Childhood dream of spring

[REVIEW] This is when many children are childhood eaten.Zhuizhui a kind of grass, though, and looked like a reed, and often there are many children into reed-drawing when Zhuizhui, and soon smoked a lot, when the take-home is solid, not to eat.  Spring has arrived, but unlike everywhere can smell the breath of spring previous.    Peach remember elementary school, every school line up to go home, the house of peach tree alley in the spring will blossom, many children are looked up, seemed to be looking forward, looking forward to the emergence of green peach.    Gehua shoes at that time wearing mother’s shoes Gehua, there will always be soaked before blossoming fruit trees melted ice water, came home, my sister and I go out into the quilt drilled white picket fence.Mom put the fire to the kitchen of the shoes we wear the wet side to the dry Tong,.Mother’s shoes Melaleuca, Na Xiedi is repeated again and again to do things a long winter of her relish.    Mom’s kerosene lamp kerosene lamp is a flat empty bottles of Beijing Erguotou do is a flat of.The first kerosene lamp that my father and grandfather do together, is a round bottle, the flame is very busy, very strong smoke.Winter and spring, Feishazoushi out of the window, the night was rampant rat knocked over and fell to the ground and broke.Our homework, my mother would Na Xiedi kerosene lamp.Now in sewing drawer in the far right and a pair of ten years ago my mother gave me a satisfied half soles.Children’s feet grow so fast, and so she was satisfied when I finished a foot and the sole general has grown to big, the other half Carolina, sister of the foot should be over it.    Many games and nursery rhymes nursery rhymes mother taught are not remember clear, however, spring evening sitting in a small tree, wooden pull the car to the scene endorsement mother always sleep.Mother tree trees clenched hands can now cut to the building society.Mother said smoke from kerosene lamps bad for us, unless not finish the job during the day or at night she rarely point kerosene lamps.Play games in the yard, my sister and circling around the trees, talking wooden pull car is that age I remember the evening.    Collecting firewood is also a great time of the wind, over the years, I went to the fields and static collecting firewood.Cemetery east side of the village is outside my village orchard, the orchard with a row of tall poplar, and many shrubs.There is a moment, when we went to the local winds, often there will be surprises.Very thick branches, or because of insects, or because the place is not much longer, often cut off by strong winds.Now that I think no more than we put a lot of small branches on the Bough, pull off one by one groove and one slope to reach the edge of the village under the dike happier things.    Coincidentally mother hand basket, basket good series.Outside the house, who stood a few bundles of different thickness strip trees, pear branch of the high side, it seems that every year the village pear tree pruning, purple branches on many white spots, like Cheng Xing embellishment on top.That spring my mother made up three baskets, she’s a big, I’m a little sister a small basket.Sister could not find that Xiaokuang Department (wood, fire department song into a basket), mother with a belt on a scrap company, V-belt is short, it has become a small round basket.My sister and I often talk with my mother to the ground and weeding, my mother especially large basket can hold her quivering back home a basket of grass enough home geese and pigs eat all day.    Zhuizhui This is when many children are childhood eaten.Zhuizhui a kind of grass, though, and looked like a reed, and often there are many children into reed-drawing when Zhuizhui, and soon smoked a lot, when the take-home is solid, not to eat.On the eve of the festival, Dasha and Village head in reed pit will have Zhuizhui.Dasha dry, the grass on Shapo Jian often have long stretches of Zhuizhui.Every school, many children have come to the river to smoke, clutching handfuls of neat, green and yellow colors.Zhuizhui eat: poke layers of the skin, chewing inside Zhuizhui core, tender sweet, chewing chewing chew did not.The old do not have a flavor, taste like chicken now, but more residues, if the old, like chewing cotton, but also full of debris.    Jian Jian mean grass is not long ear reed grass seems Jian cottage version of the reeds, they rooted deep, hard to pull out, even if the leaves also could not pull off the root, often handle Le too raw.Weeding time, once the grass Jian Le broke her sister’s hand, then she will not pull the saw grass Jian.Spring wheat fields to weeding, three Long mom, my two Long, Long a sister, see getting late, everyone should go back to their baskets filled.When I saw my sister and my mother off her away, she began to pull barley grass, looking back at her mother, she is very hard to pull Barley, mother ran to tell her Amaranthus grass and barley grass vine difference, also pull themselves she pretended to half baskets, but looked sideways sister looked at me and smiled secretly.    Spring wheat wheat wheat is hope, people grew up looking forward to it, looking forward to it becomes bright green spring turned into summer and then grow old golden light green from winter.Spring wheat fields often kite, a wide range, but when wheat pouring spring water when the kite is getting less.Because the children flying kites is a full field run, when some people poured ground, accidentally stepped on the foot is full of mud, a lot of time will be covered in mud.    Kite I seen her Uncle quiet family bought her kite, relatives of my family no one bought me.I did as quiet and calm with white paper and bamboo Mi (MI) children (bamboo) a paste, but how high did not fly, that’s when I knew the problem was the wind, know that it is the essence of doing kite is not the.However, to do for several days kite, made up, but do not want to put up, always I feel kite flying kites to be much more interesting than.    Miss someone likens himself kite, the cord is missing, this is his head, the other end attached home.No matter how high to fly there that miss the line holding, holding memories of the spring, holding the poor in the past, holding a happy childhood.It was a carefree times, it was a picturesque childhood, hardships seem like firewood burning stove smoke emerge from the chimney in the roof’s gone, when the fields of terraced rice paddies lane change It became wide roads, thatched adobe house into a Western-style brick house, but was midnight oil refinery smoke choking smoke woke up.[Editor: Can children]