family.  The cemetery is not far from the village of kilns earth, grandfather and father slack time out there busy, Grandpa tile glue dripping, father Tinto brick, I am often in the afternoon after school to help in the kiln, and my father live there I do do not move, I helped my grandfather where he was put in dry soil watt stacked sheets to move house, and on the number of points, with chalk marks, Grandpa still busy sometimes come and help me, I finished the job I live after sitting around watching his grandfather to mud becomes a piece of tile, or play with my grandfather gave me a variety of figurines made of mud.Sometimes a few flying dragonfly on a flat sand, I do not know what the cause of death in there, like a small plane crashed.I was not in possession when I went to jump the sand bunker.  Shade is getting stronger, and everyone can not wait for the water, and some adults do not trust always see a tight grip on the river bank watching, he met with its launching of child screams, but there is also time to take advantage of the big people do not pay attention, along the riverside Fengpao, has run far, far away, the village went to see the house, went to the dense woods to go to the stream to catch shrimp, not by name climb the odd tree, dig just hatched bird eggs.  Next to the river there is a large pond, village people call it kiln pit, the older generation is caused by the dredging brick when legend dug up spring, pond surrounding the tree very dense, deep water, are drowned every year extraordinary, but people still like to go there, where people get big raft, just would not let us close, like to see the big people fishing, because each will have one or two small fish points to give us a reward, most weather hot, people to catch the turtle pond, the pond is a piece of sycamore leaves still go down and thrown into a pond, the turtle will hide under the leaves shade, as long as people take on the big net bag it is, but only heard, I have not personally seen.Happy pond has a lot of details not remember, only once etched in my mind that it was a partner and play too far in the pond, not feel it was dark, and I accidentally tripped over trees to root fell into the water, choked a few saliva, finally climbed out, did not dare to go home, the clothes have been wet, hear the frog pond called more feel scared, sympathetic saw a few Lai toad , picked up a big clods to death by stoning the largest, it began to climb, listen to the old people say, Lai poisonous toad, really afraid of the remaining few will talk to my house.  The village an old people’s yard was empty for a long time, I often secretly dig into the yard there is a very old vines, every summer will bear fruit for many, there is a rose, flowers very large, two trees entwined vines, flowers there are fruit, very nice.There are old in the yard of a family Begonia, as well as cherries, no big attention cherry and crabapple blossoms look like, but every red crab apples and cherries long time, there are always a few out of the wall, but only to tease me flow saliva, but that family’s high walls, there are confronted with the school side of the road, I have not got over, naturally, did not eat the fruit of his family.  My family has two figs, a large canopy, dense knot of fruit, attracting coveted many children, and now want to come and that two fruit trees became the pride of my childhood.  The village has a honey locust trees at the tree, the bark is very smooth, very tall trees, when I go to school often greedy trail passed by, every rainy day, my grandmother would make me a big bag back to pick up rain hit falling saponins, saponins except for laundry, hard seed inside the cooking or my taste, in addition to honey locust tree, there are many trees and some called their names, and some can only use our dialect that was to be called on.  Enjoy the cool summer night to the river is one of the most pleasant thing, covered with Artemisia Ai on the river bank, mosquitoes do not invade, where a variety of summer insects singing, occasionally flying a group of fireflies, lit like a lantern will move the stars sometimes we could see a glowing cluster, Zhuoqi view turned out to be glow worms, people enjoy the cool walk by the river, we are on the shore a few stars, imagine the moon in more good things.  After several fierce rain, the land around the yard every family will open a lot of Xiaodong Dong, which is Qiuchan shell, and we put bottles of water bottles go everywhere ripper quick opening, you can find a small hole dug , irrigation Sheung Shui, a short while, then climb the cicadas, the evening is when it is raised every tree touched lantern, a night must have a lot of harvest it.  Wheat harvest and autumn harvest is the busy season, we have a holiday, to go to busy with adults, but this time we also have fun, after the wheat harvest our children are put in a basket to glean Medina, adults often call us expand the race, they are very cautious of us picked up a lot of wheat fall into Lou Zili woven Vitex.Finally, more than someone’s child picking wheat.  Autumn ground often have unexpected results, say, pick up corn when there will be a group of hedgehogs climb over, you will not accidentally pick up a bunch of quail eggs.We will take advantage of big people do not pay attention students from a small fire in the ditch, roasted grasshopper wheat.  After October, the fields on the bare, hard-working local people began to busy winter plowing, this time to every household in the yard, on top of a wall full of golden corn, farming people busy during the day, the dim light at night in the yard under pull corn bran, from the house to move out of small black and white television, though only fourteen inches, the family together, chattering huh.Less rain, the river gradually withered, aloe start every now and then, once plump up thin willow, the river no longer has wooden boat, crab was missing, and everyone was busy catching loach.  The river began to freeze, in addition to the wheat fields outside or green, all showing the yellow appearance.Snow flying, snowmen, snowball fights is essential, we have put charcoal to go to school, the weather cleared up, we go hand in hand into the brook ditch Qushi firewood at night listening to my grandmother telling stories in the moonlight, this time the village is particularly quiet, but occasionally, I do not know someone’s old dog will bark once or twice.  Years quietly flowing, and now I have a thirty year old, when alone, always like nostalgia, with the hint of sadness, miss the old people thing of the past, lively and lovely son, he is enjoying a happy childhood, park carefully nurtured plants, and road beside manicured winter jasmine, and occasionally a few butterflies flying all his spring constitute, in this cement to build the city, in addition to surging traffic, in addition to the lively downtown, as well as What can it be a child to enjoy the scenery?Hand-class, the teacher taught his son to stick mushrooms, butterfly painting, but how can he live the beauty of nature to appreciate it?Childhood life can only remain in the memory, and when these scenes again now my eyes, I was like going back to childhood, back to me to support my piece of land of.